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    Scott Split OTG Goggle

    The Split OTG goggle offers the latest “over the glasses” goggle performance and technology. Utilizing features from the Tyrant and Hustle goggles, the Split OTG goggle offers Scott’s RAM air technology to help reduce fogging on your prescription eyewear, the Fit System for a custom fit, and an adjustable nose-guard. The Split OTG was engineered specifically to fit comfortably over prescription eyewear.

    Scott Split OTG Goggle Features

    • Optomized for prescription glasses
    • Scott Fit System for optimized face fit
    • Revolutionary Air Management (RAM) for active frame venting
    • 3 layer face foam
    • Durable silicone-lined strap
    • Complementary bag which doubles as cleaning cloth included
    • Note: 2-position nose guard included

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    The Split OTG Goggles from Scott are a mid-priced motosport goggle with pro level features. The most notable feature, of course, being its OTG status. OTG stands for over the glasses. These goggles have a specially contoured frame to take the pressure off the earpieces on your prescription eyewear. After all, riding blindly might make you trail famous, but bouncing off of trees with your face really isn’t all that fun. I mentioned pro level features. These Split OTG Goggles share many of the features with the Tyrant and Hustle Goggles. The face foam is the three layer setup, with two foam layers, and one comfortable fleece layer. The difference with these Split OTG goggles is that the frame has a recessed area, which again takes the pressure off of your eye glasses earpieces. You also get the silicone lined strap to keep your goggles in place, and a two position nose guard for added roost protection. Fog is managed by a special coating on the lens as well as the Ram Air ventilation system. This system also works to minimize fog build up on your prescription eyewear as well. This is a very important feature. It doesn’t matter how good the anti-fog lens of your goggles is, if your glasses still fog up. If you are a really hot temperature person, and the Ram System doesn’t completely take care of your fog situation, you can add the No Fog Fan System to these goggles and fog becomes a non-issue. To see more on the No Fog Fan, stay tuned for a special closer look video on this system. These goggles are also equipped with the newest version of the Smith Fit System, which allows four position adjustment of the shape of the frame. This allows excellent airflow management and the ability to change the pressure area from your nose to your sinuses, depending on your specific needs.