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Torc Avenger BLINC T27 Bluetooth Modular Helmet


You save: $30 (11%)

Torc Mako BLINC T14 Bluetooth Helmet


You save: $10 (5%)

Vega Summit 3 Modular Helmet


You save: $90 (50%)

Bluetooth Helmets allow you to stay connected while you’re out cruising on your motorcycle. Jafrum's bluetooth helmets come from the top names in the motorsports industries, including Vega, HJC and AGV. These helmets come equipped with the best motorcycle communication systems and Bluetooth technology options available on the market today.

If you love motorcycles, you probably spend a lot of time riding down the highway or hitting the backcountry trails on your bike. And there have probably been times when you’ve ridden alone or gone exploring down a road you’ve never been on before. If so, you should own a helmet with Bluetooth capabilities that will allow you to stay connected with the real world.

There are a number of reasons why a Bluetooth-enabled lid makes sense. For example, it’s just about impossible and downright dangerous to try to use your cell phone while riding on your motorcycle, but you also need to be able to communicate with others. And with a Bluetooth-equipped helmet, you can talk on your phone hands free. You can also listen to GPS commands while you ride with a Bluetooth device.

These helmets will also allow you to safely listen to music while you’re out riding. Who doesn’t love a great tune when they’re cruising down the highway? It just makes the experience so much better.

At Jafrum, we are proud to offer our customers a large collection of helmets with Bluetooth systems already installed or that are fitted so that you can easily add a system to them. And all of our great helmets are available for sale at cheap discount prices.

We, at Jafrum, work closely with all of our vendors in order to get the best prices possible on our helmets. And then we pass those savings on to you. We’re positive that you’ll find our prices to be the lowest on the Internet. How sure are we? Well, we even offer a price guarantee so that you can purchase all of your motorcycle gear and garb from Jafrum with full confidence that you won’t find a better deal elsewhere.



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