Beating saddle sores
When it comes to the things we don't like about riding, saddle sores are not something that usually tops the list. Until experienced that is.

Saddle sores are created by pressure or chafing from sitting in one place too long. It's the same thing as bed sores. These days it's more common for bicycle riders, because of the configuration of that tiny seat, but it can hit anyone who rides on two or three wheels. Horses and horse riders can also get them.

The best way to not get saddle sores is to ride more. Over time, your body will become accustomed to the pressure points and make adjustments. It's like playing guitar.


Florida Is The Place To Avoid When Riding A Motorcycle
According to the AAA and to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in terms of numbers, Florida is the place NOT to ride a motorcycle. That is because it’s where you’ll find the most motorcycle related deaths; more than any other state.

Their numbers don’t even look at population ratios, it’s pure THE biggest numbers. In 2015, 606 bikers died, 30% more than in 2014. Bikes represent only 3% of all vehicles, but unfortunately represent 20% of fatalities.

Miami-Dade County is the worst in Florida with 67 fatalities. Of course the famous Bike Week in Daytona is one


How Far Does The Motorcycle Funerals Go?

We’ve seen many companies over the last decade or so offer burial services to motorcycle riders that include a last ride in a motorcycle hearse.

They take a motorcycle, and either place the coffin on a sidecar or drag a hearse behind it (like in the old Wild West days, a horse pulling a hearse).

Now, one biker is going to go a step further. An 89-year-old Pennsylvania biker names Arthur Werner Sr. (no, no relation to me) was so in love with his 1990 Harley-Davidson

Heritage Softail with sidecar that he decided he wanted to get buried with it.


Are bikers a dying breed?
According to some of the major financial experts, the motorcycle industry is in trouble.


Been there, done that, came back from the brink and got in the saddle again. The latest salvo of the death of the biker industry tries to track sales. Bloomberg's graphic shows bike sales were cut by nearly 1/3 between 2008-09. To refresh your memory, that's when the Great Recession body slammed the United States.

"Motorcycle sales in the U.S. peaked in 2006 at 716,268 and promptly started to skid. When the recession hit, the market went down hard.


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