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Mobile Warming LTD Max Heated Gloves.

The Mobile Warming Heated LTD Max Gloves are geared for motorcycle riders, more so than the other Mobile Warming gloves. They have a goatskin outer shell and Merino wool liner to keep your hands both dry and comfy. These battery operated motorcycle gloves offer the rider up to 10 hours of warmth which is tops in the industry. Also, the gloves come in both men’s and women’s sizes, cause as Louis says in the video “When it comes to heated gear, you want the best fit possible.”

Mobile Warming LTD Max Heated Gloves Features

  • Goat skin shell
  • Nanomax™ waterproof breathable membrane
  • Exkin® Air® waterproof Insulation
  • Merino wool liner
  • Includes two 7.4V 2.2Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery and charger
  • Provides up to 10 hours of comfortable warmth
  • Heating Technology : Mobilewarming® Pro Heating System
  • Power Source : Rechargeable 7V 2.2Ah Li-Ion Battery
  • Current : 1.0A
  • Watts : 15W
  • Surface Temp : 135°F
  • Weight : 0.24lbs

Mobile Warming LTD Max Heated Gloves Sizing

Please measure the circumference of your hand starting at the top side of the base of your thumb (see image chart) using a cloth tape measure and choose your size from the chart below.Please note all measurements are in inches.


Hand Measurement













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Most Helpful Reviews :

Mobile Warming Heated LTD Max Gloves Review

by - verified purchaser
Very nice quality and soft. Too hot to wear them yet but am looking forward to the cooler days to test them out.

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Pretty Good Gloves

by - verified purchaser
I've only had em a week and used em like 3 times. At first I had em on 100% power just to see what it was like. But the batt. would go down significantly faster for not much extra gain in heat. I now use em at 50% and the batt last about 3 times longer before recharge.
I recommend turning them on about 5 minutes before you ride to preheat the gloves and give you a headstart.
Once you get going 70mph you may not feel the heat, but you won't feel the cold bite either. I'm not sure how much is the power, and how much is the good insulation and design. But I do think the batt helps out. They aren't as warm as at 100%, but they take the edge off just fine. My hands are comfortable and don't hurt.
Oh yea, I bought em because I had to commute in temps right around freezing and it was hellish. My hands HURT and I was afraid of getting frostbite.
The last week it's been about 40-45 Fahrenheit during my cold commutes and I feel that that these gloves would be ok for colder weather, and have the advantage of being able to warm your hands up when not moving if they do get cold, although don't expect too much from a relatively small batt. The insulation and comfort are good. They are a little bulkier and less tactile feedback than a non winter glove as you'd expect, but I have no problem operating my bike or my controls like the signals. The extra leather at the wear points is appreciated. I am not really pushing the envelope during cold commutes. I do go FAST though, and these gloves keep me comfortable.

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There are three different motorcycling specific pairs available from Mobile warming and two all-purpose pairs including a mitten. The motorcycle specific pairs are available in mens and ladies sizes. The two All-purpose models are unisex. These LTD Max gloves are a motorcycling specific, all leather model, and are the absolute top of the line. The shell is made of highly durable yet flexible goatskin. The palms and control fingers are reinforced and there are gel pads throughout the glove for added protection. Both the Nanomax breathable membrane and the Exkin insulation are waterproof, so your hands are definitely going to stay dry. The liner is made of merino wool and I have to tell you, these gloves are just plain comfy. The glove gauntlet features a draw cord and a Velcro strap to keep the glove on and the moisture out. The controller pockets are conveniently located for ease of use and feature a see thru window so you can see the temperature setting. They feature a precurved shape and come with everything you need to go riding. They come with two of Mobile Warming’s famed battery/controller combos and an A/C charger. Mobile warming combines their controller and battery into one unit, so this little box is all you’ll have to carry. Initial charge takes twelve hours, but after that, the batteries will charge very quickly. Charging the battery can also be performed using the optional D/C charger. This is very handy for longer trips because you can charge an extra battery while you ride down the road by adding a D/C socket to your motorcycle. Once the green lights indicate a fully charged controller, simply plug this wire located in this pocket within the glove gauntlet into the battery controller. You can check the charge state of the controller at any time by pressing the button one time with the controller powered off. The controller will also indicate the charging status when it is plugged into the charger. To activate the controller, press and hold the button until the unit powers on, then press the button repeatedly until your desired setting is reached. Press and hold the button again to shut the system off. Remember, the controller will only power on when it is plugged into a garment, so if you are trying to turn the controller on and it isn’t working, it’s probably not plugged in all the way. One of the aspects of this setup that sets it apart from other brands of battery heated gear for me is the battery life. This battery will last up to ten hours on the low setting which is quite a bit longer than some of the other products out there. For the longest possible battery life, make sure to get a snug fit with heated items. The closer the proximity you have to the elements, the lower the temperature setting is needed to keep you warm and the longer the battery lasts.