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Venture Heat 12 Volt Heated Glove Liner.

Every rider is unique. Some look for a supplement heat source in addition to their favorite motorcycle gloves, while others simply need a thinner glove with heating capabilities.

The Motorcycle Heated Glove Liners allows each rider to enjoy their own motorcycle glove without the sacrifice of heat performance. The heated glove liner's thin material contours to the hand, which allows the heated glove liner to comfortably fit under the rider's outer motorcycle glove.

If two glove layers is too much, feel free to wear the heated glove liners on their own and still enjoy top-quality warmth.

Venture Heat 12 Volt Heated Glove Liner Features

  • Touchscreen Friendly: Keep the glove liner on and navigate through any smartphone, tablet, or GPS system.
  • Built-In Temperature Controller: At a push of a button, manage the heat setting at ease. Choose from high, medium, or low.
  • Think Thin: Made to comfortably fit under any motorcycle glove.
  • SAFE TO USE: The thermal protection circuit located in the heated glove liner and the fuse kit provides dual protection from overheating. Riders are safe to use them in rain or shine.
  • NOTE: *Use 3 amp (purple) fuse.

Venture Heat 12 Volt Heated Glove Liner Includes

  • One pair of Motorcycle Heated Glove Liners
  • 1 Battery harness with Safety Fuse Kit
  • Built-in Temperature Controller
  • Optional Battery and Charger sold separately*
  • Order Battery and Charger Combo
  • Instructional Guide
  • Glove harness
  • Draw: 2 amp on high (per pair)*

Venture Heat 12 Volt Heated Glove Liner Specifications

  Power System Plugin in to Vehicle
  Heating ElementsBack of hand to each finger tip
  Heat Settings Low, Medium, High
  Draw2 amp
  Voltage 12V
  Exterior Fabric 86% Polyester, 14% Spandex
  StyleHeated Glove Liner

Venture Heat 12 Volt Heated Glove Liner Sizing

First make sure your hand is open and your fingers are spread out. Then measure around your hand with a tape measure across your palm and just behind your knuckle, not including your thumb. You should use your dominant hand, the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left handed.

Size Chart


Circumference of Hand


7.6" - 8.0"


8.1" - 8.5"


8.6" - 9.0"


9.1" - 9.5"


9.6" - 10"

3 stars
2 stars
1 star

Most Helpful Reviews :

Pretty good gloves

by - verified purchaser
Gloves worked pretty well. Had them on max with the heated jacket and my hands didn't get cold in 42-48 degrees driving about 75mph for 4 hrs. Hands never got hot but never got to cold either.

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Very good liners

by - verified purchaser
They work great and no need to buy a controller. I ride in 40 degree weather and they keep the fingers just the right temp. Little bulky , so buy one size smaller than usual.

Was this review helpful?

Heated Gloves

by - verified purchaser
These have worked great for me so far. I have riden in the low 40's and they work great with a good pair over them. Hands stay warm and toasty. Even at 50 degrees and just a pair of single layer leather over top I was still comfortable.

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Venture Heat 12 Volt Heated Glove Liner Review

by - verified purchaser
These glove liners are thin enough to fit under your winter gloves. They put out enough heat to keep my hands warm for a 35 minute commute at 75 mph in 20 degrees fahrenheit. Only reason I didn't give them a full 5 stars is because the thumb seems a little on the short side.

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Great liners!

by - verified purchaser
Bought these with the heated jacket liner as well. They worked great. Hands never got cold again.

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Venture Heated Jacket & Glove liners Review

by - verified purchaser
These two products are worth every dime You pay for them, I have had them both now for a few years and they still work like the first day I bought them..Makes riding in cold weather so much more comfortable.If You live in a cold weather climate these two items are a must have......EXCELLENT !!!

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Happy rider

by - verified purchaser
I'm very happy with this set of gloves. I have the jacket to go with I used to go to in the morning. Very nice and comfy, no problems feelings the controls.

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Venture Heat Heated Glove Liner Review

by - verified purchaser
These liners have proven themselves to being a good investment, warm hands feel a lot better than frozen digits. Wish there was a battery pack to hook to for walking around warmth.

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Venture Heat Heated Glove Liner Review

by - verified purchaser
Ultra thin- easily fits on under my leather gloves. Provides great protection- I have already used them in sub-freezing temperatures and they performed perfectly.

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VH Heated Glove Liner

by - verified purchaser
I ride 50 miles each way to work every day year round. The last 2 days it has been around 30 degrees in the morning and these liners kept my hands toasty warm. No more warming my hands on the engine before I can get my helmet off! Best Winter Riding Thing Ever!

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by - verified purchaser
The glove liner works great under my leather gloves in 28deg. temps. with the jacket and paint liner. Fast deliver good price.

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Cold Patriot Guard Mission

by - verified purchaser
The PGR Mission today started at 7 degrees and warmed up to 27. My hands were warm as long as I was on my bike. Easy to install and use. No hot spots. I have no hesitation to ride in the cold with these glove liners. I have told many fellow PGR about Jafrum.

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Great Gloves!!!

by - verified purchaser
bought these gloves for cold TN morning rides to work... love them!! Thin; work great as a glove liner. Tried the bigger unit gloves ( TourMaster ), but to much glove/bulk for me, plus the big $$$$$. Sent them back and purchased these.. couldn't be happier.

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Heated glove liners are a great option in a few different scenarios. The first one is where the rider already has a perfectly broken-in pair of gloves. A high quality pair of cowhide riding gloves can take a couple of seasons to break in fully. Another possibility is that the rider requires an unusual fitment. Some folks with long skinny fingers or wide muscular hands may have a limited selection of gloves that fit well. All he or she wants to do is make the gloves they already have warmer. Another scenario we are seeing more often lately is due to the resurgence of the vintage motorcycle market. Patinated old leathers and denim are back in full force and a modern pair of riding gloves may clash with the rider's style. To achieve that old school look, stuff a pair of these heated glove liners into your insulated work gloves and you get both style and functionality.

Connecting your glove liners can be done two ways. You can use these glove liners independently of any other article of heated gear by simply plugging directly into your motorcycles battery using the y-splitter that is included with the gloves. Simply hold the ends of the y-splitter in your hands when you put your jacket on and you will be wired and nearly ready to go. Plug the gloves into the y-splitter. Once you have started your motorcycle, you can connect the y-splitter to the battery harness. To use the gloves with the heated jackets or liners, simply plug the glove liners into the connectors coming out of the jacket sleeves. The only negative I can see with Venture Heat's Glove Liners is that they are not adjustable. The glove circuit in the newer model jacket or jacket liner does not run through the jacket's controller so the gloves will operate at their highest setting when plugged in. I understand why they did it. Extremities get colder quicker, so the ideal setting for your jacket may be too low for your gloves. But, taking your hand off of the controls to unplug a glove isn't really ideal either. One of the features I really like about these Venture Heat 12V Glove liners is the placement of the elements within the liner. Venture Heat uses hair thin sheets of heating element material rather than thicker wire elements and places them around the perimeter of the fingers rather than on top so you don't even know that they are there.