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GMax Off-road Helmets Youth

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GMax Off-road Youth Helmet - Motorcycle Helmets at Jafrum

GMAX has what you need in a youth off-road helmet to keep them protected. Priced low, the GM46Y1 comes in three graphics: the Kritter 2, the Shredder and the Escape. The GMAX Off-Road Youth Helmet has 19 vents to provide maximum air flow and a fully adjustable, flexible and vented visor designed for optimum visibility. A cold weather breath guard is also available. Jafrum has all of your off-road youth helmet needs at discounted prices.

Motorcycle Gear For Kids - A kid that rides a motorcycle needs to be looked after very carefully. We have this riding guide for you to select the peoper gear for them.Whatever motorcycle riding discipline your kid wants to do, rejoice and help them on their way. Make sure they are well protected, and get the best riding education.