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Alpinestars Fluid Pro Knee Brace Set.

Alpinestars Fluid Pro Knee Brace Set Features

  • En 1621-1:2012 k type B / level 1
  • New material blend pa12 gf reinforced for more stabilizing and supportive effect New graphics
  • New softer and comfortable strap system to avoid skin irritations.
  • New soft comfortable lateral knee padding to avoid pressure points.
  • The fluid pro is lightweight, strong and is constructed from an advanced, high-performance carbon polymer compound to offer:
  • Optimized structural integrity and frame strength The fluid pro features a lightweight ‘exoskeleton’, reduced material construction design.
  • Highly ventilated: channeled padding and mesh zones for optimized ventilation and airflow.
  • Crucial weight-saving: the fluid pro is 25 per cent lighter than current b2 brace versions.
  • Extreme temperature resilience: fluid pro performs at temperatures as low as -20°c (-4°f).
  • The fluid pro is designed to provide a highly customizable, personalized and stable fit:
  • Sas (size adapter system): provides adjustable and versatile brace fitment in size ranges s-m-l and xl-2xl.
  • Innovative spacer system: brace supplied with leg-size adjustment spacers (1mm, 2mm and 3mm) on either side of hinge, plus two pairs of flexible, anatomically optimized ‘ergofit’ Spacers (6mm and 9mm) for improved directional articulation performance.
  • Spacers (6mm and 9mm) for improved directional articulation performance.
  • Knee pivot system: new double-pivoting hinge system incorporating tool-free, fast, easily Exchangeable extension stops (0, 5, 10, 15, 20 degrees) to prevent hyper-extension injuries.
  • The fluid pro incorporates a bio-organic engineering design for superb anatomical performance:
  • Innovative patella/knee cup protection system: ergonomically sculptured and ventilated knee cup system constructed from semi-rigid tpu backed by shock-absorbing pu memory foam.
  • Correct position of knee cup is secured accurately in place with top and bottom elastic straps, allowing multi-directional freedom of movement.
  • Additional protection in strongly angled positions afforded by upper and lower patella cuffs.
  • Innovative, dual x-strap system promotes secure fitment of brace in all riding positions and includes combined buckle and velcro closures for rapid and easy mounting.

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