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Venture Heat Epic 2.0 Battery Heated Gloves.

The Venture Heat VH Epic 2.0 Battery Heated Gloves are perfect for any situation that requires your hands to be warm. This battery operated textile motorcycle glove provides the rider and your everyday person the ability to have warm hands on cold days. The battery last up to 5 hours and provides the ability to use your touchscreen devices without taking the gloves of when taking or making a call.

Item Code: VHEpic2BatteryHeatedGloves

Brand: Venture Heat

Color: Black

Material: Leather Palm


If you are looking for a great winter glove, then you are going to want to check out these Epic 2.0 Battery Heated Gloves. Just as the name implies, these heated gloves provide epic performance by keeping your hands warm and comfortable.

Powered by a pair of lightweight lithium ion batteries, these heated gloves will provide active heat for up to 5 straight hours. For even greater comfort, these gloves feature a built-in temperature controller so that you adjust the heat levels with just the touch of a button.

As an added bonus, the fingertips include touchscreen capabilities so that you can use your phone or tablet without even having to take the glove off.

  • Touch Screen Compatible
  • Weatherproof Shell and Waterproof Lining
  • 3 Heat Settings
  • Ultra-slim batteries

Size Chart

Please measure the circumference of your hand using a cloth tape measure and choose your size from the chart below. Please note all measurements are in inches.


Circumference of Hand













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Most Helpful Reviews :

They Work

by - verified purchaser
I have a 25 mile commute to work and have used these gloves 4 times with temps in the 30's. I have the temp in the medium heat setting and have been fine no cold or discomfort at all. One time the temp was 31 to 34 degrees with the setting on Medium heat i could fell a tad of cool but not cold and most certainly not uncomfortable after about 40-45 minutes. They are a bit bulky but not as bad as some gloves i have had. I will recommend these, don't know how they will hold up as i have only had them for a month and only used them five times.

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VH Epic 2.0 Battery Heated gloves Review

by - verified purchaser
These gloves are fantastic, easy to use, stay warm, even at high speeds. extend your riding season by weeks.

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Warm hands finally

by - verified purchaser
These gloves work awesome! I am so glad I made the $200 investment. I rode in 30 degrees for 50 minutes and my hands never got cold. I did buy one size lager than what the fit chart suggested. I did this from experience. I can't tell you about the durability of the gloves since i've only had them for a week but I'm sure if you treat them with care they will last a long time. I would recommend these to anyone who rides in cold weather.

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VH Epic 2.0 Battery Heated gloves Review

by - verified purchaser
These are a awesome pair of gloves.They may be expensive but your hands are worth it when riding in the cold.They actually get hot around your fingers and hands.Dont leave home with out them!

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These Epic 2.0 gloves are the upgraded successor to the original Epic. These have a weather resistant shell and a waterproof lining. They feature a reinforced leather palm and thumb and a strip of reflective piping across the top of the hand. They have a pull cord cinch on the gauntlet with a Velcro strap for adjustability. They also have touch screen manipulating inserts in the fingertips, which is almost necessary for today's touring rider. Again, keep in mind, these are battery operated. So, if you are going to use these for long distances or touring, make sure to have an extra set of batteries so you can stay warm for the whole day.

Many of the battery operated gloves and liners out there have a cumbersome battery placement and controller functionality. These Epic 2.0 gloves use a split lithium ion battery design which I really like. This design allows the battery to be lower in profile, and also offers greater flexibility and weight distribution. The controls are simple. There is a button on the top of the hand of each glove. Each glove is independently controlled so you can set the gloves to different temperatures. This is especially handy for someone with poor circulation or has had frostbite. Each glove has three settings and the button itself lights up to show your selection. On the low setting, the green light will illuminate and the glove will provide heat at that setting for approximately four hours. The medium setting will show yellow and last for three and a half hours, and the high is red and lasts for two hours. The ac charger has dual leads, which allows you to conveniently charge both batteries at once.

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