Joe Rocket Sonic Gloves

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Joe Rocket Sonic Gloves

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About the Joe Rocket Sonic Gloves

Item Code: JoeRocketSonicGloveMen
Color: Black
Protection: High Density Knuckle Protector and Padded Fingers
Brand: Joe Rocket
Gender: Men's

Joe Rocket Sonic Gloves Features

Protection meets comfort thanks to the combination of a supple drum dyed leather chassis reinforced with injection molded knuckle armor and gel padding. Double leather wrap around palm and high density padding on the fingers, cuff, and wrist complete this high performance package.

  • Drum dyed leather top
  • Molded knuckle protector with gel padding
  • High density padding on fingers, cuff, and wrist
  • Double leather wrap around palm
  • Reflective stripe
  • Double cuff closure

Size Chart for the Joe Rocket Sonic Gloves

Please measure the circumference of your hand starting at the top side of the base of your thumb (see image chart) using a cloth tape measure and choose your size from the chart below.Please note all measurements are in inches.

Glove Size Hand Measurement
S 6.5" - 7.5"
M 7.5" - 8.5"
L 8.5" - 9.5"
XL 9.5" - 10.5"
2XL 10.5" - 11"

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Today we’re going to look at a pair of gloves for every riding condition, from a variety of different pricepoints, from a variety of manufacturers.
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Another one of your favorite warm weather gloves are these 29’ers from Icon. This is a glove that offers excellent breathability from the large cell mesh construction and finger vents on the top of the hand, but also sneaks a fair amount of protection in there with their padded Battlehide goatskin leather palms and padded knuckle protection. They also feature reinforced areas all the way around the finger tips, and an adjustable hook and loop strap at the wrist for added comfort. I own a pair of these gloves myself for around town riding and I agree with you, they’re great.
The next glove on your list is sort of a hybrid style glove. This Drymesh glove from TourMaster combines the breathability of an all mesh glove with a waterproof, breathable membrane to keep your hands dry. This membrane makes this a great solution in all sorts of different riding conditions. The top of the hand is well vented and protected by this abrasion resistant Armor-Link mesh material. The palm is constructed using perforated goatskin with padded areas for vibration absorption. Cool when you want to be cool? – Dry when you want to be dry? Believe me, I get it.
Next, we have hands down one of the best values in motorcycle gloves you’ll find anywhere. These are the GL2068 Naked Leather riding gloves available exclusively from Jafrum. These gloves are made of very high quality naked cowhide leather making them incredibly soft. They are windproof but the full aniline leather is breathable, which allows water vapor to escape, which keeps your hands from getting overly sweaty. The glove features a reinforced panel on the palm and thumb and a dual hook and loop strap for added style and an adjustable fit. If you are not yet familiar with this glove, check out the listing for the 2068’s. You’re going to think the price is a typo.
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For the street sport rider, our customers love the Joe Rocket Sonic Gloves. These gloves have a high level of protection that comes from the reinforced knuckles, padded fingers and gauntlet, and the all leather construction with reinforced areas on the palms and thumb. They have the aggressive look of a race glove, but with less bulk, making them perfect for the streets. The dual strap on the gauntlet provides rider and gear specific adjustability, and the low price is no doubt a big factor in their popularity.
This next glove is definitely not a price point glove. This is a glove for the rider looking for the best. This is an ultra-premium, top of the line offering from Alpinestars, the GP Pro Race Glove. This customer is in need of the most protection that a pair of gloves can possibly offer, to ensure that he or she stays as competitive as possible on the racetrack. These GP Pros feature an all leather construction with a full kangaroo palm, thermoplastic urethane knuckle and hand protection, a bridged pinky and ring finger, and a full Kevlar reinforced liner. For added comfort, the seams on the palm side fingers are on the exterior, and the thumb has an accordion style stretch panel for mobility.
Lastly we have the favorite of the inclement weather riding elite, the Venture Heat Epic 2.0 Battery Heated Gloves. These are top of the line heated gloves that are designed to heat your hands in the nastiest riding conditions, using the included 7.4 volt battery packs. After a full charge of the batteries, you can install them into the gloves by simply plugging them in and sliding them into their pockets on the gloves. This is one of my favorite battery designs because connecting two slim cells together side by side allows this now flexible battery pack to lay nice and flat against your wrist. The heat level is controlled with this button on the back of the hand. Green is warm, yellow is warmer, and red is molten lava hot. I use the high setting to warm the gloves initially, then turn them down to yellow once they get to temp. These are primarily a textile glove, but they do have reinforced leather palms. They also feature these patches on the index finger and thumb that are able to manipulate a capacitive type touch screen on a phone or tablet. My personal favorite feature of the Epic 2.0’s is their availability. We have them in stock, you see. Many of the heated glove models of other brands are very difficult to find after the New Year, and they don’t become available again until late October.