AFX FX-200 Helmet

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AFX FX-200 Helmet

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AFX FX-200 Helmet

Item Code:AFXFX200Solid
Brand: AFX
Model: FX-200
Color: Black, Candy Red, Flat Black, Fuchsia, Grey, Pearl White, Silver
Certifications: This helmet model meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS-218 motorcycle helmet safety standards
Shell: Aerodynamic
Weight: A large-size FX-200 helmet weighs 1 kg or 2.2 lbs.


  • An aerodynamic shell design constructed using advanced fiberglass reinforced plastic ( FRP) for light weight and strength.
  • Slimline removable visor
  • Removable ear covers
  • Helmet liner made with a hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial nylon
  • Patented dual inner lens design, smoke for daytime use and clear for nighttime use, no need to change shields or ride without eye protection.
  • Comes with deluxe cloth carrying bag
  • A clear coat finish to protect paint & graphics
  • Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Size Char


1. MEASURE YOUR HEAD. Determine the circumference of the widest part of your head by using a flexible tape measure. Generally, the widest part of a person's head is the area 2.5 cm (1") above the eyes and ears. However, we suggest measuring at a few points both above and below that line to determine the greatest measurement before referring to our size tables. We also suggest testing the fit of a helmet one size smaller and one size larger then what the chart recommends. No helmet can provide protection if it's too uncomfortable to wear. If you would like further detailed instructions on how to determine your correct size please look at our AFX Helmet Fitting Guide.

Size Chart

Size CM Hat Size Inches
X-Small 54-55cm 6 3/4-6 7/8 21 1/4"-21 5/8"
Small 56-57cm 7-7 1/8 22"-22 7/16"
Medium 58-59cm 7 1/4-7 3/8 22 13/16"-23 1/4"
Large 60-61cm 7 1/2-7 5/8 23 5/8"-24"
X-Large 62-63cm 7 3/4-7 7/8 24 3/8"-24 13/46"
2X-Large 64-65cm 8-8 1/8 25 3/16"-25 5/8"
3X-Large 66-67cm 8 1/4-8 3/8 26"-26 3/8"
4X-Large 68-69cm 8 1/2-8 5/8 26 3/4"-27 1/8"

Customer Reviews

Rated 8 out of 10 based on 39 reviews
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Dual (Clear/Smoke) Visor Helmet AFX FX-200

Comment: I often forget my prescription sunglasses, or my prescription glasses. Then I get caught in the bright sunlight, or darkness. Not with this helmet. The dual visors are great. The helmet fits great and is cool, fits snug. I have put my other half helmets on the retired shelf...

Randall Latch

Springfield, MO

Practical Dual-Visor half helmet

Comment: It fits great and I absolutely love the dual visors. I enjoy my flat black German style with sunglasses, but what do you do if you head out late in the day, perhaps coming back in the dark? This helmet resolves that. While it's sunny, you flip down the dark visor. If it gets dark on you, you simply raise the tinted one and pull down the clear one. Very practical!!


Salem, Oregon


Comment: I cant use the flip downs while wearing prescription glasses.



Love it!!

Comment: Great product...very comfy and I don't look like a bubble-head anymore!!



AFX FX-200 Beanie Helmet

Comment: Great helmet. I still like wearing sunglasses but I now use curved glasses to fit under the shields.



AFX FX200 Motorcycle helmet

Comment: Great helmet at a great price. Only issue is that it doesn't have a strap snap so that it doesn't slap you when you ride. I'll rig something to take care of that. Very fast service!

Phil Byars

Bristol, IN

AFX FX200 Solid Helmet

Comment: I bought this helmet for the function of both clear and tinted face shield. In that respect, I'm pleased. The tinted is a smoke, and not too dark. Just right. The clear is useful after dark. I have no complaints, as far as this area goes. The fit,....well it's tight. I wear a large in helmets. It was a real tug getting it on. However .... read on..The area around the sides of the head is where it's tight. The roughly 2" thick hard foam padding can be brought down in thickness,rather easily. You end up with a perfect fit. A bit of size tweeking,custom fit. I used a towel folded to a 1 foot square,for padding. Layed the helmet on it's side,on the towel. Then took a 2 LB. shop hammer,and hammered away.You'll be hammering with the hammer head inside the helmet, so you can't get enough momentum to hit very hard,but it does the trick. About 2 licks for each area of the hammer head size. Striking quite forcefully. From the area just behind your ear, forward to about where the padding contacts the forehead. Or at least in my case thats the area that was so very toooo tight. The helmet,now fits like I've worn it for years. If you figure two inches of padding on either side of your head, this is kinda in the area of a mushroom. Yeah the dreaded mushroom look. Otherwise ...this is a very nice helmet. I wouldn't return it... I like the two face sheilds that much.


not known

Like it alot

Comment: Good helmet. I like the idea of having 2 visors so I don't have to fumble around with changing my glasses. Only downside is adjusting my glasses when putting the visor(s) down, but it's not that much of a problem. Good price and received it quickly.

82paratrooper (Tom)

Washington, PA

great lid

Comment: Fit feel are great and price is right. Even ordered one for the wife.


Portsmouth OH

AFX FX-200 Solid Helmet

Comment: The helmet is a good concept but for me putting it on was like putting a cork back into a wine bottle. Size runs small and the shield is too close to my face and my glasses press back into eye sockets. So for the X Large size I will reorder the 2XL.



Great Helmet Great Company

Comment: Ordering was fast and easy. Shipping was fast. Helmet is true to size. Fits great and very comfortable. Love the dual visors . Can't wait to use it!


Mississippi Gulf Coast

AFX FX 200

Comment: Very comfortable and the duel visors are just great. Even got one for the wife and she loves it.


Portsmouth OH

Loving this helmet!

Comment: We recently purchased 2 of these helmets, and have gone on 2 long trips. The helmet is very comfortable and not too heavy. I like the way it looks and doesn't make me look like a bobble head. I wear my sunglasses with my visors with no problems. The only complaint is about the distortion on the visors. As the rider, I don't mind a bit of distortion. My BF is having a hard time with the distortion (he wears prescription sunglasses, and has a windshield)



For the price not a bad helmet

Comment: PROS- I liked the idea of a dual shield and the price of this helmet was amazing low on this site. I went shopping in my area at 2 motorcycle stores and on line and closest I could find was around $90 for similar helmet. The helmet fits great and shields are a bonus as well CONS- Though the shields are a bonus, they are pretty difficult to see out of. They have a type of magnifying effect which your eyes have to adjust to. The shaded lens just does not do the trick out here in sunny California so I also have to wear my other sunglasses under the shade. Also if you try to pull the lens down over a pair of glasses, be careful there is not much room and some glasses do not fit between the shade and the face at all. Too tight. The strap does not have a way to button the extra length so make sure and use the little rubber band on it to hold the remaining out of the way. I also had to purchase a quick release because when you snug the strap up, it does not come undone easily but the quick release helps. All in all for the price I like this helmet for the price. I would not be so happy with it had I paid the $90 price though others are asking.

Rick H.

Sunny California

AFX 200 Helmet

Comment: This is a great helmet helps keep the sun out of your eyes and the wind at nights. Both shields easy to operate. Good finish great design, I am really happy with my purchase. Also AAA to Jafrum quick shipping and great packaging.



Looks good!

Comment: Love the look of the helmet. Bought it in pearl white and it looks great with my bike. The visors don't come down quiet far enough to block out wind effectively but fit over my glasses perfectly.

Nerdy Biker Chick

Salt Lake City, UT

AFX FX 200

Comment: Received in no time flat , and size chart was right on the money . Great fit and love the convenience of tinted or clear shield built in. Could have a little more padding in top of helmet and it would be a bit more comfortable then. Oerall great product.


Oakboro, NC

AFX FX-200 Helmet

Comment: Nice helmet for the money. It does fit a little snug and I did go by the chart. The dual lenses are nice but there is a distorted view. Once you begin riding, your eyes adjust to the distortion so it is not a big problem.



AFX FX-200 Dual Inner Lens Beanie Helmet Solid

Comment: I am very pleased with this product! Shipping was very quick. I liked the flat black as is matches my cycle. Comfortable, lightweight. Especially really like the dual lens - they are GREAT! Thank you Jafrum!

L Berg


AFX FX 200 Helmet

Comment: Everything was as advertised, no compliants.

Bill B

Aston, PA


Comment: Visor movement is not smooth, popped out of side holder on first use, plastic screws which hold them in place can easily be damaged when removing, forsee problems with this visor holding up. Fit of helmet is ok, a bit snug, but will probably give a little with use. Looks are ok.



AFX 200 Helmet

Comment: X Large helmet fit my head but the visors - both - when in use allow air up under and cause my eyes to water. Another inch lower would have been much better. Nice helmet but the visors are too short My wife loves hers but she wears her glasses with the visor down. Excellent price for a good helmet.



AFX FX200 Beannie Dual Lens Helmet

Comment: The helmet fits great and the wind noise is minimal. My prescription glasses fit under the lens and it's great to be able to switch from clear to shaded. However, the helmet fell once off the bike when parked and not the clear shade will not stay up. I need to mail it back for a replacement and be without a helmet for a period of time. Yuck!!


Western Mass

Love this helmet!

Comment: I recently ordered and returned a different helmet due to the size and shape... I kept having visions of the movie Spaceballs and looked like I had a huge white bubble on my head. This helmet however is perfect! Sizing is good, lightweight and comfortable to wear. I bought this helmet to replace my other AFX half helmet because I wanted the retractable shields. Perfect for Florida riding. Smoke shield is just right and having the clear available for early mornings and nighttime is wonderful.


East Central Florida

Perfect Helmet

Comment: I got this helmet almost a year ago and have been nothing but pleased with it. The only drawback at all is, if you wear glasses it is difficult to use the inner lense with your glasses, other than that....perfect, I'll be getting another soon.

Matthew Reeves

Tracy, Ca.

AFX FX-200 Review

Comment: Great helmet for summer rides you can leave sunglasses in the bags, everything is right at your finger tips. reat fitting and good looking.

Matthew Reeves

Tracy Ca.

AFX FX-200 Helmet.

Comment: Solid helmet. Great price. Purchased it on Black Friday and got a great price for it. Fits me perfectly and comfortable to wear. Solid construction. I wish the helmet came with quick release instead of having to buy another part to put on myself but not a big deal considering the price I paid for the helmet.


Northern CA

AFX FX-200 Helmet

Comment: I ordered a size larger and I cannot use visor with my prescription glasses.



Nice Helmet

Comment: Overall, I like the helmet. It does fit tight at first, but after wearing it for nearly a month now, it seems to be a non-issue. It's not so tight that I thought I needed to return it for the next size up. The dual shields are the reason I bought the helmet in the first place. I quite frequently get caught after dark with only sunglasses. I used to carry a clear pair in my widnshield bag, but they got scratched up. This is the perfect answer. Now when I get caught after dark I have eye protection built right in! The dark shade is really distorted and takes some eye adjustment, but it works on those days when all I have are my non-shaded prescription glasses. The darkness could be darker for my tastes though. I wear glasses and contacts and this helmet suits me well no matter what I'm wearing! That was the point. The cloth strap that allows you to separate the two rings when strapping this helmet on frayed out within a couple of weeks and there is no strap restraint other than a rubber band that holds the excess down and keeps it from slapping your face. A quick connect would fix both of these issues. So, after about a month of use I give this an overall thumbs up! Looks good too.

Tim B.



Comment: This is it; what I have been looking for. I just love this helmet and the ease of switching between the dual shields while riding. It allows for ultimate visual as riding conditions change. GREAT Helmet!!

Melody Wilson

Suffolk, VA

AFX FX200 Helmet Review

Comment: I have been riding motorcycles for over 30 years, I got the helmet a year ago and haven't any complaints. The fit is right, just tight enough so it isn't uncomfortable. I don't have any troulble with vision with either shield, excellent idea, huge plus. I'd like to see more decoration choices on the same helmets, other than that, it is an outstanding helmet in every aspect.

Matthew Reeves

Tracy, California

AFX FX200 Helmet

Comment: Good price, fast shipping. Liked the helmet so much I ordered anotherone for my wife. Great fitting helmet and the dual visors are awsome. We're both very happy with our purchase.


mifflinburg, pa.

AFX FX-200 Solid Helmet Review

Comment: Good Quality Helmet, Love the Dual Visors.


Springfield, Oregon

AFX FX 200 Helmet Review

Comment: Helmet fits great and love the 2 visors but can't use visor with glasses on , clear or shaded visor. Visor hits glasses and need 2 hands to pull down around glasses.

Steve C


AFX FX200 Solid Review

Comment: Helmet is correctly sized, light and comfortable. Good buy. Lenses work well but there is some distortion.


North Carolina

Good Value for the Price

Comment: It us a good helmet for what I paid . I was a little dissapointed with the thinness of the chin strap but overall a good purchase. I measured my head before I bought and the size of the helmet was spot on and a great fit. The daul visors are very convenient as I don't have to carry around two sets of eyeglasses however, the visors give you somewhat of a distorted view but you will get used to it quickly. Overall, I recommend this product.

Steve P

Charlotte, NC

Okay Helmet

Comment: Bought two. Replacements for my Scorpion 100 and my husbands HJC. Liked the dual internal drop down visor idea, but my 2nd visor would not retract all the way back up. Not a huge deal but distracting. They do run small, my measurements are for a medium but bought a large. It was pretty snug from side to side but slightly loose from front to back. If I had gotten the medium I know it would have given me a headache throughout my ride. That's what my Scorpion did. I let the sales man convince me to buy a small, an hated it. My husband's measurements were for a large but we got him an XL and it was still too small. Visors barely covered his eyes. Quality is ok but you get what you pay for. I liked it's low profile and again visor idea is awesome. That is actually what drew me to it, best feature on my prior half helmet as well. Returned them for HJC version.



AFX FX-200 Helmet Review

Comment: I just ordered this helmet and tested it out on a nice Fall bike ride. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I used both shields and they worked great. Also put in the ear covers since it was nippy out. The sizing worked out perfect for me. The "Staff pick" logo helped me settle in on this helmet. Agree.



nice helmet

Comment: just got 2 of these helmets fits great love the duel lens can't wait to try them on road would recommend these to anyone


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Jafrum Store
I've bought 3 of these Helmets . Price is good but really like the double Lens Clear and dark .
tony p on Mar 28, 2015
What is the difference in FX 200 flat black helmets in the pictures?Both have the retractible shields.
A shopper on Feb 19, 2015
Best Answer: There is no difference.
Reply · Report · Justin PStaff on Feb 23, 2015
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can it be worn with eye glasses ?
Jerry on Mar 13, 2015
Best Answer: Plenty of room for eye glasses behind the shield. I wear prescription sunglasses with the clear shield down for extra bug protection.
Reply · Report · Alan T on Mar 13, 2015
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This is the AFX FX200 dual Shield helmet, not to be confused with the FX200s helmet, which is a stripped down version of this helmet for the rider that likes it simple. Oh no, this is the full tilt version. This little DOT approved super value is made of FRP, or fiber reinforced plastic, and the shell is finished with clear coat to give you a long lasting shine. It weighs a slight two point two pounds and is available in sizes XS – XXL. The shape is intermediate oval, but you long oval guys and gals will find that this helmet works well for you too, and the size chart is accurate, so make sure you refer to it before ordering to establish fitment. While we’re talking about fit, I want to skip ahead a little bit and touch on the retention strap. This strap is perfect for riders with bigger necks that tend to feel choked by their helmet. The strap mounts to a floating d-ring attached to the ear strap allowing the chinstrap to float forward. This gives riders with thicker necks extra room without sacrificing any of the straps integrity. The most notable feature on this helmet for sure is going to be the Dual Interior sunshades. This helmet is equipped with both clear and smoke sunshades that pull down to offer built in eye protection day or night. You can clean or replace these shields by removing these bolts and sliding the shades out the front. The visor is removable as well, although some holes are left exposed so the look isn’t that clean without the visor installed. The liner isn’t removable, but the fixed liner gives the helmet a lower profile, which is handy since you already have the thickness of the dual shield set up. Anywhere you can shave a few millimeters helps to keep the helmet from looking too big on your head. This liner material is also moisture wicking, hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial. There are removable ear covers included with your FX200 to reduce wind noise and add a little warmth to the helmet on cooler days.