A look at some of the top motorcycle museums
Saddle up and hit the trail for a look at museums that are actually interesting. Here’s a view of some of the best motorcycle museums around.

AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame

The American Motorcycle Association HOF was created in 1982. It’s located in Pickerington, Ohio.

Exhibits start with a 1984 Roper Steamer and go through 2004 with Chad Reed’s 2004 YZ250. Reed used the two-stroke motorcross bike to win the AMA National Championship, taking 10 of 16 races. Plenty of Harleys and Indians,


Motorcycle v. animal, not a pretty sight
Getting an exact number for motorcycle v. animal wrecks every year is not an easy task. A lot of the stats just refer to total wrecks and do not break it down by what the person was driving.

The sad fact is the number of wreck involved animals is going up. That is the worst news for those of on two wheels.

Deer Crash keeps some records of deer-related wrecks that resulted in fatalities, but no info on what kind of wheels the driver had. It also reports fatalities. A lot of deer-crashes probably don’t get reported because if a deer slams into the side of a cage,


Do you need a lawyer after a wreck?

Accident attorneys say they should be the second person you call after a wreck. The first is 911 (or the equivalent) to get law enforcement and medical help on the way.

Do you really need to have an attorney represent you after a crash?
The short answer is no.

“You don't need a lawyer to help with routine car accident claims, if you take a little time to educate yourself about the claims system. The key is to figure out which cases you can settle yourself, and which require a lawyer,” says an article at the respected legal information website Nolo.


Unplugged and In the Wind
In all of my motorcycle camping excursions, one thing had been missing; a guitar. Riding a vintage bike hundreds of miles, taking refuge in a state park and sleeping in a tent; it would only seem natural to knock off a tune at the campsite at days end. How in the heck do I carry a guitar on a motorcycle, though? It’s difficult enough to pack the necessities on my chopper. My mind was made up though, and I was determined to figure out a way to hop on my scooter with a guitar.

After a little research and a few phone calls, I worked out the details with luthier, Greg Reszel, of Distressed Guitar in Indiana.


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