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Street Riding Skills Laminated FlashCards Book

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Not sure how to take your riding skills to the next level? Wondering how to increase your riding enjoyment and safety? Took a training course and wondering "what now"? Use these flash cards to build 17 riding-related skills and habits. Learning happens over time, so let these cards focus your ongoing practice. Whether new to riding or a seasoned pro, these cards are a great addition to any rider's tank bag. Rider training has a long history of success. Many books have been written on the subject of motorcycling enjoyment and skill. Those resources are extremely valuable to a motorcyclist and let's keep them coming! However, once the training is over or the book is closed, the rider's mind is left swimming with tips and techniques on what to put into practice. It can be overwhelming. Riding well takes some work. If only there were a way to focus on specific skills until they become habits. There is now. Having these cards in your possession is like having a trained coach with you on your ride, reminding you of proper motorcycling road craft. Keep them handy in your map pocket. These cards were created based on facts, research and experience, not personal opinion. It is also up to the rider to choose how often and in which order the skills are practiced. Work on certain skills with riding buddies or solo. Been off your bike for a while? Just pull the cards out and refresh your memory.

New to riding? - Use these cards to begin your formal training.

Intermediate Rider? - Use these cards to build skills.

Experienced Rider? - Use these cards to correct bad habits and fill in gaps in knowledge.

If by using these cards you build just one skill or habit that provides you with more enjoyment or safety on the road, it was well worth the purchase and effort to use them.

    streetSkillsTM included:

  1. Utilizing Facts
  2. Utilizing Gear
  3. Pre-Ride Routine
  4. Riding Posture
  5. Control Basics
  6. Riding
  7. Slowing/Stopping
  8. Looking
  9. Low Speed Turning
  10. Cornering
  11. Traffic Sense
  12. Intersections
  13. Smooth Operation
  14. Emergencies
  15. Carrying Things
  16. Passengers
  17. Group Riding

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Flash cards

by - verified purchaser
Nice quick reference definitely has some tips to think about

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Street riding skills

by - verified purchaser
i am very pleased to heve these cards. I rode 20+ years ago, and I find these cards are a fantastic reminder what I knew before. They will be used often. I also gave this skills data to my son. He has been riding for about 4 years. I recommend these to the experienced rider as well as the beginner.

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