Motorcycle Jackets - Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket MJ400

Motorcycle Jackets - Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket MJ400

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Sale Price: $59.95

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Motorcycle Jackets - Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket MJ400

The MJ400 is quality Classic Leather jacket that has lace up side adjustments, zip out inner liner, adjustable belt, 6 pockets, durable heavy duty zippers, with an awesome fit for an absolute bargain price. The lace up adjustable sides and adjustable belt give the leather jacket the classic look riders have come to love over the years and it also increases the fit and comfort of the jacket.
Based on the reviews of the MJ400 Mens Classic Leather Jacket, you can’t go wrong!! Superior quality with closeout pricing!

Mens Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Heavy Duty Leather, Side Laces, Zip-out lining etc.

Item Code:MJ400
Brand: Jafrum
Color: Black
Material: Cowhide Leather
Gender: Men's


  • Pockets : 4 outside and 2 inside
  • Belt : Adjustable
  • Liner : Zip-out with insulation material

Sizing Tips For The Proper Fit For The Motorcycle Jackets

*Note this product has changed. Some jackets will have a vertical seam up the back in the center of the jacket.

Please use a cloth tape measure to measure the circumference of your chest. If the measurement is an even number add 2 to get the next even number. If the number you get is an odd number add 1 to get the next even number. The general rule is order the next even number. If the measurement is 46 order 48. If the measurement you get is 47, order size 48.

Customer Reviews

Rated 0 out of 10 based on 287 reviews
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Comment: I bought this jacket for my boyfriend and clearly we both got the surprise of an authentic, perfect fit of an under-priced leather jacket. I highly recommend this product.

Ashley L. Howard

Chicago, IL



Comment: Good quality, color and classic style. Thank you

Raivo. H



Very good jacket

Comment: I bought this jacket nearly 4 years ago now specifically for winter riding. Truth be told, I should have ordered a larger size. It fits me perfect with just a light shirt on, but put on a sweatshirt and it starts getting tight.
It's held up suprisingly well over it's lifetime. I don't wear it during the summer months since it's way too hot for me. It's seen quite a bit of use from the fall to the spring though, and through it's share of rain too.
Still holding up very well. When I finally wear it out, I'll be looking for another just like it (although 1 size bigger).




great jacket but order at least 2 inches larger

Comment: I like my jackets a little loose with room to move. I read reviews before buying stating to order two inches bigger than your chest size. I'm a 42 so I ordered a 46 to be safe and it fits perfect in my opinion. Great quality. I love my jacket.


Cedar Falls


Mens Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket MJ400

Comment: This jacket far exceeded my expectations. Its hard to believe you can get this much coat ., for this amount of money. If your thinking about it ..., do it. You cant beat the dollar for quality ratio anywhere else. Thank you Jafrum. .

Captain Rich

Centralia Washington


Nice Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: Thick and heavy. A little saddle soap on the zippers smooths them right out. I tell people how much I paid and they dont believe me.
I can tell them 200.00 and still a good deal.I dont know how jafrum can sell there items sooooo cheep.Thank you jafrum and all the staff.


Cherry valley Ma.



Comment: Disappointed though. Can't wear it in public because the chicks won't be able to keep their hands off me...I can't even keep my hands off myself in it!!!

No but seriously, fitts like a glove, comes with a built in balaclava (I don't know if anybody mentioned that before)...THIS JACKET ROCKS!!! Got the chaps too to soup up the sexy! This may even be good for riding motorcycles...I'll have to try it out!




Excellent jacket

Comment: Great quality and great look for the price. I've worn it everywhere , work, riding, out at night, I even decided to jump into a swimming pool with it on, felt great! I'll be enjoying this jacket for many years to come. Thanks Jafrum


Chicago, IL


Great Deal on a Nice Biker Jacket

Comment: I'm very impressed with the quality of this affordable Motorcycle Jacket. All seams, snaps and zippers work flawlessly. I rubbed down the entire jacket with mink oil as soon as I got it home. The quality of the leather is very nice. It looks awesome & I love wearing it. I would recommend Jafrum Team products to anyone. A1++!

Ted Kierzyk



Great value, cool jacket.,

Comment: My wife bought me this jacket for Christmas, very cool. It's well made with a zippered lining and nice detail. It's not a novelty item, this is the real deal, it's heavy and warm. I ordered size 40 which is what I usually wear in a suit or sports jacket and it fit perfectly. Keep in mind that the bottom of the jacket is tapered and fits snugly (to keep the wind out), so if you are chubby in the hips it could be tough to zipper. I don't ride a motorcycle but I may go purchase a pair of Harley Davidson boots just to complete the image. The jacket has ties in the back which can be adjusted if you want to make it tighter and zippers on the wrists. There are inside pockets too.

R. Pandolfo

Lehigh Valley, PA.


Great Product!!

Comment: Great product and quality for the price, is the better option for those that don't want to spend $400 in a jacket.




Awesome buy!,

Comment: After several years of searching for a jacket, I've finally found my mate!
I'm a 15 year old, meaning I don't have the greatest amount of cash to shovel out for clothing, but I was extremely delighted to find such a great price on a leather jacket, so much so, I bought it!
While I could have blown my hard earned cash on a sissy lamb skin jacket that looks boring for over $150 at a department store, this is a much better option.
The thick leather coupled with the eccentric lacing on the sides, zip out liner, and numerous spacious pockets really make it hard to believe I was able to get this for just $60 after shipping.
Sure, the zippers are stiff, the size isn't perfect, and the leather tassels which guide the zippers easily come undone, but for the price it can't be beat.

Christopher Wood

Layton, UT USA


Motorcycle Jacket,

Comment: I received this within a couple of days of ordering. This Size was correct and the jacket fits well. Nice quality. Already worn on a cold day and it helped keeping me warm.

Kevin J. Turnbeaugh "n0uij"

St Louis, Mo. USA


Great Deal on Biker Jacket

Comment: I am very pleased with the quality of this jacket for the price I paid. I wanted a motorcyle jacket for my son but can't afford a couple hundred dollars. It fit him perfectly and it looks great. He assumes it was way more expensive then it was. It is however, more comfortable with the lining zipped out.

YMS "Vonne"

New Hampshire


Excellent quality leather

Comment: Excellent quality leather, very good clothing, resistant to rain, the design is the classic biker and truths, you protect the cold, and the smell was indescribable, I love, sleep with this product

Daniel Ramos

Lima, Peru


Classic and beautiful

Comment: This leather jacket is really a LEATHER jacket, it looks simply amazing and it is thick, it would really protect you if you feel from your bike, its a bit heavy, but that is how is supposed to be, amazing purchase, highly recommend jafru

A. Rodríguez

Costa Rica


I love this jacket!

Comment: I recommend 100% this seller. The jacket is of very good quality. The leather smell very well. It is legitimate leather. It weighs 2 kilograms as with everything in cash. The jacket I liked a lot and fits well if you know what your size. I am very satisfied with this purchase. Thanks!


San Cristobal, Venezuela.


Big Bucko Riding Jacket

Comment: Much better quality than I expected for the price I paid. I was surprised and extremely delighted! Motorcycle riding weather is just around the corner where I live and I look forward to wearing this stylish heavy leather jacket with pride. I'm confident it will provide the protection I want from a riding jacket.

Big Bucko

Great Falls Montana


Gears, gas and motorbikes,

Comment: Get the feeling of the fifties with this traditional leather biker jacket. It's an excellent garment for motorcycling as well as free time wear. Durable materials such as comfortable lining, heavy-duty zips and high quality black leather give you the perfect feeling of real hard rock biker.

Matti Mattila "dropkernel"

Helsinki, FI Europe


Just right

Comment: This coat is better than the one i bought at Wilson's 12 years ago, that one cost me $300. Very well made. The only thing it needs is to break in, not use to new leather anymore. lol

D. Dalzell

The wrong side of Limbo.


Really a great deal!

Comment: I was somewhat leery, not really believing what I read... but WOW.
I received my jacket and rode with it for a few months.
I "softened" it up a bit and love it! Its great and the zip out lining makes it good for use well into our chicagoland winter weather!

Biker Bill



Awesome buy!

Comment: After several years of searching for a jacket, I've finally found my mate!
I'm a 15 year old, meaning I don't have the greatest amount of cash to shovel out for clothing, but I was extremely delighted to find such a great price on a leather jacket, so much so, I bought it!
While I could have blown my hard earned cash on a sissy lamb skin jacket that looks boring for over $150 at a department store, this is a much better option.
The thick leather coupled with the eccentric lacing on the sides, zip out liner, and numerous spacious pockets really make it hard to believe I was able to get this for just $60 after shipping.
Sure, the zippers are stiff, the size isn't perfect, and the leather tassels which guide the zippers easily come undone, but for the price it can't be beat.

Christopher Wood

Layton, UT USA


Really a great deal!

Comment: I was somewhat leery, not really believing what I read... but WOW.
I received my jacket and rode with it for a few months.
I "softened" it up a bit and love it! Its great and the zip out lining makes it good for use well into our chicagoland winter weather!

Biker Bill



Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: I received this within a couple of days of ordering. This Size was correct and the jacket fits well. Nice quality. Already worn on a cold day and it helped keeping me warm.

Kevin J. Turnbeaugh

St Louis, Mo. USA


Gears, gas and motorbikes

Comment: Get the feeling of the fifties with this traditional leather biker jacket. It's an excellent garment for motorcycling as well as free time wear. Durable materials such as comfortable lining, heavy-duty zips and high quality black leather give you the perfect feeling of real hard rock biker.

Matti Mattila

Helsinki, FI Europe


Fonzie Be Praised!!

Comment: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

I ordered this jacket from JAFRUM and it arrived in 2days!!
The size was PERFECT, the zip out lining is a true blessing for those of us Rockabilly guys who live in FLORIDA!
Today the heat index was 105!

I cannot believe the quality of this classic, timeless jacket for the price, I would expect something this well made to be at least $300

I would highly recommend doing business with JAFRUM!!
Now I know one or two reviewers had a very horrible exp, and for that I'm sooo sorry that they did not have MY exp..

Great product, Great price, Great shipping speed,

May The Fonz be with you!!!!

The Timelord / Papa Rouj



Great Deal on a Nice Jacket

Comment: I'm very impressed with the quality of this affordable Motorcycle Jacket. All seams, snaps and zippers work flawlessly. I rubbed down the entire jacket with mink oil as soon as I got it home. The quality of the leather is very nice. It looks awesome & I love wearing it. I would recommend Jafrum Team products to anyone. A1++!

Ted Kierzyk



Old Biker

Comment: I am 54 years old and have been riding bikes all my life and as you can imagine I have had every kind of jacket there is. I just about bought a buffalo hide patch work jacket for a couple dollars less but found this place so I ordered one of thiers and man did I make the right decision. If you like a patch work get the other but if you want a good heavy clean leather jacket you can't go wrong with these.
The best I've ever seen, top of the line and I'm sure I'll never have to buy another but if I do it will be from here. The fastest delivery I have ever seen I ordered one day & got it the next.
Thank you guy's for a GREAT Jacket and fast delivery. Your at the top of my list and will recommend you to every one. And watch for more orders from me I'm already picking out more!!!!!!!

Big Al Stites ( Pappy)



Nice and heavy

Comment: This is a great jacket for the price! I bought a 44 and ended up with a 46. I followed the instructions for sizing to a tee and i will advise anyone too but pick two sizes bigger because I measured 42 went with 44 and ended up a 46 so for all you bigger guys out there follow that is what to do. The 44 the arms were too short but when I went with the 46 it gave me the correct size and a little room to play with in my under arms and shoulders. Soo when I got the correct size it fit just like it was supose too. GREAT JACKET and WELL MADE CAN"T BEAT IT! Try and be a believer!


Jackson, Mi


A Super Store

Comment: This is the Very Best Online Experience I have ever had. I ordered the wrong size and sent it back with no problem. I then ordered the right size and the service was great. The Quality is just what they said it was. My order was the MJ-400 Leather Jacket.I'll go to Jafrum first for any other want and needs I have.


Texarkana, Ar


My fault - so be careful

Comment: I ordered the Men's Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket in the size of 60. I followed suggestions posted online and ordered what I considered the correct size. The jacket is very nice for the price but was way too big. I checked on line and via phone call to Jafrum about returming the jacket for a smaller size. I am again waiting for my jacket and gloves so I can go riding...... When the snow and ice leave..... So, I have said all of that to say this, if YOU place the correct order, YOU will be happy with the quality of the merchandise. The jacket that I ordered is much better quality for the price. The people in my office could not believe I paid what I paid. I did not get one guess below $100.00. Thanks CS, Thanks Jafrum. Sorry to be such a pain (again my interpretation)........ Jafrum gets 5 stars, I get -5 stars.

Dr. D

Springdale, Arkansas


Best Buy You Can't Go Wrong

Comment: I didn't think this was going to be a good jacket but I said what the heck. I received the the jacket in 2 days and it fits nice with room to put a tee shirt, longjohn, turtleneck and zip up sweater. I saved a hell of a lot of money for the same jacket at the dealers. VT1000 on the move.


Midlothian, VA


Amazing Quality for a more amazing price

Comment: I ordered the jacket and some lined chaps around Christmas and received them in a few days. The quality and fit is exceptional. I have to say I thought it was too good to be true. I highly recommend these products to anyone.





Comment: Just recieved my jacket today and, Boy, was I surprised. This is a very nice and heavy jacket. I have read the reviews and thought maybe people were making up a lot of this stuff. Believe me, this is a very good coat at a very cheap price.

Carl Henson

Royse City Texas


Amazed Skeptic

Comment: I seen it on the rack at the Jafrum office. I was shocked with the price of the jacket i inquired about. I thought it was the high end line and found it to be on of the lower priced jackets advertized. Expecting to spend more, I bought two leather jackets. The quality and the price of both the biker jacket and the 3/4 length black leather amazed me. I haven't seen this quality for such great prices anywhere. I bought saddle bags last year and was equally amazed with the quality and price. Shop here first. The office staff was great.


Harrisburg, NC


Great Jacket

Comment: I was very leery of spending less than $65.00 on a leather jacket, but figured it was worth taking a chance on since I had made other purchases from jafrum in the past and was pleased with the quality and value. I am very happy with the quality and fit of this Jacket, as other posters have stated, the zippers need a little lube and the leather laces are a little stiff, but these little things are easily addressed.
I immediately told several other guys I ride with about the jacket and its quality...Jafrum comes thru again!!


Buckeye, AZ


Nice leather.

Comment: Just received my classic biker jacket today. I looked everywhere for this classic style and refuse to pay $200+ at a bike shop. This leather is thick and has a removable liner which is a bonus. The zippers are even super heavy duty. Definitely a must buy for protection, style and value. If your looking for a soft refined jacket...this is not it. This jacket is all business and that is what you want when your on a bike.


Houston. TX


Excellent Jacket

Comment: Couldn't ask for more, especially for the price. I'm a tall (6'5") lanky dude with long arms and I was amazed at how well this jacket fit. I just followed the sizing instructions and POW. Perfect fit: It looks tailored. Good details in the design as well as excellent freedom of motion. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable and good looking jacket.

Jason B

Denton, Texas



Comment: This Jacket is excellent for the very well made..Jafrum has me a cust for all my leather from here on out and I will recommend them highly

Len Turzo

Phila PA


Great Jacket

Comment: Wow I just got the jacket in yesterday and you can't find anything better at this price that is for sure. Great quick service too I will be buying more stuff soon.

Mark E

Thomasville, Ga.



Comment: My wife just gave me this jacket for my birthday. Wow, this thing is great. Good quality, heavy leather, strong zippers, etc. I couldn't believe the price. I now own a jacket, chaps, boots and helmet from Jafrum. More business to come your way from my Sugar Land, TX biker buddies.

Mark in Sugar Land

Sugar Land, TX


Larry G

Comment: Much better quality than I expected and absolutely a great value for the price. Got the chaps

Larry G

Atlanta, GA


Larry G

Comment: Much better quality than I expected and absolutely a great value for the price. Got the chaps

Larry G

Atlanta, GA



Comment: I bought my husband this leather jacket for x-mas and it fits perfectly! He showed me a similar jacket at the motorcycle shop for 140.00 tax! I was able to purchase a mens leather jacket, a matching kids LJ, Long winter MC gloves for each of us


Port Orchard, WA



Comment: Great jacket with zip out liner works great for Montana Riding. Short in the front which is good so the jacket doesn't bunch up on the front. nice and heavy, but pockets are kinda small. All around good deal and would by it again.




Nice jacket

Comment: Nice jacket, wife will love it. thanks!

Daniel Ruiz

Battle Ground, WA


Nice jacket

Comment: Nice jacket, wife will love it. thanks!

Daniel Ruiz

Battle Ground, WA


Excellent deal

Comment: Very nice jacket. I wanted a snug fit and by ordering my usual size that's what I got. Leather is a bit stiff. Going to try some softener on it. But it looks like high quality, especially for the price.

Richard Lobel

Seattle, WA


Great deal

Comment: This leather jacket not only looks good it fits right too and the price is unbeatable.

Bobby Boy

Bloomsburg , PA


Happy at Last

Comment: This was my third attempt to get a quailty jacket and Jafrum came through with flying colors. I tried two other major on line retailers of leather products and their jackets were of far less quality and they cost more than this quality jacket. The fit is perfect and the size charts are pretty close. The adjustable side laces and removable liner are big pluses in my book. Do not waste your time and money with the other guys for a lesser quality jacket. This jacket will leave you very satisfied and will leave you with some extra jack in your pocket. Shipping to Cincinnati was two days from time of order. Great job Jafrum. Your company is an asset to the riding community.

R Foster

Cincinnati, OH


What a Deal!!!

Comment: Really nice jacket at fantastic price. Harley better hope that nobody finds out about your stuff!


Kansas City



Comment: I'm sooooooo happy ! I almost can't belive my eyes, the jacket is all that i read, for just $ 60.00. It's an unbeliveble deal, but it's real ! Swear to god it looks a $ 200.00 jacket. Thank you jafrum !


Fort Lauderdale - FL


Great jacket

Comment: This is a great jacket. I am very pleased with the quality. This was my second leather product and it didn't disappoint. I have just ordered for the 3rd time. Super fast shipping. Can't say enough about the company


Lancaster, Ohio



Comment: This jacket is like a dream. I can't believe I paid less than 60.00 bucks for it and every body I see they think I'M B-S ing them. I tell them go to JAFRUM.COM, thats the only place to buy leather for the cycle. Size was a bit small for me when I received the jacket I returned it for the bigger size. I felt would be better and days later it was at my door. Thank you JAFRUM


Durhamville, NY


The Best.....PERIOD!

Comment: With the quality and price of this jacket, it escapes me how all the other leather outlets are still in business. Unbelieveable!


Fletcher, NC



Comment: No one has guessed less than $150. With the quality and the price, I don't see how other leather dealers are still in business. I'm placing another order when I'm done here.


Fletcher, NC


Refered several people to Jafrum

Comment: I've have been lookiing for a nice jacket for awhile. I was a little leary about this jacket because of the price. I didn't need to be! Very nice jacket. Pretty heavy for good protection. Will buy from again. I have already refered several people to Jafrum.


Eugene, Oregon


Way to go Jafrum

Comment: I ordered the MJ400 leather jacket and was too big, but had no trouble in sending it back and reordered a smaller size and was very impressed with the service. The jacket that came back fit great and this is heavy all cow hide jacket. Price, quality, and service wow...

Charles Strahin

Morgantown WV.



Comment: OMG! This jacket is Awesome! The quality, the fit, the zip-out lining includes sleeves. Couldn't be more pleased!

J Jensen

Hanover Indiana


Got to love jafrum leather

Comment: This is my second year buy 4 jackets or so min. Because of great style, large sizes above 60 ", and quality, no one can beat jafrum leathers on whole internet. I just keep coming back for more every year ! Thanks jafrum and staff.

michael millazzo big mike

astoria, ny


Great Deal on Biker Jacket

Comment: You can't beat the price for a jacket like this anywhere. Fast delivery. There's no need to shop anywhere else

V Star Classic



Jafrum Rocks

Comment: This jacket is just one of the many things I have gotten through Jafrum and like everything else it was excellent!. I am a big dude (3xl) and was a little worried about the fit but it was perfect. The liner is great for riding here in NH.


Alton, NH


You Guys Rock

Just have to write this review. I ordered this jacket Friday 10/30/09 and recieved my order 11/02/09. It's more than I could ask for, top notch, worth twice the money I paid. If you are shopping for a super jacket, look no further than here at Jafrum. Followed the instruction and low and behole it fit like a glove.. Jafrum came through.....

Jeff Wright (SlickTop)

West Point Ky


Can't Go Wrong with Jafrum

Comment: I admit, at first I was skeptical. But I always read reviews and feedback before I buy. had both excellent reviews on here and excellent feedback on ebay. So I went for it. did not disappoint. This has the quality of a $300 jacket. For less than $200 I got this jacket for my husband, a braided jacket for myself, that matches my existing chaps and vest prefectly, and a set of leather like saddlebags that are perfect. I have recommended to many of our biker friends, and will continue to do so. You can not go wrong ordering from Hope you all order soon. I know I will.


Albertville, AL


great jacket

Comment: i got this in the fall of 09 and wore it in through winter and now it isnt as stiff which i like. with out the liner it feels way lighter but the liner its self isnt that bulky. either way I was fine with just this coat in the winter so it is warm




Comment: I bought this jacket for my boyfriend and clearly we both got the surprise of an authentic, perfect fit of an under-priced leather jacket. I highly recommend this product.

Ashley L. Howard

Chicago, IL


Very nice jacket for the money

Comment: I don't presently ride motorcycles but if you do it'll make you feel comfortable in a scrape as it's solidly constructed and heavy. This is a great value for the money and I would not hesitate to recommend this purchase. This reviewer received the item promptly. 5-Stars across the board!

B. Berman

San Marcos, CA USA


Great Jacket,

Comment: That is a phenomenal jacket. I bought it in late Winter and I used it right away and it kept me warm and protected me. Great jacket overall

Lesly V

Norwalk, CT USA




Daryl W. Duncan "DOUBLE"



Heavy duty

Comment: A good tough leather jacket for riding motorcycles, not like the expensive show jackets. This one will give you some protection in a crash. Needs to be broken in, I love the removable neck warmer. Great jacket, can't beat the price.

J. Aweidah



Comment: just rec'd my full order. the jacket is much heavier (pleasantly surprised!) than expected. fit is perfect. sleeve length, shoulder width right on. can NOT beat this value!




Great Buy

Comment: I thought that the jacket was a great buy. It fits comfortable and looks great, I have been wanting a leather jacket that would be good and even warm and I found that this jacket was the one for me. It was fast shipping too. I would recommend this jacket to anyone interested in a leather jacket.

Jonathan C. Miktuk



Nice Jacket

Comment: The jacket is very nice, zips up high and is heavyweight. I ordered two sizes bigger than I measured so it is big enough to put on a sweatshirt under it, but not to big. I measured a 46 and bought a 50.

D. Gluntz


great quality J acket

Comment: This was one of the easiest leather jackets i have ever bought!, It was just the style i wanted, being an old timer who did most of his riding in the 70's, no not 1870's.The company made buying the jacket so simple with great instructions on how to find out your perfect fit, usually this can be a hassle. The jacket is very well made and the fit is excellent, i liked the zip out lining which is easy to remove and replace. The jacket is still a little stiff but i am sure in time it will soften out and will look great. A great leather jacket for an affordable price.




Comment: I ordered this jacket for my husbands birthday, Absolutely loves it. Extremely fast shipping. A much better quality item then expected, and for the price, well just cant beat it. I WILL be shopping here again.. again FANTASTIC.

Cindy King

Tylertown, Mississippi

Very Pleasantly Surprised

Comment: Bought this jacket because of the price and the reviews. Spot On !! The heavy durable quality of this jacket cannot be conveyed accurately in photos. I feel like I'm in a coat of heavy leather armor in this thing. The quality is top notch. Thank you Jafrum for offering something of this quality for the working man.

K. Eakins

Omaha, Ne

motorcycle jacket

Comment: Got my jacket,more than pleased with the quality and fit,Heavy duty leather and the zip in liner an extra bonus.would recommend to anyone looking for quality leathers.thankx guys for an awesome product.


Panama city bch. Fl.

Great jacket Great Shipping

Comment: We hit a cold spell so I ordered this, It feels great on the highway, looks great, and got here fast.



Quality !

Comment: This jacket is the correct size and perfect fit. Im 6ft 5in. and 357 lbs. ordered the size 64. fits perfectly in length and size. Very well made. Under $60. delivered. Very pleased. Thank You!


Arcade N.Y.

All the girls say: "Wow, NICE jacket!"

Comment: I cant believe I got this nice of a jacket for this low of a price. The lining is ok. I wear a high colar vest underneath for cold weather riding. Order a size up. Treat it with Mink oil. A REALLY EXCELLENT VALUE WITH FAST SHIPPING

richard parks`

Phoenix, AZ

Classic jacket

Comment: If you are looking for a classic motorcycle jacket at a more than reasonable price you have found it. Heavy duty leather, heavy duty zipper(a little stiff), removable liner at a GREAT price. Be sure to order 2" larger than normal for a good fit. I am bummed that I'll have to wait until Spring to get much use out of it.



Well worth it

Comment: Bought this jacket and got it in 3 days. More than I expected. Heavy Leather well built. Fit is perfict using the measure guide. The sleves are just the right length. This jacket also has a neck warmer which isn't mentioned. I give the jacket a 5 star for fit, feel and quality.

Kev Honn

Seguin, Texas


Comment: nice jacket it is so warm and the quality is fantastic, I will buy again in the future.





Comment: My wife got this jacket for me, and we could not believe the quality! She found a lighter jacket for twice the price. When it comes to riding, your leather is for protection. I recommend this jacket to any bike rider that wants a heavy leather jacket.


Atlanta, GA


Very pleased 9.7 out of 10

Comment: This leather jacket is made with very high quality leather, very warm and well made. I was surprised and impressed with the quality of this jacket. You need not worry its (NOT A CHEAP KNOCKOFF). My only complaint is the neck warmer—I am a big guy and ordered a big jacket but the neck warmer don’t even come close to closing. Overall a 9.7 out of 10.


Morrisville, PA

Great Jacket!

Comment: Despite all the rave reviews I was still skeptical about the quality of this jacket. Wow was I surprised! This is an excellent quality jacket at this price. It does vary slightly from the jacket pictured. Mine arrived in a textured flat finish leather, not the smooth finish with a light sheen. Still, I am extremely satisfied with this jacket! I will be ordering a vest and boots from Jafrum soon!

Chris Kiser

Charlotte, NC

Good Quality, Great Service!

Comment: I ordered this jacket on a Friday morning and Jafrum had the order filled and waiting for FedEx by lunch! I received the jacket the next day! Living in the same city helped, but still impressive to receive the next day! On line ordering was easy and efficient. This jacket is not top quality but it is impressive quality for such a low price point. Friends who have seen it are amazed that I paid such a low price for it and I received a lot of compliments. This is a jacket that I will wear proudly! This jacket is not a smooth leather with a sheen as pictured on the sight. It is a lightly textured leather with a matte finish, but still fantastic looking. I'll be ordering from Jafrum in the future and have already recommended it to friends.

John C

Charlotte, NC

MJ400 Top notch quality!!!

Comment: I shopped around for a motorcycle jacket for a couple of monthes and finally decided on this one. The leather is thicker than I expected, The stitching is good and the fit is perfect. They say if it seems too good to be true it probably is. Not in this case. It smells, fits, looks and protects great. It's actually warm too. Best value out there bar none! Jafrum ships immediately and has earned all of my future business......You haven't bought this yet?!

Scott on the Honda VTX 1300

Columbia, Tennessee

Amazing Quality Leather Jacket

Comment: Just received my MC400 in 48 today. I didn't do the plus 2 recommendation as I've been losing weight this year. My chest measured 48" and I ordered 48. It fights tight but comfortable. Zips up easily. I can't believe the quality of the leather and it has a zip out liner... How do they do it?! Heavy duty zippers everywhere and on the ends of the sleeves as well.


Lakewood CA

Bikers jacket

Comment: I ordered one of your traditional style jackets for my Girl friend. It fit her just the way she liked it and thats the style she chose as well. The quality was great. I'm considering buying another for my self, my old one is a little worn , but its about 30 years old as well. My girl friends says its very warm and she loves it . I'm sure to be a repeat customer. Thank guys its been a pleasure buying through your company. I would highly recommend you to everyone ! Thanks





Comment: I was a bit apprehensive about ordering a jacket on-line,but after checking out some prices at a local bike store i figured why not.I followed the directions,added the 2 inches to the size but the jacket was a bit too big.Ordered my exact size( 48) and it fit fine.Even with the extra shipping charge back, the price is great .Went with my dad in 1977 to Delancy St NYC bought my first jacke(still have it looks exactly the same except i was 15 then so it wont fit now-lol).The funny thing is i remember exactly what we paid after my father chewed him down-$55-got this one for less in 2011-Only down side is the second jacket is just a little different (seam line down the back is gonna mess up my harley wings-lol) Now i just need the back ordered boots and the weather to break and i can take the bike out.



Better than you think

Comment: I got this jacket delivered to my office. My boss looked at it felt it's weight and quality and said "What did you pay 200-250?" When I told him 50 he was shocked! Great heavy jacket for the cold, tough construction and looks cool too!

Eric B

Bellport, NY


Comment: This was way beyond what I could have EVER imagined for this product. The Quality was outstanding and the Price was AMAZING I could NOT believe when I received this Jacket that it could have ever been this wonderful!! I then had to order a second one. WOW this place ROCKS!! FANTASTIC PRODUCTS and GREAT Price!! BRAVO

James Dodd

Lawrenceville, GA, US


Excellent buy

Comment: I bought this jacket for my husband. It was an excellent fit and the quality is excellent for the price! Very impressed.




Awesome Value!!

Comment: I was really impressed with how nice this jacket was for the low price I paid! It is a very nice leather, heavy duty. It has a removable lining which is great and protection for you neck. It is mainly a fall/spring type coat, not great for super cold weather but still a great coat all around! Plus my husband looks even hotter in it! :) I highly recommend this jacket!!

Amy Mcclung

nashville tenn


A Christmas present

Comment: OK, I received this as a Christmas present yesterday and I must say that I absolutely love it! It is a high quality jacket with heavy duty zippers, a liner that zips out to make it lighter, and even a neck rap to keep you warm in the wind. It is a heavy coat with that wonderful leather smell. It is a great present that I will have for many years. I am very grateful to have it.

Daniel C. Mcclung "theblackdragon02"


Great buy

Comment: This is a great jacket, I use it for my ring entrance on NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. It's very durable and can take my beatings in & out of the ring and still looks great and holds up even better. Here's me (JoeykAOs) and Rico Dynamite of the Santino Bros. Wrestling in front of the Showcase Theatre in Hollywood, CA. We get sidetrack by fellow foe Willie Mack! Take a look.


Anderson, SC USA

A real jacket

Comment: Well,i did do a mistake with the size...but thats my foult...The jacket is great,and the price is pretty okay,even for me who live in Norway...yes,i have shipping and taxes on top of the price,but it is not too expencive if the jacket is worth it.Now i have to wait for summer to try it out on the road,because biking in winter up here is close to suicide...

Arvid Jakobsen "Norse Raider"

Northern Norway

Excellent value for money,

Comment: It's not the TOP grade of leather, but perfectly adequate for a MC jacket. Well made. Nice zip out lining. Runs a bit small ( order sizes up). Fast shipping.



excellent quality jacket and bags

Comment: When I orderd the mj400 jacket and a set of sd4068 bags I was totally surprized at the quality and how fast they were shipped to me. I will definitely order from this site again and tell all my friends about this place.


harpursville ny


Comment: This is a great Jacket. Fits good and real wearm. Agreat buy and just as good or not better than the 300 dollar jacket I also have. thanks Jafrum. I will get other products later.

Robert Welker


Very Happy Husband

Comment: I bought this Jacket for my husband’s birthday. Normally he is very picky about certain things he gets, but when he opened the box saw the quality and how it fit he was very surprised and happy. It was fast delivery and it stood up to my husbands’ idea of what the jacket was going to be like. Thanks Jafrum for making a quality product that was affordable too.



Great value classic jacket

Comment: I was absolutely amazed at the weight of this jacket. Fits perfect. Very thick leather and all the zippers work great. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another. Jafrum, you never disappoint me.


Salem, Oregon

Great buy leather jacket

Comment: I bought this off of amazon. The shipping was super fast and the coat is excellent. Very heavy leather and zipper. I have had the coat for two months and it is great.



Great Deal on Leather Jacket

Comment: Very heavy and well built leather jacket. Would recommend at double the price.


Jacksonville, Florida

Best Jacket ever!!!

Comment: I ordered this jacket expecting to get a rough, no frills, unlined jacket for the price I paid. This jacket is awesome. It fit perfect. It is heavy cowhide. It is lined, which makes it extremely warm. I am now hooked on Jafrum. You guys have a customer for life. Jacket made it to Alabama in just 3 days with paying for only regular shipping.

Chuck Barnett

Sylacauga, AL

Great Leather Jacket

Comment: I was doubtful at first about the quality at that price. This jacket exceeded my expectations and I am well pleased. Prompt shipping. The quality, fit, and weight equals jackets that cost hundreds more.



Great Purchase!

Comment: The quality and fit of this jacket was better than I'd expected. Thanks for a great product at a fantastic price!



Great Quality Biker Jacket

Comment: I bought two jackets. A size 52 for my husband which fit pretty true to size. The second for my 14 year old son. His chest is 34 but I ordered a 42 for room to grow. I was prepared for it to hang too big when he tried it on. Instead it fit just barely too big. I'd suggest when ordering smaller sizes you might want to order several inches larger like I did. The quality of the jackets is great. A bit stiff at first but will soften with wearing.


Orlando, fl.

Mortorcycle Leather Jacket Review

Comment: Awesome jacket, perfect fit, would recommend to anyone.


San Diego

Outstanding Leather Jacket!

Comment: I ordered a differant jacket and it was a little too big so I ask for the refund so that I could go with my first instinct and get this jacket. This was not my first pick but they had my size, Boy was I glad I got this jacket. The weight and the thickness of this jacket for the price is fantastic. I will be rubbing some lubricant on the zippers which are heavy duty and putting some mink oil on. I'm 5'10 and about 230lbs so I ordered the size 48. Could have went with the 50 but no problem. Go with the extra 2' on the size.




Comment: Fantastic buy! I love this jacket! Comfortable & durable. Very rugged and heavy, glad it has a zip-out liner, makes it more suitable for different seasons. Sizing per the instructions was perfect. I treated the jacket with mink oil to protect it and waterproof it. The only thing i can find to complain about is that as I was treating it, it seemed the black dye tended to rub off, onto the rag I was treating it with and onto other things. But that since seems to have stopped. Perhaps that is normal for any dyed leather? Not sure, but it certainly was no big deal. Also, I'm not a fan of the belt, I would have preferred it without. Another thing that would make it better would be air vents to help keep things a little cooler in hot weather. For those slight negatives, I can't give it the full 5 stars, but I feel guilty giving it only 4. Let's call it 4 1/2. You simply cannot beat this deal anywhere, anyhow.


Milford, NH

Happy Customer from Canada

Comment: The coat fits gr8 i love it and plan on ordering more thing from Jafrum, I am from Ont. Canada and am HAPPY with the survice


Ont. Canada

Awesome Biker Jacket!!!

Comment: This is the best bargain I've gotten in years. I'm a big guy and this jacket fits perfectly. It is well made and looks great. Jafrum you just got yourself another customer for life. Thanks!

Charls Barnett

Sylacauga, AL

Great Jacket for the Price

Comment: This is a well constructed jacket with a tough hide. The jacket, by the way, is made in Pakistan. Because it is cowhide, the hide will take some time to break in; it's not Balenciaga nor Rick Owens anyway. All the hardware are shiny out of the box and there is a removable zipped lining included. Using Jafrum's size guide before purchasing is crucial if you want a great fit but I ordered one size bigger (from 34 to 36) because I don't want it too snug. All the zippers work fine but some of them do require some tugging but it's not a problem. Fast shipping, great service, wonderful jacket. All at a value.


Los Angeles

Leather Jacket to Canada

Comment: excelent good product good shipping time will be return customer thanks

jim hamilton

b.c. canada


Comment: I was really satisfied with this jacket. Very nice for the price. I did not think it would be such a heavy leather but it sure is. This would offer nice protection in case of a spill, bite my tongue! I'm planning on getting another one that was not available in my size when I ordered this jacket but I do not regret it one bit! Order 2 up from your size and it will fit great.

Gilbert Gonzalez

New York, NY

Perfect place for all leather goods

Comment: I purchased this jacket after looking everywhere for a good tough traditional style riding jacket to protect me from the cold weather. I measured about 45-46 inches and I bought a 48, which was just right with a sweatshirt underneath with plenty of shoulder room. I normally wear a 46, but decided to go a size up this time for more room & it fits true to size. Sleeves are perfect lenght for me. Jacket is very heavy and made very well. Can't believe I got this jacket for $60!!! Can't wait until my buddies see this and think I spent $300-$400 at a Harley store! I'll be buying from here again and may buy another jacket just because it's such a great buy.


Southern Illinois

Leather Jacket

Comment: When measuring your chest, make sure it is loose, other wise the jacket is heavy and an awsome deal and will take care of me in any type of weather.



Great Leather Jacket

Comment: Kept me warm on a few chilly trips, good quality and a great price. Has all the features you want in a riding jacket

John Hawkins


Great Leather Jacket

Comment: great fit and look. Warm for the cool days of riding and cool for the warn days with the removable liner ..2nd jacket I bought from Jafrum impressed with both ... As in all of products I've bought from your company over the years from saddle bags to jackets and chaps . I am very impressed with the quality and durability of all the products ... thank's for your service



Comfort and protection

Comment: I recently received my jacket and was amazed at the quiality of this jacket. You all see these same jackets in other places that cost way more. Do yourself and wallet a favor and buy this . if you must have a patch you will probably pay as much for the patch as the jacket but it will still save you a lot of your hard earned cash. Classic style and protection with out the hype

Buddy Cox

Burns, TN.

Nice Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: Nice jacket at a great price, exceeded my expectations. The temperature was in the high 40's last week on my way home, rode 65 miles at 80mph and was plenty warm. Satisfied with this purchase!


Charleston, WV

Leather motorcycle jacket

Comment: Very heavy jacket. Good quality, Jafrum was excellent!!!


Napa, CA

Classic Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: Well worth the money. People are amazed at what I paid!!!


The Boro

Great Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: I received this jacket the day after I ordered it. It is a very nice jacket however in my opinion it does run a bit small. That could be because of my big belly. Ha Ha It is a lot heavier than I expected.


Henrico Va.

Great Value!

Comment: Received my jacket and was amazed how nice it was. Leather need's brke in but really a great buy for the money.

Blazing Bill


Couldn't ask for better

Comment: Jafrums quality was far more than I expectad !! The fit was perfect, and the price even better. Got it the NEXT day. I will continue using Jafrum in the future, and refering my friends to them.


Atlanta, Ga.

The Best Online Leather Store

Comment: I'm a new biker and I think everywhere else I looked I was finding items that were too $$ and I came across this jacket here and the site and I've been going hog wild on ordering items because the price and quality of the items are awesome.


New Jersey

Mens Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: Great quality, Great price, Great company.

Scuba Jack


Awesome Classic Leather Jacket!

Comment: Hey bro thanks for a good quality jacket!

OZ Tamayo

La jolla, CA

Motorcycle Jacket for Florida Bikers

Comment: The MJ400 jacket arrived in 2 days! Jafrum's online tracking worked well. I wore it all afternoon and by the evening, the jacket fit and felt like it had been tailored for me. My chest is 42, so I ordered 46 for sleeve length, which turned out perfect. The leather is thinner than my other jackets, but here in FL this is a good thing. It not only gives protection but has a great tough cool factor built in.


West Palm Beach, FL

Great Built Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: I ordered this jacket after reading the reviews and am happy that I did. The jacket is built well and fits perfectly.


Combine, Texas

Mens Classic Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: I bought 2 of the Classic jackets. Not on purpose ordered the first one too small. Was all right though gave the first one to my Daughter and got another. For the price is was worth it. The leather is substantial. Good deal and the price is right!

Bill Flatt


Men's Classic Biker Jacket

Comment: Fast delivery and as described. I will certianly buy again.

Jacques Gauthier

Hamikton Ontario

Mens Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: This jacket is amazing for the price that is given. Its really legit smells really kool LOL. At first I had trouble figuring out my size I'm 5'5 120 guy but, the size 38 was a perfect fit for me. Love this jacket.

Fernando Ownz

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Mens Classic Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: Best value for the price. Not a "patchwork" jacket that can (and will) come apart. This jacket is sturdy, well made, and loaded with features. The zippered sleeves at the wrists are more than decoration. Zip up pull on your gauntlet gloves and you will feel no wind up your arms. One word - AWESOME!!I will buy again.

Tom G.

Morristown, TN

Mens Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: I realised my old jacket after 3 years had shrunked up since I last wore it,so I actually measured my chest size before ordering this time,chest size was 42" I added 2" for room and heavy shirts etc,then because they say they tend to run small I added 2 more inches,I ordered a 46" Jacket,with side panels laced tight It fits me pretty good,and I can wear a T-shirt, Thermal shirt and sweatshirt underneath and not feel like I'm overstuffed.

Steve B.

South Texas

Mens Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: Great Jacket and Price. Definitely recommend this jacket.


Cajun Country,Louisiana

Hooked for life

Comment: Awesome jacket. Order came in earlier than expected. Took it out on a chilly day and it worked wonders.


Orange Park, Fl

Leather Jacket

Comment: After reading some of the reveiws I chose to add 4 to the number of my measurement. The jacket has a good fit and I am able to add a vest, hoody, or sweatshirt if needed under the jacket. Holds up very well in the rain. The jacket is plenty warm even without the additional liner inside.




Comment: OK, didn't read the reviews here, bought it on Amazon. But, I ordered a different brand as well as a backup. The other brand was given as a cheap gift for an inlaw and a hearty recommendation for this jacket for him as well. The other (gift) as springwear and this for regular use in winter. I usually DO order larger than my size though, it's safer when wearing bulky clothing in winter. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being best, I'll give this a solid 12. ESPECIALLY for the price. Will probably order some more for REAL gifts!


Philadelphia, PA

Would buy again!

Comment: Great jacket especially for the bucks! Took another reviews advice and bought one size up and fits perfect!

Not Easily Impressed

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mens Biker Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: I'm glad I bought this jacket. The quality is unbeatable. Very heavy and top quality from what I see and fell. I am very pleased. Ended up showing my buddy and then ordering one for him as well. Great leather at 1/3 the price of others.


Orbisonia, Pa

Mens Classic Biker Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: I had mine for a couple of weeks and have worn it quit a bit. Seems to be well made and all zippers work well and the leather is not as stiff as some jackets I've owned. If you've got $300 for a nicer jacket go for it, but if you're on a budget like me, this is the answer and if you laid mine beside the $300 one, it would be hard to tell the difference. All in all this jacket is a no brainer though--buy it.


Bainbridge, Ga.

Mens Classic Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: Bought this for my son for Christmas - had him try it on before I wrapped it (bad - I know). He loved it, GREAT VALUE!!!!



Faster than Fast

Comment: I ordered the jacket on a Tuesday and had it on riding Thursday. Talk about fast service! Yep, it fits well too. It's not the thickest leather, but hey, here in FL it offers enough protection without being too hot. Yep, I will order from Jafrum again.


South Florida

Biker Classic Leather Jacket

Comment: This is one of the finest jackets your going to find for the buck. I thought they sent me the wrong one when I took it out of the box.The weight, feel and look is incredible for the price.

Paul Oropallo ( Big Twin)


Great Jacket

Comment: I bought this jacket for my son. He loves it!! It fits him well, but I do wish I would have purchased a larger size to allow room for growth.

Jennifer Phillips


Ride easy

Comment: Best purchase I've made online! The jacket is thick and great for riding. For the price you really can't go wrong.

Crow Salvage

Asheville, N.C

Mens Biker Jacket

Comment: Purchased for our son as a Christmas gift. The jacket was extremely well made. The price was excellent. Customer service and shipping was top notch.

Kathy & Mike

West Chester, PA

Awesome Leather Biker Jacket

Comment: Why pay upwards of $300.00 when this jacket is the same quality for hundreds less. I am very happy with the quality and fit!!



Mens Classic Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: I bought this jacket for my boyfriend for Christmas. It was the perfect gift! He loves the fit, the style and the leather smell. Shipping was extremely fast. We couldn't be more pleased. I will definitely buy here again and have recommended Jafrum to others! I would have given it 5 stars but it only allowed me 4 1/2!

Beth Harris

Dyersburg, TN

Mens Classic Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: I was little bit hesitated to go for it because of the low price, but after receiving the jacket I must say “WOW”. 1-High quality & very heavy leather compared to other known brands leather jackets much more expensive. 2-Suitable for cold weather, don’t think it can be used during warm days 3- Size is perfect if you just got 1 size bigger. 4-Zippers are hard, I think it will be better with time. 5-For the look, very nice jacket. Finally just go for it.


Egypt, Cairo

Mens Classic Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: Bought this coat in September and used it through December (in the Midwest). Some days I had ice crystals on my jacket but this stopped the wind and let me ride on. Zip out liner makes it useful in the Spring and Fall. The classic look lets everyone know that you ride a motorcycle. Customer service was great and even let me exchange it for a size down at no cost!! The turn around time was very fast. THANK YOU Jafrum. Love the jacket and would recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality low-cost leather jacket.


Midwest, U.S.A.

Leather Motorcycle Jacket




Incredible Jacket at Incredible Price

Comment: If you are looking for a leather jacket, this is it!! My son had been asking for one for Christmas - "Fonzy Style". I found this one on Jafrum and thought it's just way to cheap for the descriptions I was reading. It's the "real deal". Great quality leather and craftsmanship AND at a smokin price. You can't go wrong. My son loves this jacket and gets comments everywhere he goes. A couple of his friends have already ordered theirs now.


Kernersville, NC

Mens Biker Leather Jacket

Comment: A solid five star jacket, underpriced, perfect fit fast delevery.

Dennis Morris

Beverly Hills Florida

Great Jacket

Comment: I bought this for my son for Christmas he was very happy, fits great excellent quality and price and fits him perfect. Thanks!!!


Reno, Nv

Classic Biker Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: The quailty is great and fantastic and the service is even greater.

Mr Davis

Slidell Louisiana

MJ400 Biker Classic Leather Jacket

Comment: Good heavy leather for the price, worth every penny. Excited for riding in spring with this jacket. Thanks so much

Curtis Rice

Canisteo NY

Great jacket

Comment: Ordered one for my hubby for Christmas. He loves it. Fits great, good quality. Order came very fast even though it was right before the holiday.



Awesome Leather BIker Jacket MJ400

Comment: This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. With such a low price, I cannot believe the quality of the leather or the attention to detail. I would never have thought that this would be the best Christmas present my 14 year old biker son received but it was.

"Santa Clause"


Great Jacket

Comment: Comfortable, cut well, fits just fine. You will want to go two cm up from your chest measurement, but no more than that. I went up four for the sake of layering, which turned out to be way too much. Return process was easy and painless.


Portland, OR

Nice Biker Leather Jacket

Comment: Nice Motorcycle Jacket for the price. Just got it and it is far better then going to the bike shop and paying 3-4 hundred. There is no difference, its the best and fit is perfect. Thanks guys I will be telling everybody I know.

Joe C

Groton, CT


Comment: Fits perfectly. Never buy another jacket anywhere else.

Kevin Black


Great deal

Comment: Fits great, fast delivery, low price. A winner all around



Motorcycle jacket.

Comment: I had this jacket for a few months and it is great, really confortable, durable, and for the price not to mention, is cheap. My club is going to orders some jackets from Jafrum.


San Luis, AZ

Excellent Quality Jacket

Comment: I was totally pleased with the quality of this jacket. Must say it puts my buddy's high cost jacket to shame. I had to show him the receipt to prove it to him. Followed size suggestions by others, and got a perfect fit. Delivery was exceptionally quick, another great surprise. I've placed other orders and have been just as satisfied with all the items I've purchased. Way to go Jafrum, great quality, great prices, fast don't get customer service like this anywhere else anymore.

S Maines

Indiana, PA

Great Jacket for the money!

Comment: I have had this jacket for about a month, I am very happy with the purchase. The jacket seems to be of the highest quality. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.


New Mexico

Mens Classic Motorcycle Biker Jacket

Comment: Jacket fit great and is nice and warm can't beat it. ANYMORE FOR THE MONEY!!!!



Mens Classic Biker Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: This jacket is as heavy as one I got in Europe. I am very surprised because of the price. Great deal.



Good Jacket

Comment: Love the jacket. Its comfortable and keeps me warm riding in the wild weather we get out here.

L. Shepherd

Orem, Utah

Absolutely loving this company

Comment: Bought the jacket and immediately realized I'd messed up when I ordered it. I clicked the wrong size and thought I was screwed, until I went to exchange it. Jafrum went the distance to make sure I was happy and immediately exchanged my jacket. They kept me in touch with emails and made sure I was good with the new size. I've worked retail for years and NEVER had such a good experience with a company. That, and the jacket is INCREDIBLE. All around, this is the best online purchase I've ever had.



Live to Ride

Comment: I would like to say that these people are great to deal with. The products I order were delivered when expected, right on time. The jacket was way more than I expected for the money. It fit great and the quality is fantastic.

Lewis Averaino

Moline Il.

Great Quality for Great Price!

Comment: Shipping was fast and when it arrived, I couldn't believe the quality! I am a new rider and trying to be very economical with spending. I have only been on a few rides with it, but it is comfortable, looks nice, and keeps me very warm. Thanks Jafrum for a great first time experience!!!


Holt, Michigan

MJ400 Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: I was really surprise when I found this leather jacket, you can't go wrong with the price, well made, good quality leather and fits perfect, I'm 6' feet 200 lbs and this is the 2nd leather jacket that I bought from Jafrum and I will keep getting all my riding gear with them, highly recommended leather jacket and amazing quality products for an amazing price.


San Diego, CA.

Great Place to Shop

Comment: Great Jacket and Place to Shop. Quality of the jacket was Great.


Normal Illinois


Comment: This is a very nice quality jacket. The only down side for me is mine doesn't have the solid one piece panel on the back like the one in the pics and the zipper pulls are different too. But that's just minor details. Other than that its still an AWESOME JACKET! I have a 52 inch chest and a 42 waist. I ordered a 54 as per instructions and the fit is perfect. Like it was hand made for me. I love this jacket and I will recommend it to everyone! Plus I got it fast only 2 days to get to Kansas. Thanx Jafrum!

Mike King

Wichita KS

Great jacket

Comment: Great jacket for the price and fast shipping

Mike green


Great jacket!

Comment: Ordered this for my son's birthday...he LOVES it!

S. Rivet

Lake Charles, LA

love it!

Comment: We are new to Biking and were excited to find such a cool looking jacket and so reasonably priced. We ordered one for both my husband and me. It has kept us warm in the cooler season.

Nancy and Keith

Defiance, OH

Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: Nice jacket, classic look, quality leather, great price, very happy with the shopping experience. I'll be back.

Dan Knoblich

Grand Forks North Dakota

Perfect Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: Perfect.....order one size larger.



Nice Jacket

Comment: Good quality Jacket for the price. I like the classic style, a little soap on the zippers smooths out. Thank you Jafrum.


Thayer IL

Good Value

Comment: Good buy, classic line, zipper a little stiff.


Rome, NY

Absolutely satisfied!

Comment: The weight of the leather is as good as it gets! I am a big guy and have been to every store in the state trying to find a jacket that fits. I am amazed that this jacket fits perfectly! And no one can match the price... THANKS JAFRUM!



Great jacket

Comment: The jacket I ordered fits perfect , thought I might get another 1 size smaller for a spare. The only thing wrong is the cost of postage to us people oversea's, I can get stuff from Enland for less postage. See what you can do for us Jafrum no complaints about the rest of your service.


Bendigo Australia

Awesome jacket!

Comment: This jacket is perfect! its the right size for what I ordered and has plenty of pockets! For others ordering it I would recomend ordering 1size larger than they recomend if youre a size 48 go with the size 50 for cooler weather and extra layers! This jacket is awesome for the price though!

Kris Schick


Motorcycle Biker Jacket

Comment: As stated in other reviews,i should have ordered my jacket 2 sizes bigger,for cooler weather and adding more layers,but it does fit really well for warmer weather riding even though in mid summer it is way to hot to wear here in north cal, but for the price it is a great looking,good fitting jacket! So really no complaints.



Biker Leather Jacket

Comment: Its to warm to wear yet.Quality for the price is outstanding..Iam sure when the weather cools it will do a good job...

Big Orb

Perinton NY

Mens Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: Good quality, good condition, shipping was super fast. Will recommend to others! Thank you!


Winnipeg MB CANADA

First Leather Jacket

Comment: This was my first leather jacket I have ever bought. It is great..... liner included. I wear it and NO WIND gets through. Great purchase!


Pittsburgh PA

MJ400 Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: Very good heavy quality leather. Comfortable and nice fitting. Good product for an affordable price! Thanks! I have purchased several items here and have been very happy with shipping speed, quality AND pricing. I will be shopping here again!


Winnipeg MB. CANADA

Nice jacket.

Comment: Very nice material. Good feeling and good protection.



Heavy Sigh . . .

Comment: Good Quality. Good Construction. Nice thick leather. However it fits funny and it ain't the jacket! It's me. I think I gained a few pounds. I haven't worn it on a ride so I maybe sending it back.



Leather Biker Jacket

Comment: Can't say much more that has already been said about this product. I am on the short round side and the fit of the jacket was perfect. Usually the sleeves are long in my chest size, but not this time. I ordered 2" over actual chest size as recommended. The front zipper is a bit stiff and sometimes difficult to close, but I suspect it will work easier with use. A good heavy, well made product and more than worth the price. Delivery was within the stated estimate. Check the fit and finish before removing tags, etc. in case you need to return it. Jafrum definitely delivers on their promise of quality.


North Pacific Coast

Great Jacket

Comment: I have not had the opportunity to actually wear this out riding yet but was very impressed when it arrived within 7 days of my order being placed. I ordered a different jacket 14 years ago from another company that cost more money and was much less quality. If you are considering this jacket do yourself a favor and do it! I ordered the mens jacket because I am a plus size woman and tall so It is superb.


Salt Lake City, Utah


Comment: I was surprised to see how nice the jacket is and how well it fit, the sizing chart is spot-on. The only thing I did was remove the the tassles on the zippers and shorten the leather laces on the sides. If you are looking to pick up a nice jacket and save some money at the same time, buy one !


Brodheadsville, Pa

Leather Motorcycle Jacket MJ400

Comment: This is the second jacket that i bought from JAFRUM and i'm very pleased with the quality and you can't beat the price, i still have my old jacket but i just wanted to have an extra one as a spare.


San Diego, CA.


Comment: The leather is good quality, the zipper and the belt gromments, were of low quality, gromments have two sides, this had one side, for the price it was a good coat, I will spend a little more, and get a little more.

Lennox Smith

Lake Stevens Wa

Great Jacket

Comment: This jacket is nice. Fits good too. I wear a 44 but ordered 48 since I like a sweat under mine. The side straps make for great adjustment. Very pleased and saved so much $$ that I ordered a denim vest also. I'm a repeat customer and will stay with Jafrum. THANKS


Broken Arrow, OK

Leather Jacket

Comment: Love the jacket very much. Made very well and will be very warm for the colder weather.



Great Jacket

Comment: Great price and quality. Use the chart for fit . Thanks Jafrum

Darrell A


Absolutely Unbelievable Quality and Workmanship

Comment: My son wanted a leather motorcycle jacket for his 19th birthday. I went to several places that sell motorcycle jackets and couldn't believe how expensive they were, (and now that he has this one how thin the leather was on the others at a much higher price). I wrote to Jafrum to ask a question regarding size and shipping and received a reply from the nicest man who was so helpful. Jacket arrived in time for his birthday and he was over the moon happy with the style, quality, weight of the leather, other words I scored big and my son is thrilled. You cannot buy a motorcycle jacket of better quality even if you pay the rediculous prices (hundreds of dollars) that others have them for. Love Jafrum and the nice young man who helped me with size and expedited shipping. GREAT JACKET - FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE

Deborah Jennings

Houston Texas

MJ400 Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: Received the jacket yesterday and was amazed at how heavy it is. I first thought it was going to be impossible for me to wear because it was too tight. I found that by smoothing out the pockets it created enough room to make it a glove fit. If I had it to do over again, I'd order another size larger but it is a very well made jacket and I plan on getting years of use out of it. Being an "old man" and not as flexible as some, I have some difficulty removing the jacket without the zip out lining wanting to remain attached to my body so given a second chance I'd opt for the permanent quilted liner. I am really verry pleased with the product and would expect to pay a lot more for this quality.

Skip Anderson

Topeka KS

Worth the money

Comment: It's a fair jacket for the price. However, it is not nearly as nice as my other motorcycle jacket which cost $200. The sleeves are just a little short and not tight enough at the wrist letting too much wind up arms. If you have long arms this jacket is not for you. The look and feel of the leather is OK but again not as nice and my other jacket. It is better than I expected for the price. I have bought these before from Jafrum as gifts for some of my brothers that needed new jackets.



Leather Biker Jacket

Comment: I've had my jacket for about three weeks now and it's awesome. It fits perfect. Took the liner out and it fits a little better. Even with the liner out I stay warm while riding. Thanks Jafrum!!

Travis Lynn


Good Deal on Leather Jacket

Comment: I ordered this jacket before Halloween, to be ready for the cold weather. I have since worn it on 2 occasions, one 35 degree day and one 24 degree day. I was fine on both days, this jacket is very warm. Next mid twenties day I will probably wear an extra layer underneath. I am 6'2" 300 pounds, I wera a 54 jacket. I ordered a 58 because I was worried about this jacket being tight around my midsection. The jacket is very big on me but is ok because I can layer underneath. I do feel that the 56 would have been the better choice for me though. So I say follow the directions and order one size larger than normal. Overall a great product at a very low price. Thick leather high quality zippers, a great deal

Jeff DeGraff

Denton, Texas

Great Leather Jacket

Comment: Bought this jacket for my son in April for his birthday and he loved. Than it was stolen so for Christmas I bought it again..He still LOVES it!!


Lake Charles, LA

Great jacket, incredible price

Comment: I'm way too big around the waist so I needed a new jacket and chaps. Ordered this jacket two sizes larger (bought a 50) and it fits perfect. It's looks great, feels great and it's warm. Riders I work with love the old school look and again the price is incredible. It's amazing what a bar and shield logo add to the price. I have one of those too and this is just as good. I buy all my apparel from Jafrum, never had any problems with them. I recommend Jafrum to my friends and if you're having any doubts I recommend them to you too.


Sierra Vista

Great !!

Comment: This jacket is everything I expected I ordered two sizes larger it was a great fit. I will order from jafrum allways. very good service and fast shiping.


Lansing, Kansas

Leather Biker Jacket

Comment: I received my package today and again was very suprized at the quality of the products. I ordered the leather jacket, 6" chain wallet and vest extenders. All items exceeded my expectations with the quality of them. I have seen jackets like this that were 3 and 4 times as much as this one and the quality was not as good. I will be ordering again when I need a new one. Thanks Jafrum.


Lewisburg, TN

great stuff

Comment: wow my new leather jacket came today and just like the vest I purchased from Jafrum really great stuff can't wait to wear it on my ride....

Mark Richardson

Phx Az

Great Deal!

Comment: These are really good jackets at this price, warm and sturdy as well!



Best Jacket I Ever Purchased!!

Comment: This jacket FAR exceeded my expectations! I assumed it would be an ok jacket for the price, but it turned out to be one of the best jackets I've ever purchased! Thank you!

d. tarr


Great Jacket & Jafrum went the extra mile

Comment: Excellent value for money. I ordered wrong size and Jafrum went out of their way to replace with correct size. Fantastic service Guys, I recommend them to anyone.


New Zealand

Mens Classic Leather Jacket

Comment: Bought this as a Christmas gift for my son. He absolutely loves it. Nice quality and good looking. Very pleased with this purchase !



Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: I searched dozens of websites for a size small enough to fit my 16 yr old son (he likes his clothes very fitted). This was the ONLY company that had a leather motorcycle jacket in his size. And even better, it has the zip out lining and lace-up sides that he wanted. He loves the jacket and has worn it every day since he got it. Thank you Jafrum!!



Fantastic Jacket

Comment: Excellent Quality and heavy Leather as it should be. Made the trip from Coast to Coast in 1 week of shipping. The Only issue I have is the laces for the sides are very stiff and will have to use some mink oil to soften the up. Excellent fit and price! High Praises for the Company.

Bernie K

Fairfield, California

I was a total skeptic!

Comment: I was a total skeptic. I never trust online reviews when they are all glowing and positive and no one has anything negative to say. I thought that for $80.00 is was worth the risk to see how good this jacket really was. We got it for our 15-year old for his birthday. All I can say is that I'm with everyone else now too - this is a great jacket. It looks and feels like a high quality brand name motorcycle jacket. Now for the negatives! Or lets call them "issues". The sizing is small as many others have said. He wears a size 32 dress suit so I thought I would get him a 36. They didn't have any 36's so I got a 38 and it is not too large. It is roomy, but I like that because it lets him wear a heavy hooded sweatshirt underneath it on really cold days as I do with my leather jacket. You WILL want to rub it down with a good leather conditioner and rub the zippers down with zipper wax and then you've got yourself a great jacket. No, I wouldn't say the quality is quite the same as my leather jacket that cost me $500+ at the same store where I bought my American made motorcycle but if I were to rate mine a "10" I would rate this one at least a "7" or "8", and it's well worth saving more than $400.00 for this jacket. This will last him many years and he looks just like all the other guys wearing our expensive jackets when our riding club gets together for rides. For $80, you won't regret it.



Great Jacket

Comment: I had been wanting to get a leather jacket for years but I always thought they were to overpriced. I found this one and couldn't believe the price. I figured it would be poor quality and not very well made. I was really surprised at how well made it was. High quality and very comfortable. If I had to say anything bad about it, it would be that the lining of the jacket is to big. Seems like it is for a jacket a couple sizes bigger as it hangs out the bottom. The zip out lining is fine though, just the jacket lining. Other than that I am very pleased with the jacket and plan on getting more as gifts. Great jacket, great service. I will definitively be ordering again from you.



Best Deal Around

Comment: I ordered a new leather jacket and was very happy with they sent me I don't see any different in this jacket then the one my brother paid 300+ $ for I've told all the guys I ride with about this site they can't believe what a great deal I got this is 3rd or 4th purchase from Jafrum and everything has been great....

Mark (bigmark)Richardson

Phx Az

Comittee member UMF of America

Comment: A super jacket! Living in Wyoming we need multi purpose clothing, looks and weather halting. This is a wonderful bargain, well worth twice what I paid. I am now buying my wife the same jacket, as she loves mine so much. Jafrum is my only riding apparel stop. Thank you for such a great product.


Evanston, WY

Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: Love it! I will def shop for any other needs at Jafrum! this jacket fits great and is also really good quality, was really surprised as it was so affordable! if you are thinking about it go for it!

Ron Jackson


Get it!!!

Comment: The quality of this jacket is superb! There is no way you can get a better deal for the price. Check your size carefully and make sure you order the correct one, once you do you won't be disappointed.


Kansas City

Great Jacket

Comment: My measurements are your a size 42 jacket but I purchased a size 44. A great choice in my opinion to order a size up to accompany a sweatshirt, also I have fairly long arms and the size up order took care of that no problem. GREAT JACKET, solid construction and great materials!



Great Jacket

Comment: Heavier than I expected. Good quality. Doubt if you can find one better for this price.

Dwight F. Ferren

Basalt, CO

100% satisfied!

Comment: The jacket is everything I expected. Great price for such a great jacket. Looks great, fits great. Although I went 4 sizes bigger than I measured versus the 2 they recommended. Still a little tight with a sweatshirt underneath but otherwise awesome fit. Absolutely love the product. Thanks Jafrum

Justin Scamehorn

Waco, NE

Great Deal

Comment: Great jacket more than I expected I am really satisfied.


Amarillo, Texas

Motorcycle Jacket

Comment: A great jacket at an unbelievable price. Ordered for a friend and ordered one size larger than normal and he likes the fit.

Verlon Enloe

Murphy NC

Classic Biker Leather Jacket

Comment: I purchased Chaps for myself and a Leather Jacket for my boyfriend. I was amazed with the quality of the leather we both happy with this purchase. I ordered this on a Sunday morning and received the order the following Thursday. I was very surprised on how quick it came.


Monmouth, ME

Mens Classic Leather Jacket

Comment: This jacket is made with good quality leather and with a little care will last for years.

Mathew Dance

Prairieville, La.

Basic Mens Motorcycle Jacket MJ400 Review

Comment: I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality and fit of my MJ400 leather MC jacket. Looks and fits like it should. I even ordered the leather vest after trying this jacket on. Happy, Happy, Happy

Fred Meiner

Wenatchee WA

Motorcycle Jacket MJ400 Review

Comment: Was not sure about buying a leather online,but it was well worth the risk. very nice jacket and plan on ordering again.


Greeley, Co

Mens leather jacket

Comment: The product advetised on the web page was exactly what i received, I was not disappointed in the least. I was surprised at how quickly the product went from the east coast to North Dakota. Can't wait to do business with this company again. thanks


Grand Forks North Dakota

Classic Motorcycle Jacket Review

Comment: Extremely pleased wtih the Classic Motorcycle Jacket from Jafrum. Heavy duty cowhide leather with plenty of pockets and the classic motorcycle jacket styling. Wind and rain is no problem for this stylish outerwear.

Neil Vernasco

St. Joseph, MI

Classic Biker Jacket

Comment: Received it today! Fits me great, actual size fits me, but I'm not too happy at the reviews that told me to buy next size up. I wanted to buy my size to motivate me to lose weight, well, I will have to treat myself to a smaller jacket now when I lose some pounds.


St Petersburg, FL

Great jacket MJ400

Comment: very well made,heavy jacket with removable lining,perfect fit,even sleve lenght,while riding.Very fast shipping.I would highly recomend to any friend.

Gary McIntire

Cedar Springs Mi.


Comment: Bought this and the unlined version one for riding in Florida and the other when we are in the UK.. So far both have been superb..... going to give it a 5 but of course that is based on initial reaction .. cost versus quality... But I see no reason why it will not go the distance as they are made extreamly well....


UK / Florida

Motorcycle Jacket MJ400 Review

Comment: Received the jacket within a few dats of ordering it.great quality for a low price.very pleased with my purchase.

Joe Blankenship

Guthrie Oklahoma

Awesome Leather Jacket!!! MJ400

Comment: Ordered this jacket on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday, just in time for a Charity Ride. It was 53 degrees at 7:30am. After the ride, the temperature was 71 degrees. I unzipped the lining, put it in my saddlebags, and had a comfortable ride home. Fast shipping excellent product and very versatile thank you Jafrum


Greensboro, North Carolina

Great Quality, Quick Shipping, Awesome Deal ! MJ400.

Comment: This was my first purchase through Jafrum (several days ago) and I've already ordered another product because of the quality of service. My order arrived the two mornings after I ordered it with the basic shipping so needless to say, I was already impressed. When I opened up the box, the jacket was EXACTLY as pictured. The leather is incredibly soft right out of box and the fit is perfect. If this is the style you're looking to buy, look no further. Thank you Jafrum!


North Carolina

Mens Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket MJ400 Review

Comment: I am from Canada and after ording on Saturday and deilvered by Wednesday (to Port Huron MI) all I can say is WOW. The quality is far beyond my expectations and after ordering from another online store and being huigely disappointed on there sizing I now have a coat that fits my big around the middle shape and especially the pocket book. I am 6 ft and 300 pounds witth a gut and the 62 fits perfect with room for clothes in our cooler Ontario climate. I thought long and hard after having to ship back the competitors jacket about ordering online again and wondered what I would get for $69.99, well I shouldn't have because Jafrum has realistic sizing with the pricing. This coat would have cost $400-500 in a Canadian shop. For the bigger guys like me do not be afraid the big sizes will fit. I have a 58 inch chest but figured I woould go up 2 sizes for my extra weight and it worked. Nothing but happy with this purchase. Thanks Jafrum


Ontario, Canada

Mens Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket MJ400 Review

Comment: I had concerns about purchasing a Jacket from overseas, but my experience with Jafrum has been amazing. The only problem if it is one, is that I ordered a size 38 Jacket, and the swing tag on the jacket was 38, the size inside the jacket was 36, and it is a little tight around my hips, I think it will break in ok though. I have oiled it and it has softened up a lot already. It took three weeks to get across the other side of the world, no problem there!!!! I love this jacket, and even though it is a guys jacket, and I am a girl, the length is great as I am the rider not pillion. Will buy again, a firm fan Jafrum,,,Thanks a million.


New Zealand

Mens Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket MJ400 Review

Comment: I took the advice about ordering a bigger size , when I measured my chest it was a 46 size so I ordered a 50 size I went to size cause I don't like stuff tight and so I could wear a hoody under neither , jacket fits perfect very pleased would order again ,great jacket for the price keeps me warm does what it is suppose to great jacket


Whitehall PA

Awesome Jacket!!!

Comment: Super Leather motorcycle jacket! Great Price and Super fast shipping. Love the zip out lining. Great versatility... Got complemented today at the local tavern!!!

James Ellington

Greensboro, NC

Classic Motorcycle Jacket Review

Comment: This is not my first purchase from Jafrum and like all the others I'm very satisfied. This is a great jacket especially for the money. Follow the sizing information provided and you will get a good fit. If you are very large in the belly go two sizes larger as opposed to one. This is a warm jacket and that was my main focus when I purchased it. If it had vents I could see that as a plus for riding in warmer temperatures but for the price you pay for this jacket you wont regret it.


Centeral Wisconsin

Don't worry you will be pleased

Comment: After ordering a couple of jackets from other online stores and being sorely disappointed with the sizing I did not get my hopes up when making this order. At 6ft and 300lbs with most of it around my middle sizing can be a challenge. I went with a 62 even though I havee a 58 inch chest and this coat fits like a glove with room to spare. The price for the quality you receive cannot be beat. Being from Canada this has kept me warm and comfortable on several fall rides already and i expect years of good service from such a high quality garment for a ultimatley low price. Thanks Jafrum I and many of my friends will be back


Ontario, Canada

Classic Leather Biker Jacket MJ400 Review

Comment: I have owned several products from Harley-Davidson such as boots,jackets,gloves,etc. and when Harley chose a company to make there products,they should have chose Jafrum because they're a much better company and the quality of the products are better. Just because it says "H-D" on it doesn't make it better, just makes it more expensive. The jacket I bought couple weeks ago is great. It's heavy like it should be. Keeps all the air out on those cold days when your on your scooter. Lots of pockets and just a great all around jacket that I'm sure you'll have for many years. Also bought a great pair of Road Captain boots that are just awesome. No complaints here at all. I would highly recommend their products to anyone. Thank You Mark Mayers Gaston SC

Mark Mayers

Gaston SC

Mens Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket MJ400 Review

Comment: I absolutely love this jacket. It exceeded any and all expectations I had for it. The leather is very thick and durable and it even comes with a zip out liner for days it's a little colder. I couldn't be happier with this purchase. Thanks!!


Chicago, IL

Mens Basic MC Jacket MJ400 Review

Comment: Had a friend who had one like it from Jafrum. I was very impressed. Had a chance to do some cool weather riding last weekend and it graded excellent. Great place to shop.


Orange Texas

Mens Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket MJ400 Review

Comment: I am an in-between size. I ordered one size and it barely fit, I reordered larger size, I swim in it. Not the fault of Jafrum or manufacturer, just that I am a difficult size to get right. Regrdless, the jacket is quite heavy and warm. I like the zip-out lining option and rarely wear it installed. Everyone I have met likes the jacket and has great things to say about it's fashion. When asked I tell them it wasn't expensive at all and they are shocked. Since my weight fluctuates quite a bit at present, I decided to keep both since they are very affordable and I can wear whichever one works the best at the time of need.



Value and Quality! MJ400 Review

Comment: Was surprised by the sturdy construction of this jacket ! Had to replace my old one which just plain wore out but couldn't find the make any more. Saw this and thought I'd give it a try; wasn't sure how well made it would be for such a low price, wow was I surprised ! Not only is the construction sturdy and well made, but the fit is perfect- infact fits as well as one I paid three times as much for. Will definitely recommend this to others looking for a great deal and durable jacket.


Pittsburgh, PA

Excellent Quality and Price

Comment: Received the jacket and put it on and was very impressed with the Quality and Value of this jacket. Heavy materials, heavy snaps and zippers make this a prized possession. Very warm with the remofvable insert.

Ken Collins

Marietta, GA

Mens Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket MJ400 Review

Comment: Jacket is very warm on cold rides. Good quality, no flaws in the material. I measured a 44, went up 2 sizes and it was still a tight fit around the chest and arms. Returned it for a 50 and it fits well. room for a shirt or two underneath. 3 guys I work with all said it was at least a $200.00 jacket. Very Satisfied ! Thanks, Jafrum



Wow! Quality Product and Fantastic Service

Comment: Arrived on-time in yesterday's mail, 10 days after ordering. Not knowing what to expect when I opened the box, I was real surprised that this $60 jacket ($67.90 after shipping) had the same high quality leather and construction as some of the $800 jackets I had tested. My chest measures 44 inches with a shirt so I bought a size 46 and it fits perfectly snug thanks to the laces on the side. Will definitely order more from Jafrum.



MJ400 Leather Jacket Review

Comment: Had to send the first one back. Was too large. Second was a perfect fit. Beautiful well made jacket I'm proud to wear. Chaps, vest, gloves and now jacket, all the good stuff for little coin. Everything is well made and made to last. Thanks team Jafrum! You're all great to work with.


Washington State

Love this jacket

Comment: This jacket far exceeds what I expected for the cost. Nice heavy leather, well made. The fit is great. Delivery was quick and seamless.


Garland TX

Long-term review- bought in 2009- Best Jacket I own

Comment: Ordered this jacket from Jafrum in 2009 (actually paid a bit more for it at the time than the current price, so place your order).. I've been riding with it for the last 5 years now, and I've been seriously impressed with the quality.. It's so well made, mine still looks brand-new. Not sure about the size comments, but I wear a 40 suit and ordered a 42 which fits just right for me. Pros: Very well made from materials that have held up better than I ever dreamed at the price. Literally one of the best purchases I've ever made in terms of bang for the buck. Cons: the zipper-tabs on the sleeves broke off after one year- not a big deal, they stay in place well, and I can push them up and down with my finger if I need to adjust for gloves etc. On cold days the jacket is exceptionally warm with the liner and overlap zip up, but you'll also need a scarf or bandana around your neck on a cold day to keep the wind from blowing right down the neck onto your chest- Not really the jacket's fault, just something to consider given the open-necked design. Overall- a very cool-looking, classic jacket you will absolutely love, and at the price, you cannot go wrong.


Gainesville, FL

Mens Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket MJ400 Review

Comment: Excellent jacket for the price. Works great on the cold morning ride.



Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket MJ400 Review

Comment: Quality is exceptional, the leather is flawless and the removable lining makes this jacket an all weather jacket. We are very proud of the MJ 400 Leather motorcycle Jacket we ordered from your on line store. This really helped us provide the perfect gift for my 17 year old grandson. I also want to say thank you for your prompt mailing service. this gift arrived before Christmas which is far superior service than some of the larger company's that promise things and then don't follow up.I want to sa WOW you guys are GREAT!!!

Willie Alderman

2243 Seville Court, Arlington, tx 76013

Great Jacket

Comment: I bought this jacket as a gift for a young man for Christmas. He loved it! It seemed like such an expensive gift for less than 70 bucks. Totally worth the classic look that has lasted throughout time.



Jacket looks HOT!

Comment: Ladies this jacket looks awsome on the guys. I purchased this for a gift for a friend who out grew their jacket. He rides daily with a hoodie and vest even in freezing cold weather and for the price my husband and I purchased it for him. My husband didn't care for the design but I thought it was sexy/cool for a biker guy. He is a big guy so guessing a size was a chore made easy because of the way the sizing was offered in inches. We got it, loved it,gifted it and our friend actually cried a little, don't tell. He loved it and it fit perfect . The jacket looks really good,seems to be made very well and the inches for sizing made the guess work easy. He loved the style(thank me)and all the pockets and the fit was perfect he even had a little room for thick shirts to wear under it. Thankyou for offering such a great product that was affordable Jafrum.

Diane Bingle

Winter Park, Fla.


Comment: I bought my boyfriend this leather jacket for chrismas. he's 16 and his chest size was a 36 so based on previous reviews everyone said to go up a few sizes. The size i got him was a 42 and it fit him very nicely!! not too big or too small! a perfect fit, i was worried about it being to big at first but it looks GREAT! the shipping was great, in good condition and the Jacket was in great quality! HE ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! couldn't have gotten a better gift!


Chicago,IL 60657

Great jacket

Comment: Bought this jacket for a grandson and was super surprised to find the quality and the heaviness in this jacket especially for the price and needless to say my grandson loves it.

Connie Haffner

118 Dye St, Roggen,Co80652

Leather riding jacket

Comment: I was hoping the reviews were right and they were, an awesome value for the money, everyone I have shown this jacket to could not believe the cost. Extremely heavy leather and works well in the cold. Should definitley order a little large if you are to wear anything more than a t-shirt underneath. Definitely recommend this jacket to others whenever I can

Mike Conley

Portsmouth Virginia, 23703

Mens Basic Leather Jacket MJ400 Review

Comment: great jacket, good leather, solid construction, but i ordered the wrong size and it was wayyyy to big for me but i sent it back and i am waiting to see if the next one fits


Springfield Or

Mens Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket MJ400 Review

Comment: Top quality, just as reviews said. Also reviews were right- order 1 size larger. Fit perfect. A half size bigger would have worked, but nothing less than 1 size over. Great price and service! No better deals anywhere of this quality.


seffner fl

Great Jacket

Comment: Jacket was alittle lighter than I expected, but it is great for the price I paid. Measured as per the instructions and it fits great.


Waverly, Tn

I so wanted to like it!

Comment: The jacket fit me perfectly, and I really liked the style, especially the lace up sides. But, the quality of the leather seemed to be of a lower quality than I am used to and, this is the clincher, the inner liner was extremely itchy, almost as though it was made out of fiberglass. Had to return it, but Jafrum's service was superior. I hope to make another purchase from them soon.

Nigel G.


Mens Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket MJ400 Review

Comment: Straight to the point. 40 plus years of riding I have seen many leather coats out there. . But for the price you will not find a better fitting or quality leather coat than this and it arrived three days after after ordering.

Roger Mayhew

Jamestown, North Dakota

Mens Classic Motorcycle Jacket-Excellent Deal!

Comment: Nice thick leather with the added bonus of a zip out liner.


Upstate, NY

Mens Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket MJ400 Review

Comment: I order a large which fit but the sleaves were too short. So I order a Tall X large and it is a great fit! I am 5'11'' 200 lbs and this jacket fit greart. Good quility, nice leather, good price.


Huntington, Ar

Men's MJ400 classic motorcycle jacket review

Comment: I purchased the MJ400 Biker Jacket and I am in love with it. For the money I could not believe how heavy and thick it was without being stiff. I ordered in on a Thursday morning and it was at my door the next day when I arrived home from work. I have had many compliments on the style with the adjustable sides and cool zippers. I have recommended Jafrum company to all my friends . Thank you Jafrum

David Mitchell


MJ400 Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review

Comment: I purchased this Jacket (after purchasing two others by different companies). I was surprised to see how well made this coat is. It's durable one piece leather, not that patched stuff that comes apart so fast. The weight is there, more than enough to protect you on the road, and with the liner, it protects you from colder weather off the road. The sleeves run a tad long, and like other reviewers, I ordered a size larger, which accommodates me. Overall, for the price, it was a good buy, and I won't hesitate to place another order from By the way, shipping was fast, securely packed and the coat arrived 3 days before they said it would.

Robin LaRosa

Richlands, NC

Great Jacket

Comment: I could not be happier with this jacket . As long as you go next size up it will fit great .Everybody ask me where i got it. Ordered on a Sunday night was at my house on Tuesday. Great service . Have already ordered again . You will be satisfied.

Bryant Edwards

Wilson N.C.

Amazing jacket at an amazing price.

Comment: I read all the reviews before purchasing this jacket. I am shocked that I could not agree more with everybody here. You'll never find a better jacket for $70 no matter where your look! The quality and fit are superb. Looking forward to many many miles of riding with this jacket on!

John S.

New Jersey

Good Quality at a Great Price

Comment: This jacket is a perfect motorcycle riding jacket. The heave duty leather with the option of a zip out liner is perfect for riding.


West Virginia

Exceed Expectation

Comment: It is a good quality jacket. However 46 is to big for me. My chest size is 41 and I ordered 46 following most of the recommendations 2 sizes up, it was a mistake. I will be sending it back and get 44 and hopefully this will be my right size. I am 5'8' @ 170lbs. Hope that all reviewer place their height and weight and sizes that fits them well, thank you.




Comment: Cant beat it for the price, VERY heavy duty. All others of this quality are well above $200

Stephen N

South Mississippi

good quality, bad sizing

Comment: the leather is a nice, heavy leather, however being 5' 10" and 140lbs the sizing is way off. a 38 fit in the chest with a hoodie underneath however the sleeves are way too short and incredibly baggy making you look sloppy. when I am riding the sleeves end before they even reach my gauntlet gloves letting all the cold air i'm trying to shield myself from right into the jacket. i'll be buying a different jacket


buffalo, ny

Incredible jacket, incredible deal!

Comment: my chest measures 57 so I ordered a 60. Waaaay too big. If I had listened to Jafrums sizing instructions, I'd a got it right the first time. Sent it back and a 58 arrived promptly. All I can say about the jacket is; it's perfect. Zip out liner, lots of pockets, great zipper and leather quality. This thing should go for $200-$250 easy. The lace up sides look great and are an excellent bonus as I couldn't find that option on other jackets. Feels good, looks good, you can't go wrong with this jacket

Kevin Simmons

Springfield, Missouri

Its a Coat more than a jacket

Comment: I've had a variation of this kind of coat since I was in high school the biker with the belt has something everybody loves this has honestly been my 6th from really expensive ones to this one; saying that the leather is really good there is no luster to it making it look too shiny I love that. It is heavy and a lot of leather for the money. I want to love it more than I do because of the amazing value but I dont the cut in this thing is honestly horrible I call it a coat and not a jacket because it is cut like a suit, in a v shape to make a tringle down making the shoulders look big and the waist small, but making the thing not very movable where your shoulders move arround there is at least 3 inches of extra fabric before the apalette and the end of the shoulders so if you lift your arms the whole thing rises and it makes the sleeves borderline useless, the sleeves themself are cut to be pointing down and are the exact lenght of any other jacket of the same size but come short when rising because of the cut. I've used it in temperatures below 40s and the thing keeps you from cold briliantly its just clumsy even after the leather softens I dont ride on it anymore yet i wear it sometimes. Like a said I with I like it more than I do but I recognize the super value it is just honestly not desingned for motorcycles but for looks the shape is wrong and the articulation for the arms is clumsy at best. saying that this jafrum delivered really fast honestly I ordered at mightnigh and in under an hour I got a shipping number which was amazing



Nice Heavy Feel! Fast Deliver!!

Comment: I Got this for my boyfriend for Christmas. I opened to inspect and loved the feel of the leather and smell. Heavy nice like you want leather to feel and with the zip out linner how could you go wrong with a four seasons well 3 depending on where you live. Delivery was fast it was less than a week for me (NY). I would definatley order up a size or 2 if you plan on wearing hoodies or heavy clothing under it. Hope this helped! Merry Christmas :-)


Windsor, Ny

Great Jacket

Comment: Recommended size for me was 44 but returned that for a 46. Chest size measured 42. Much, Much better fit. They do run small. Very good quality and material.



MJ400 Leather Jacket Review

Comment: Ordered this jacket on Monday the 23 and just received it today the 25th! Fast shipping! Fit is perfect. Love the feel and look. Very comfortable and warm. Nice zip out liner.

John DelTour


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Why did you choose this?
Jafrum Store
Best price for this jacket on the web. Leather not soft, but it is thick & durable
David D on May 15, 2015
Replacement jacket for my 10 year old one. needed a little bigger size.
Ruben I on Feb 11, 2015
great product well worth the money
PAUL . on May 8, 2015
Was looking for a classic MC jacket for bombing around in.
Gene S on Dec 17, 2014
What is the length of the sleeves and is this length measured from the seam with the arm pit or the seam with the top of the shoulder? The size I'd need to order would be a 58. Thanks much!
jjh1967 on Jan 16, 2015
Best Answer: Shoulder seam to wrist is approx: 26.5 inches
Reply · Report · Justin PStaff on Jan 16, 2015
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it says that some of the jackets have a vertical seam. Does anyone know which ones have this and why? Thank you in advance
Jeremy N on Sep 26, 2014
Best Answer: This item was ordered from multiple vendors. The seams are different based on the vendor that filled the order when the item/size was needed. You will need to indicate the size your interested in and I could check the seams for you.
Reply (1) · Report · Bella HStaff on Sep 26, 2014
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Does this jacket have ykk zippers?
I'm looking for this style, heavy duty leather with ykk zippers, no vents. Any suggestions?
diesel driver on Oct 12, 2014
Best Answer: I bought this jacket last year, and I really like it kept me really warn on those cold riding days.
It's very good quality and heavy. And yes it does have ykk zippers in front and even arm zippers are ykk,
And it does not have vents, oh it does have removable insulation inside jacket.
Can't beat this jacket for the price in my opinion..
Reply · Report · Robert R on Oct 13, 2014
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I wear a 2x what size should I wear?
A shopper on Mar 17, 2015
Best Answer: found that a 3x was better for me because it allows me to wear a hoodie underneath on those cold mornings yet is still tight enough around the waist not to allow air infiltration.
Reply · Report · Donald S on Mar 22, 2015
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Are you all our of sizes 38 - 44? Its not showing up as an option for me to purchase. Only 46-64
Samantha K on Dec 21, 2014
Best Answer: There might be a temporary shortage in that size. If in doubt call Custoner Service, they are very helpful.
Reply · Report · Jeffrey K on Dec 21, 2014
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What is the length of the jacket?
A shopper on Dec 10, 2014
Best Answer: Length from the bottom of the collar to the bottom edge of the jacket is 24 inches
Reply · Report · Bella HStaff on Dec 12, 2014
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The MJ400 is made of premium cowhide leather and comes in standard and tall sizes. The standard and the tall sized jackets have separate listings so double check your items before you order to avoid delays. This jacket is covered in features and is yet another insane value from Jafrum. It has a heavy duty zippered closure with a snap down collar and lapels. You can zip the jacket all the way up by unsnapping the lapels giving you dual layered wind protection. The front features 4 pockets including two zippered hand warmer pockets, a zippered pocket on the ribs, and a pocket watch pocket with a flap and snap closure. This jacket features plenty of adjustability with a classically styled waist belt and these lace-up adjusters on the sides. The shoulders feature snap down epaulette holders and there are zippered gussets on the sleeves for easy on and off. The back of the jacket is very clean and simple. There are expandable areas in the shoulders that add comfort and mobility to the jacket and some of these jackets have a seam stitched down the middle. Unzipping the jacket exposes a removable quilted vest liner for added warmth that is flanked on either side by a snap pocket. Removing this vest liner exposes the fixed polyester liner that works with the expandable shoulders to provide exceptional comfort and mobility.