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Firstgear Heated Socks.

The Firstgear Heated Socks are an added bonus to any of the FIRST GEAR Heated clothing. They are a comfortable way to keep your feet warm and cozy on the cold days when you decide to ride your motorcycle. These heated socks can be worn individually, which requires Heat-Troller (sold separately), or more preferably with your First Gear heated motorcycle pant liners. So just and FYI, when all of your buddies are at home crying about how cold it is, you will be able to go out and cruise the streets with the peace of mind that you will be warm on your adventure.

The Warm & Safe Heated Socks are in stock! Made for the motorcyclist; heat in the toe area where bikers actually get cold from wind and spray. Made from micro fleece, they are not bulky and use the latest in flat heat technology. You do not feel wires. So unlike the other products on the market, our heated socks keep your feet warm where they get cold, are not too bulky to fit in your boots and are comfortable!

Firstgear Socks Features

  • Latest technology in flat heat so you do not feel wires
  • Low bulk, micro fleece reduces binding
  • No annoying wires
  • Heat where you need it, on the top of the toes
  • Technical fabric that is comfortable, thin, soft and wicks moisture
  • Fitted heel so the heel stays in place
  • Seamless toe gets rid of bumps
  • 5 sizes for a wider range of fit
  • 9 watts of heat in each sock at 12.8 volts
  • 2-year limited warranty

This FirstGear Heated Sock requires a heat troller (sold separately) to use this item without the pant liner. The socks will attach to the pant liner with no additional troller required as long as you do not wish to set the pant liner and socks at different temperatures. Trollers can be mounted or not to the bike depending on troller purchased. A remote for heat control is also available in heat troller packs. BMW riders will most likely have to purchase a converter for power. The power for these items comes directly from the bike which you must install. If preferred, you can purchase a portable battery pack with optional a/c adapter (case optional as well). Splitters may be purchased to connect an additional rider to the power source from the bike.

Firstgear Socks Sizing

Please choose your size from the chart below.Please order by the shoe size you wear.

Size Chart

Size Men's Shoe Women's Shoe
MD 8-10 9-11
LG 10-13 11-13
XL 13-15 

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Most Helpful Reviews :

Heated socks

by - verified purchaser
These are not bulky and a big life saver in this cold cold weather.

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Heated socks

by - verified purchaser
Loved them as soon s I found a site that sold a battery pack

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Awesome Heated Socks

by - verified purchaser
I was Leary of the the socks since your hands and feet get the coldest. But once again, totally awesome and very warm. Can not go wrong!!!

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Wife Loves Them

by - verified purchaser
I bought these for my wife and she loves them. She says they are comfortable and so far, she has been happy with them when we have been riding in temps as low as the mid 20s.

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First Gear Heated Socks Review

by - verified purchaser
Comfortable and breathe well

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Firstgear Heated Socks Review

by - verified purchaser
With light weight boots at 70 mph & 33 degrees my feet never felt a chill. The socks were snug. I wear a 10 1/2 and got the size for 10-13. I found it to be true to wear a very thin pair of socks under the the heated ones as a thicker pair of cotton socks was too thick to use.

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