Nolan N104 Modular Helmet

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Nolan N104 Modular Helmet

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Nolan N104 Modular Helmet

Item Code: NolanN104Solids
Brand: Nolan
Model: N104 Solid
Color: Black, Grey, Silver, White, Yellow, Wine Cherry
Shell : Polycarbonate GE Lexan
Certification: DOT approved


  • Injected polycarbonate GE Lexan shell
  • Two shell engineering allows Nolan to offer sizes from 2XS to 3XL
  • Dimensionally correct sizing allows ample cubic volume in chin/nose area
  • Ultrawide eye port opening is the largest on any Nolan helmet for superior vision
  • So unique that face shields are sized to fit the two shell sizes
  • Centromatic chin guard opening mechanism requires dual action, simultaneous action to prevent accidental opening
  • Shield is changed by a simple push button mechanism
  • Pinlock shield included with each helmet
  • VPS system is new; slider bar to lower, push button release for instant retraction
  • VPS lens is scratch and fog resistant
  • N104 has new AIRBOOSTER ventilation system
  • Removable, washable interior is anti-fungal and anti-microbial
  • New Microlock2 retention system
  • Is factory ready for the new B4 N-com system
  • Meets or exceeds DOT standards

Size Chart

Size Chart

Adult Inches Centimeters
3XS 19-1/4"-19.5/8" 49-50cm
2XS 20-1/8"-20.1/2" 51-52cm
XS 20-7/8"-21.1/4" 53-54cm
SM 21-5/8"-22" 55-56cm
MD 22-1/2"-22.7/8" 57-58cm
LG 23-1/4"-23.5/8" 59-60cm
XL 24"-24.3/8" 61-62cm
2XL 24-3/4"-25.1/4" 63-64cm
3XL 25.5/8"-26" 65-66cm

Customer Reviews

Rated 9 out of 10 based on 9 reviews
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Nolan N104 Fantastic Helmet

Comment: I think that the new N104 is by far the best helmet that i have owned. True to size i have a round head and it is very comfortable. Vents work very well i dont feel the air on the top of my head but i have not broken a sweat. I guess the new aribooster works. As usual the best service from Jafrum. Nolan and Jafrum is a winning combination.


New York

Nolan N104 Solids Helmet

Comment: After using the new Nolan N104 I can say it does everything very well. The pin lock shield doesn't fog, the built in sun shield is really great and the vents are so good I can feel the air on my head. As usual Jafrum has the best price, service and after buying from them for the past 4 year I will go no place else. With their "bucks back" program I purchased a N85 helmet for my wife. Jafrum is the greatest!


New Jersey

Nolan N104 Helmet

Comment: I waited for months to purchase the N104 and got it on sale for a great price. I really wanted the extra visibility afforded by the enlarged eyeport and the ability to use the latest comm. I'm happy with the visibilty as well as the sun visor but found that the helmet is very noisy. Riding without earplugs is very tiresome after just a short time. It also seems to have some squeaking in the lining, which may disappear after a break in period.

John Sales

Arlington, Wa

Fantastic helmet!

Comment: Just got the helmet and been on two rides, one at night and one during the day. Great fit but can't wait for the cheek pads to break in and give me a bit more room. I have a sport fairing and get buffetting with a lot of helmets, none with the Nolan. Love the wide eye port and the retention system. No noisier than my Schuberth but no quieter either. My last three helmets were an Arai, Shoei and Schuberth, and I'd match this with any of them. Amazing helmet, great price and fast delivery.


St. Louis

Goldwing Tulsa Windshield creates too much noise.

Comment: I've had a Nolan N102 for just over 5 years - LOVE IT!!! Got the 104 simply on the Nolan name. Construction/manufacturing quality was top notch. Easy to put on and take off. GREAT, SUPER HUGE viewport!!! Comes with Pinlock Anti-Fog System - not an extra! The fit was a little snug in the front - I have a 2X in my 102 and that is what I ordered in the 104. I tried a 3X at a local store to check the fit and it was just too loose. I know it needs a little break-in - but I worried that this seemed beyond that break-in. But more importantly, at highway speeds it had a rattle in the top/chimney vent. I ride a Goldwing and have a Tulsa windshield - very tall and I look through it. The only part of my body in the windstream is the very top of my helmet and it's only getting turbulence - not smooth airflow. The noise was loud and consistent at anything over 50 mph. When I rode my buddies VTX 1800 - no noise. But on the Goldwing - anytime I rode faster than 50 mph it was there. I didn't see any way of fixing it withhout major work to the helmet that would eliminate the ability to close the chimney vent or a new, shorter windshield. So, sent back the 104 and now looking at other brands ... or buy a new 102 - which is an option I'm seriously considering. We'll see.


Houston TX

N.104 helmet

Comment: Great helmet with a lot of good features, very comfortable and high quality. The b4 n-com is a perfect fit like some have said it is not the quietest helmet but not too noisy. Jafrum was terrific to deal with.

R. Robinson


Nolan N104 Helmet

Comment: Helmets arrived within 5 days of order. Fits well and is meeting expectations. Pricing, ease of order and quick delivery made shopping a very good experience


Central New York

Nolan N104 Helmet

Comment: I've owned a couple modular helmets but this one is much better quality. All of the mechanisms work very smooth. So far no hangups anywhere. The field of view is very wide, great visibility. The only negative thing I have to say is air circulation is less than perfect but aren't they all. I would definitely recommend this helmet. On top of everything I saved money by ordering from Jafrum.

Scott Walker

Yakima WA

Great Value

Comment: Excellent helmet with a lot of nice features. It fits true to size, and the pin lock anti fog feature works great. I would definitely recommend this helmet, especially for the price.

Linda L F



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Does the flip down/up sun shield interfere with prescription eyeglasses?
David H on Feb 10, 2015
Best Answer: You can wear Rx glasses with your Nolan without issue. The sun visor does not interfere and the Nolan has cut outs at the temple to accommodate Rx glasses. I've worn my glasses easily and comfortably with and without the visor up or down. Just remember to put helmet on first, then glasses. When done riding, remove glasses first then remove the helmet. I also use the Scala Rider G9x communication device on the Nolan too so I can communicate with riding partners and listen to radio, answer incoming calls with my cell phone or stream music from phone to Scala G9x stereo speakers. I ride a Vulcan 1600 Nomad with Vance & Hines dual slash cut pipes. Best modular helmet I've ever used period. Nice and quiet. Air flow is proabably excellent with the vents, but I have a windshield. Flipping up the visor, gives me plenty of airflow when needed, as does flipping up the chin piece.
Reply (1) · Report · Dennis B on Feb 12, 2015
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The Italian N104 N-COM modular motorcycle helmet from Nolan is a feature packed marvel of helmet engineering, and it’s a great choice for riders of just about any style of motorcycle. Its shell comes in a myriad of colorways including matte finishes, gloss finishes, hi-viz colors, and graphics. Nolan utilizes two shell sizes which allow them to offer a huge size range. This N104 Helmet is available in sizes double extra small all the way to triple extra-large. The shell is constructed of injection molded Lexan polycarbonate. This is a very durable material that will stand up very well to the wear and tear of daily commuting. The helmet is DOT approved here in the States, and ECE approved in Europe. The U.S. version and European versions of this helmet are exactly the same, so the U.S. version satisfies the ECE requirements; it just isn’t indicated on the helmet for the U.S. market. Let’s take a look at the feature that makes a modular helmet modular, the chinbar. This chinbar setup has some features that really set it apart from a good deal of the competition. First, let’s check out the Centromatic latching mechanism. This system is dual stage, to prevent the chinbar from opening unless the wearer really wants it to. To disengage the latch, you first pull out on the tab at the bottom of the chinbar. This will expose the tab on the front surface. This is the portion of the mechanism that actually disengages the latch. Pinch the two tabs together between your thumb and forefinger and raise the chinbar to the up position. This chinbar hinge mechanism is elliptical, which draws the chinbar close to the helmet when raised. This reduces turbulence and wind noise while riding with the chinbar in the raised position. Riding with the chinbar up is made possible by yet another chinbar feature. This switch here next to the hinge locks the chinbar in the raised position so that it won’t slam down if you turn your head to check your blind spot. The next feature I want to take a closer look at is the face shield. This shield is optically correct, and incredibly large. Top to bottom, this shield measures 6 3/8 inches tall. Most face shields are closer to five inches in height. This shield also offers UV protection and is Pinlock ready. Removing the shield is easy. With the shield in the full raised position, slide this switch forward. I found that the shield releases much easier if gentle upward pressure is applied to the shield. Once it releases, slide the shield forward to remove it from the base plate. With the shield removed, you can more easily install the included Pinlock insert. Remove the protective film from the inside surface of the insert. Install the Pinlock insert into the shield one side at a time, with the silicone bead of the insert seated against the shield. Reinstall the shield onto the helmet opposite of the way you removed it. Now you’re ready for a fog free ride. Yet another feature that received an upgrade over the N103 is the VPS, or Vision Protection System. This interior sunshade is scratch and fog resistant and the controls are mounted low on the helmet. This lowers the helmet’s center of gravity. Lowering the helmet’s center of gravity makes the helmet feel lighter on your head. Removing the shade is incredibly easy. With the chinbar in the raised position, lower the sunshade to the down position. Pull down slightly and out firmly on the shade, disconnecting one side of the shade at a time. The next set of features I want to take a look at is the vent scheme. The ventilation on this helmet is incredible, especially considering how few vent ports this helmet has. The chin vent flows air to the face shield to reduce fogging, which is pretty standard stuff. The forehead vent, though, is part of a new vent scheme Nolan calls the Airbooster system. The vent switch operates both the forehead vent and the top vent independently, to allow you to fully customize the airflow. Once the air enters the helmet, it is channeled through the helmet in plastic tubes that I’ll show you when I remove the liner. This air picks up moisture from the inside of the helmet, and expels it out of the exhaust vents. Lastly, let’s get a look at this new liner system. The Clima-Comfort padding is breathable and moisture wicking to keep you cool. It’s also fully removable and washable. The padding is treated with silver salt, making the material antibacterial and antifungal. This liner system is fairly sophisticated, but it’s easy to remove with a little patience. You have to start by removing the cheek pads. Notice the three dimensional padding. This helps the cheek pad to break in evenly, and apply equal pressure to the face. This design also reduces wind noise, and makes wearing prescription eyewear more comfortable. With the cheek pads removed, you can now remove the neck role. The tabs that hold the liner components into the helmet are made to be very light weight, so it’s important to pull these tabs straight out of the slots, to make sure you don’t pull them off of the neck role. The cheek pads can be reinstalled without the neck roll if you want, to make the helmet a little cooler on hot days. With the cheek pads and neck roll removed, you can see the cutouts in the EPS liner that are designed to accommodate the N-Com Bluetooth communicator’s speakers. The N-Com communicator is easily installed into this receptacle, and the battery installs into this port on the rear. Removing the headliner is easy, but it also requires some patience. Start at the rear with these tabs, then pull out the front by pulling gently and steadily on these tabs. With the headliner removed, you can pull this mesh material aside exposing the plastic vent channels we talked about earlier. The retention system is called Microlock and is an easy to use quick release system.