Motto puts Robot in the saddle of a Yamaha R1M
Self driving cages are not much news thee days, nor are robots. But a robot driving a motorcycle?

Yamaha unveiled the bike-riding droid at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of October in Japan.

GizMag covered the debut with two surprising statements:

“…release images show the humanoid robot riding Yamaha's most sporting motorcycle, the 1000cc R1M.”


A Closer Look at Tires
Rubber, tubes, tread, balonies, hides, skins, stones, tub, wide whites, whitewall. These are nicknames tires. But what’s in a tire? What’s this history behind this highly modified wheel? What kinds of tires are available to the motorcycle community today?


No one knows who invented the wheel or when it happened. What we do know is the wheel changed over the years. The first wheel was probably a log. For centuries nothing changed.


Honda NC700X Long-Term Review
IThere seems to be a resurgence in the popularity of motorcycling as of late and while the reasons for this renewed interest in the motorsport are debatable, the fact that so many manufacturers have broken into the burgeoning entry-level market is evidence enough that more people are getting involved. Many of these new riders are people looking for a more affordable alternative to a car, or perhaps to save money in the face of ever-increasing gas prices. These practicality-minded daily riders are a growing segment of the motorcycling community and Honda realizes....


Biker Lingo, Terms and Jargon
Even if you are not a newbie, sometimes you got to wonder what some bikers are saying, and if you are a newbie, all you can do is shake your head wisely, not knowing what people are talking about. Terms used, or some strange technical lingo, the jargon that is used is often difficult to understand.

Terms change or adapt as well. It's part of the nature of the game, since technology evolves. So to help you understand a few things, here is a “limited” list of terms and jargon used in our motorcycle world.


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