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German Motorcycle Helmets

Fly 9MM Half Helmet


You save: $6 (10%)

Bell Rogue Half Helmet


You save: $70 (28%)

Skid Lid German Style Helmet DOT Flat Black


You save: $15 (25%)

Skid Lid German Style Helmet DOT Gloss Black


You save: $15 (25%)

Rebel Warr Eagle Star German Style DOT Half Helmet


You save: $40 (50%)

Rebel Warr German Style Half Helmet


You save: $15 (30%)

Zox Chopper Half Helmet


You save: $7 (10%)

HCI-115 Matte DOT German Motorcycle Helmet


You save: $30 (43%)

DOT German Helmet RBL115


You save: $40 (57%)

German Motorcycle Helmets are available from Jafrum. These amazing half helmets are specifically designed to look like World War I and World War II German war helmets. You definitely need to check out these very cool lids if you’re looking for a helmet that will protect your noggin in style.

German-style helmets are especially popular with riders who aren’t keen on wearing a lid but have to because they live in an area where they are required. These rebellious-looking helmets are, in fact, a very stylish way to fulfill the requirements of the law.

These half helmets are also popular with anyone who wants protection for their skull, but hates the thought of wearing a heavier lid, especially when the weather is sweltering. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that these lightweight helmets are flimsy. We only carry German lids that meet DOT standards because we want to make sure that your noggin is protected.

Do you normally wear a full helmet for long cruises on the highway, but want a second lid for those times when you’re just going on a short ride down to the local store or a friend’s house? Then consider picking up one of these lids. They are actually some of the most affordable helmets that we sell. These lids are also a great option for a second helmet for passengers.

Jafrum’s collection of German-style helmets include many of the best brands on the market today, including Bell and Skid Lid. We also carry the Rebel Warr brand of DOT German Helmets. Most of our German helmets are purposely unflashy. Like a plain, black leather jacket, these helmets don’t need bright colors and flashy graphics to make them cool. Not sure which helmet to buy? Then check out our YouTube channel, which offers a number of informational videos, including reviews on some of our German helmets.

So when you’re ready to buy an affordable and lightweight DOT half helmet, make sure to check out our German motorcycle half helmets first. We’re sure you’ll find at least one that you will fall in love with.



Bell German


Fly German


HCI German


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