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Mobile Warming Women's Classic Softshell Heated Jacket.

The Mobile Warming Heated Classic Softshell Jacket for Women is a great idea for anyone that does anything outdoors. Whether you like riding motorcycles and bicycles or going on a hike, this jacket allows you to keep warm during those cold days. This battery operated jacket can keep you warm and comfortable for up to 10 hours while you are out on your adventure.

Mobile Warming Women's Classic Softshell Heated Jacket Features

The classic battery operated heated softshell jacket gives you ultimate flexibility and breathability all the while the fabric maintains its water-resistance features. Three heating panels placed on the front and back along with multi-level heat adjusting battery keep you warm for up to 10 hours. The lightweight construction makes it best for all types of climbing, cross-country and back-country skiing, hiking or any other outdoor activity with an aerobic element where protection from rain and snow is important.

  • The Windshark® 4-way stretch high breathable, waterproof fabric provides additional flexibility needed in active outdoor sports
  • Features three heating panels lined with steel alloy fiber elements
  • Optimum placement with two panels on the chest and one on the back provide quick warm-up and even distribution of heat where needed most
  • Includes one 7.4V 2.2Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery and charger
  • Battery features built-in 4-level thermo-regulating controls
  • Provides up to 10 hours of comfortable warmth while enjoying favorite outdoor activities
  • Reaches a max. surface temperature of 135°F at full power
  • Adjustable hem drawcord

Mobile Warming Women's Classic Softshell Heated Jacket Sizing

Please measure the circumference of your chest using a cloth tape measure and choose your size from the chart below. Please note all measurements are in inches.

Size Chart

Size Chest Sleeve
XS32” 31.5”
S 32.5”-35”32”
M 35.5”-37” 32.5”
L 38”-39.5” 33.5”
XL 40.5”-42” 34.5”
Plus S 42”-44” 33”-33.5”
Plus M 46”-48” 34”-34.5”
Plus L 50”-52”35”

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The Mobile Warming Classic Heated Softshell Jacket is available in men's and ladies sizes. The men's version is available in three color ways, black, midnight blue, and gunmetal. The ladies jacket is also available in three color ways, black, wine, and sapphire blue. Both the men's and ladies versions are constructed using a stretchy, breathable, water resistant fabric and have three heat panels; one on each side of the chest and one in the back. There are a total of 3 pockets on the exterior of the jacket including a chest pocket and two hand warmer pockets, one of which holds the controller. Inside the jacket you will find what appears to be another pocket but it is actually just access to the electronics. Don't put anything in here or you may have a heck of a time getting it back out. Mobile warming combines their controller and battery into one unit, so this little box is all you'll have to carry. Initial charge takes twelve hours, but after that, it will charge very quickly. Charging the battery can also be performed using the optional car charger. Once the green lights indicate a fully charged controller, simply plug this wire located in this hidden pocket within the hand warmer pocket into the battery controller. You can check the charge state of the controller at any time by pressing the button one time with the controller powered off. The controller will also indicate the charging status when it is plugged into the charger. To activate the controller, press and hold the button until the unit powers on, then press the button repeatedly until your desired setting is reached. Press and hold the button again to shut the system off. Remember, the controller will only power on when it is plugged into a garment, so if you are trying to turn the controller on and it isn't working, it's probably just all your fault. Double check to make sure you have the controller plugged in all the way. One of the aspects of this setup that sets it apart from other brands of battery heated gear for me is the battery life. This battery will last up to ten hours on the low setting which is quite a bit longer than some of the other products out there. For the longest possible battery life, make sure to get a snug fit with heated items. The closer the proximity you have to the elements, the lower the temperature setting is needed to keep you warm and the longer the battery lasts. Some of the other features I like are that the cuffs of the sleeves feature these gators that work great to hold your jacket sleeves down into your gloves to help conserve that warm air.