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AFX FX-41DS Dual Sport Helmet.

AFX FX-41 with its Aerodynamic shell design, is extremely lightweight. You will have better visibility through the optically correct, compound-curved shield while not worrying about the heat with its seventeen points of ventilation. This AFX helmet meets or exceeds both ECE 22.05 and DOT FMVSS-218 motorcycle helmet safety standards.

AFX FX-41DS Helmet Features

  • An aerodynamic shell design constructed using an advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy.
  • A flip-up, flush fit, quick release, single turn screw face shield with side covers. The shield itself is optically correct compound curved, scratch-resistant and protects against UV-rays
  • Shield can be removed to allow open face riding or for use with most goggles.
  • Shield can also be used without the visor with included side cover kit
  • Smoke tinted inner flip down sun shield system with left side slide lever.
  • A helmet liner and cheek pads made with a hypoallergenic and antimicrobial nylon, all of which are removable and washable.
  • 17 points of ventilation with chin, side, forehead top and rear vents
  • Retention system is quick release with sewn on ECE logo.
  • Provides ample ear cavity space for most speaker systems
  • A clear coat finish to protect paint & graphics
  • Available with a Deluxe Carrying Bag
  • Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • DOT and ECE 22.05 certified

AFX FX-41DS Helmet Sizing


MEASURE YOUR HEAD. Determine the circumference of the widest part of your head by using a flexible tape measure. Generally, the widest part of a person's head is the area 2.5 cm (1") above the eyes and ears. However, we suggest measuring at a few points both above and below that line to determine the greatest measurement before referring to our size tables. We also suggest testing the fit of a helmet one size smaller and one size larger then what the chart recommends. No helmet can provide protection if it's too uncomfortable to wear. If you would like further detailed instructions on how to determine your correct size please look at our AFX Helmet Fitting Guide.

Size Chart

SizeCMHat SizeInches
X-Small54-55cm6 3/4-6 7/821 1/4"-21 5/8"
Small56-57cm7-7 1/822"-22 7/16"
Medium58-59cm7 1/4-7 3/822 13/16"-23 1/4"
Large60-61cm7 1/2-7 5/823 5/8"-24"
X-Large62-63cm7 3/4-7 7/824 3/8"-24 13/46"
2X-Large64-65cm8-8 1/825 3/16"-25 5/8"
3X-Large66-67cm8 1/4-8 3/826"-26 3/8"
4X-Large68-69cm8 1/2-8 5/826 3/4"-27 1/8"

Most Helpful Reviews :

AFX FX41-DS Solid Review

by - verified purchaser
The first think I noticed when I took it out of the box was, wow it's heavy. I'm used to wear one which is much lighter. But, overall AFX seems to be a good helmet, especially for this price point.

I wear a Medium in every helmet I have had. The M with AFX fits everywhere except it feels short. I must have a slightly taller head then normal because my ears are against the bottom of the ear pockets.

Easy to use visor
Flip down sun shield
DOT & ECE rated

Slightly odd fit (for me)

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Best Bang For Buck Out There!

by - verified purchaser
All in all it is a great helmet. I received mine today and I only ordered it on Sunday with the free shipping option so it getting here in under 3 days was amazing! There are minor cosmetic issues such as a small scrape on the top and some clear coat build ups on the visor but quite honestly what do you expect for a helmet almost at the 150 dollar range that is DOT approved. The size sticker on the side is also a pain but it was easily taken care of with some acetone. I also ordered the gold mirror helmet shield which is an awesome upgrade for the helmet. Took off a star for the small cosmetic issues but all in all I am completely satisfied with my purchase. I would highly recommend this to any person looking for an awesome helmet on the cheap.

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AFX FX-41DS Dual Sport Helmet Review

by - verified purchaser
awesome helmet works great in the dirt and at highway speeds. Cheek pads were to big ordered smaller ones works great.

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AFX FX-41DS Dual Sport Helmet Review

by - verified purchaser
Great product, as advertised. Helmet arrived in pristine condition. No surprises. Well ventilated. Very happy!

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AFX FX41DS Solid Review

by - verified purchaser
While the helmet is awesome to wear, it is lightweight and easy to turn your head, the sun screen is scratched due to its pocket that it is stored in. The safety colors orange also fades quickly. I would recommend this to a person due to the fit, finish, and wearablility alone but by another color if you want and plan on the sun shield being scratched.

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Nice Helmet for the $$$

by - verified purchaser
Love the look of this helmet. Flip down smoked shield clears my glasses. only 2 complaints are fogs up in cold weather and needs more forehead padding. I only ride 8 miles to work and my forehead is sore by the time I take it off...But over all I still love it!

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Not sure about the helmet yet

by - verified purchaser
So I know better, but I didn't actually try the helmet on prior to buying it and just went by all the reviews, the video here and elsewhere. Size was not a problem at all as I was a clear Medium from the size chart and the helmet fits fine. Like most correctly fitting helmets it is just a tad bit tight to start, but it will loosen a bit once it breaks in.

It was suggested somewhere that the helmet was not all that light, but I disagree, the weight of it is fine. My biggest complaints are the padding on the top of the helmet is pretty thin and the big one is the drop down dark visor. It just doesn't stay up and out of the way when not in use. It doesn't fall all the way down, but it comes down enough to be annoying. Not sure what I'll do at this point to fix it...

A lot of the reviews talk about the venting of the helmet...there're may be a lot of vents, but I really down feel a lot of air flow? Maybe that will change in the winter when the air isn't 100 degrees.

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"the best for the price"

by - verified purchaser
"in my 38 years of riding it the best helmet for the price .. plus i won't have to change helmet for the cold weather ..."

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FX-41DS, a happy rider's review

by - verified purchaser
The size came in true and I have a good fit. AFX offers cheek pads in various thicknesses and I found mine tight, but after letting them spend a couple nights under a pile of bricks, They've been just fine. I ride all winter in New England, road conditions permitting. This is going to be a VERY cool helmet in summer as it's generously vented. For winter riding, some patches of colored tape cover the vents and, worn over a balaclava, with a fleece neck band, I'm warm as toast. The 41DS is configured more like an off-road helmet - and I like it. The down-swept visor gives me a downward view of the road between my feet as well as a wide field of vision. The flip-down sun visor works easily and for those moments when a low sun shines right down the street into your eyes, the overhead visor - with just a little dip of the head - shields your eyes nicely. In summer, It will provide added sunburn protection for my nose so the trade off to have these amenities - vs. a bit of road noise - is worth it to me. The inside visor has a bit of molding that appears to trap the breath and limit the upward spread of exhalation-fog on cold days. I got the hi-viz yellow. Being seen is so key to survival, given the idiots on their cell phones, I wouldn't get any other color. I've added two thin strips of yellow reflective tape that sweep up diagonally from the chin to the helmet's back vent. A small patch added to the chin area makes the helmet light up dramatically when headlights hit it. Frankly, this should be standard on all helmets anyway. I've never liked the look and bulk of full-face helmets, so I've been tempted to wear half-helmets instead. This one is so distinctive in a star Wars kind of way, that I'm more apt to wear it. And so should you. It's a good helmet at an attractive price.

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AFX FX41DS Helmet Review

by - verified purchaser
First of all, it looks better in person than in the picture. I was hesitant about the sizing, made a quick email to jafrum and they replied that this helmet is true to size. I wore it for a short 20 mile ride just to test the helmet. Liners and padding are very comfortable and does a good job wicking sweat away on a humid day. Has a bit more drag compared to a racing helmet, but you can easily remedy that by removing the peak. Excellent visibility and airflow. I could feel the air coming from the chin vents all the way to my brow and scalp areas. Only negative thing I noticed is that this helmet is a bit noisy even at lower speed. For this price range, this helmet has a lot to offer. It would have been 5 stars if it was a bit quieter.

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Good Value

by - verified purchaser
This is a good helmet for the price. As a previous reviewer mentioned, it is a bit noisier than my other helmet that I replaced. I attribute the noise to the excellent amount of ventilation this helmet has. A trade-off that is well worth it in my book. It is an excellent looking helmet, and the configuration of the shield and sun visor is great if your going to ride in daylight and near dark, without having to carry an extra clear shield. Haven;t tried it with googles yet. I did drop it, and one of the reflectors near the nose vent cracked. A cosmetic issue, that will be taken care of with a couple of drops of super-glue.

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Excellent helmet for the price.

by - verified purchaser
I was hesitant to purchase this helmet after reading all the reviews I could find online and they all said the samething, this helmet is noisy. After purchasing it I am glad I did. It doesn't seem as noisy as I expected. The clarity of the shield is excellent. It is having the inner flip down tinted shield and visor on those bright sunny days. The fit is pretty spot on and the lining is very comfortable. I am very pleased with this helmet, especially in this price range.

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AFX FX-41DS Duel sport helmet Review

by - verified purchaser
I've only used it a few time as the winter is setting in and riding has been limited. I’m using it for Duel Sport riding so my review is not based on highway speeds. I do like the helmet, nice to have the flip down sun shield. Sizing is good, my large size HJC helmets fit as the AFX does. The cheek padding does push on my cheeks a lot right now, I've read others comment about this but stated the helmet will break in and this won’t be a problem. If you have a "Full face" ie: chubby cheeks, not sure this lid is for you. But I suppose if you have a full face you'd be in an XL size and all would be fine. I think the helmet is well worth the money and if you don't like it Jafrum will take it back. RT

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The most well ventilated helmet I had in for this price!

by - verified purchaser
This is a fantastic helmet for your money. The looks still hold the motocross look but with all the features of a dual sport helmet. The extra sun shade is killer when you forget your sunglasses. I've used it with my earbuds and it work great. Noise.... There's some but a lot better than most. Money well spent!

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This new FX41 DS helmet is a new addition to AFX’s dual sport helmet line up along-side the popular FX39 DS. The 41 is not a replacement for the 39. They actually excel at different things. The FX39 is very much a dirt focused helmet with on road capabilities, while this FX41 is more of a street focused helmet with offroad capabilities. The shell of the FX41 is made of poly alloy plastic, and carries both the DOT and ECE approvals. The shape of the helmet is intermediate oval, so it’s going to fit a lot of heads, and the size chart is accurate, so be sure to use it to establish your fit. You’ll notice that the shell is very aggressively designed compared to the 39. Some of this radical new shape is functional. For example, the steep curve of the side of the shell is designed to increase a rider’s head mobility. This is especially handy for checking blind spots. The biggest difference between the FX41 and the FX39 is the shield and visor configuration. The FX39 has a shared single axis mount for both the face shield and the visor. This new FX41 has two separate mounting points. The 39’s single axis system promotes the use of goggles without removing the face shield. You can still use goggles with the 41, but you have to remove the face shield to do so. Also, to use the 39 with the faceshield installed but without the visor, side plates must be installed to capture the shield. While the 41 also comes with side plates, they are aesthetic, and not necessary. You can install them or not, regardless of what combination of shield and visor you are using. There have also been some modifications to the visor and shield themselves. The visor of the FX41 is smaller and lighter as a result of the relocated mounting, and the visor’s peak is reinforced with this bumper. This bumper strengthens the visor and makes it more rigid, making it quieter at highway speeds. The shield’s update is obvious and significant. The shield has been contoured to flatten out the viewing area. This new shape keeps the image true by negating the refraction caused by the helmet’s pointy off road shape. The area of the helmet that received the biggest upgrade in my opinion is the ventilation. The vent scheme on the 39 is quite good, but this 41’s ventilation is just excellent. The chin vent actually looks smaller at first glance, but that’s because AFX divided the vent into six ports versus the 39’s four. These outer two ports funnel air down the sides of the chinbar and into the helmet via these reflector clad channels. And just like that, the days of sweaty, matted helmet beard are now over. The faster you ride the fluffier and more luxurious your beard becomes. Pretty genius, really. Another one of the vent features I really like are these eyebrow vents. With the shield raised, cool air is channeled through the shell to help to dry the liner. With the shield closed, the low pressure venturi air at the back of the helmet draws air across the shield and into these eyebrow vents improving fog management. If that’s not enough ventilation for you; don’t worry, there are seventeen points of ventilation on this bad mamajama. There are two adjustable vents on the forehead, and another on the top of the shell. There is an additional adjustable exhaust vent on the rear of the shell, and multiple static vents covering the helmet on the sides and rear. There are probable vents on this helmet that I haven’t even found yet. Another feature that has been added to this new FX41 is the internal sunshade. This sunshade is operated with this slide here on the left side of the shell. To remove it for cleaning or replacement, lower the shade all the way down and pull firmly out on the shield, starting on one side. Lastly, let’s take a closer look at the liner. The design is very similar to that on the FX39. The material is softer, though, and more absorbent. If we take out the cheek pads, you can see the cutout that matches up with the intake vent port on the side of the chin bar. I’m telling you, they are not faking it with this ventilation. This stuff works. Removing the headliner is simple, but it takes some patience, as does the reinstallation. You see, the chinbar EPS and crown EPS sandwich the edges of the headliner, so you have to feed the headliner between the two EPS’s to reinstall it. It’s a little bit of a pain but it’s not that bad. With the liner removed, you can see the channeled dual density EPS that absorbs impact energy so your melon doesn’t have to.