Cruisers are motorcycles that originated and became very popular in North America at the beginning of the 1900's. The riding style is relaxed, and the biker sits in what is best described as a “sit-up-and-beg” position, feet and hands forward, back straight or slightly curved. The cruiser's engine is typically not powerful but has a lot of torque at the lower rpm, meaning less gear shifts. Cruisers are not speed machines; the body position of the biker can not allow this for long distances, but cruisers are meant for easy and leisurely riding.

The clothing style used on cruisers are relaxed, usually not very protective since speeds are lower. Half helmets, often known as Beanies, are the norm. Probably the best known brand for these helmets is Bell. Leather jackets, or cut-offs are the way most cruiser riders identify themselves. These are not form fitting, but more easy flowing, casual, since aerodynamics are not a must. Just have a look at the Detour jackets to get an idea. Pants can be leather, motorcycle jeans or often you will see chaps.

Boots used on cruisers are often looking like “real” boots, in other words, you can not see that they are biker boots.