Dual-sport motorcycles are motorcycles that can ride on pavement and on unpaved roads. Unpaved roads does not mean off-road, so dual-sport motorcycles are not meant to ride like a motocrosser or trial/enduro motorcycles. Riding in deep mud or sand is not meant for this category since the tires are not adapted for this kind of riding, and compared to their off-road cousins, they are far heavier. But dirt, tractor trails or tracks can be taken by this category of motorcycle. You will also see the category named as “All-Road”, “Dual-Purpose” or “On/off-Road”. The sitting position is very close to that of off-road motorcycles, straight up with feet below the rider and arms straight out. Standing on the foot pegs is one way of riding on unpaved roads.The category is not new, something many people think. It is as old as motorcycles themselves since the first bikes had to ride on bad road surfaces, often not paved. 

The dual-sport is versatile, since it can ride any kind of road.Often the engines are single cylinder, though twins are not uncommon. Displacement is usually less than 1000 cc, typically around the 500 cc making the bike light and easy to maneuver on unpaved roads. If the dual-sport motorcycle has more than 1000 cc, it is usually an adventure touring bike, a segment dominated for many years by BMW with their GS. Almost all manufacturers have got at least one dual-sport model in their product range, some offer multiple. Often a street bike was taken and given off-road capabilities. Or an off-road motorcycle was made street legal by adding lights, indicators, etc.