KBC Motorcycle Helmets

Company Synopsis

Precision engineered is what best describes KBC motorcycle helmets. KBC is a top international brand, and 17 years of dedicated service towards manufacturing world class motorcycle helmets have made it a frontrunner in the helmet world. It is the world leader and trendsetter in private label business (OEM). Head office based in Los Angeles with a design and development center in U.K, it has fast spread to U.S and making an impact globally.

What KBC Helmets Offer

Persistently pursues dream of bringing together innovative technological developments with latest graphics for helmets that protect heads and delivers unmatched performances. Leads the world market and a hot brand today, all thanks to use of latest materials and state-of-the-art machinery for new technologies like bag-molding systems, high-pressure water-jet and laser finishing equipment.

Customer friendly products and safety in use have been on top the agenda. What sets apart KBC helmets from other brands is its low noise level. A visor sealing system is used that help contribute to low noise levels. Lightweight, great fits and contemporary styles, comfort in use and affordable prices are some of its other best features.

Stringent Testing

KBC helmets pass through rigorous tests that have not just made them immensely safe to use but protect heads in case of unfortunate accidents. It attends to minute details with an intensive development program that makes it meet and surpass all standards and specifications for different markets. They meet American SNELL safety standard, European ECE 22.05, Australian QAS and the UK's ACU Gold standard. They are even tested at KBCs own homologation testing facility to meet set standards for every region.

Crafted to suit the avid bike enthusiasts growing modern day requirements, KBC helmets are a pleasure to wear.