GoGirl Single - Tube

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GoGirl Single - Tube

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GoGirl Single - Tube

Item Code: GoGirl
Color : Pink, Camouflage


  • Includes re-usable tube, baggie and tissue.
  • It's a kit in a tube ready to go!
  • Made from Medical Grade Silicone.

Customer Reviews

Rated 9 out of 10 based on 18 reviews
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Every woman should have one of these!

Comment: No more worries on the Road! Great Product!





Comment: I would absolutely recommend this for all girls and women.

Bella V



Oh my...

Comment: As a man, I would rather not know this existed. However, I'm amazed that someone hadn't thought of it sooner.



Soft is good for a change

Comment: I bought the hard plastic one many, many years ago and they are so easy once you tune in to their use... still not as good as the real thing, I would imagine... but I will buy this upgrade because it will be softer 'to the touch" and easier to store.



tube - tire tube I need

Comment: I guess should had been more specific & type ”tire tube” I was looking for. Learn something new everyday



Girl Stuff

Comment: Wife loves it..nuff said :o) Do alot of riding in the country


South Georgia

Great product!

Comment: For the road and camping outdoors; what a great idea for women and girls.

Yellow Rose



Comment: Great backup funnel for my leaky Harley.



Want to write my name on the snow with this on!

Comment: just tried it out in the shower so far. It seems efficient enough but am waiting to try it on the side of the road and write my name in the snow.

wing nut

Fraser Valley, B.C.

ummm....can be used as a projectile?

Comment: This thing is just WRONG or maybe its right. I cant decide since I am a man who bought this for my wife. I gave it to her as a Christmas gift. She was like, "what the heck is this?" I told her to figure it out. Thankfully the package is small and does not cause much damage when used as a projectile.



GoGirl works great

Comment: Showed the item to the Mrs, she says it works great.

Darrell R


A must have for her.

Comment: Does what it needs to do. Really do NOT want to talk about this, but when you gotta go, this is really handy.



Go Girl

Comment: I think it's a little sad how many people are freaked out by this product. Do you think women don't pee, or that peeing is embarassing, or that women's parts are embarassing? Grow up. It's a great idea for things that occur naturally and are in no way strange, scary, or shameful.

Reality Check


Handy Little Gadget!

Comment: I used to use these when I was riding horses years ago, and I was thrilled to find them again for motorcycle use. Small, easy to stash in saddlebags, and oh-so-handy when the urge hits in the middle of nowhere!



Go Girl Review

Comment: This was a great idea I have not used it yet but have checked it out



Go girl Review

Comment: Actually this product is awesome for hunting purposes. When you're deer hunting all day and you're all geared up and scentless and have no way to go anywhere, let me tell you that every huntress SHOULD have one of these. I have been stuck in my blind for 12 hours in the past and no relief. It was painful. It's easy for guys because all they need is a bottle and 2 minutes. For women it's a totally different problem. TMI but great product! I WILL be using this for my hunt.


Adrian, MI

Doesn't work for me.

Comment: .If you don't want TMI stop right here. I have lots of experience peeing in the woods, on the side of the road, camping at night. Thought it would be nice to just unzip a fly and go standing up. It may work for other reviewers but, even following directions carefully, this just didn't work for me. Maybe it has to do with the physics of speed and volume, but I am sure glad that I tried this out on the farm where I could go inside and change clothes after I wet all the way down my leg. I sure would've been :"pissed" if it had happened on a long bike ride.


Chemung, NY

Go Girl Review

Comment: I have not needed to use this yet but It looks like it will work great. What a clever idea!!

Anne Flannery

chapel hill, nc

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