VCAN V136 BLINC Bluetooth Helmet

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VCAN V136 BLINC Bluetooth Helmet

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List Price: $179.95
Sale Price: $99.95

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About the VCAN V136 BLINC Bluetooth Helmet

Color:Black, Flat Black
Certification:DOT & FCC approved
Shell:ultra light thermoplastic
Warranty:90 days limited warranty

VCAN V136 BLINC Bluetooth Helmet Features

  • Blinc Module
  • Power Charger
  • Lithium Battery
  • Built-In Anti Noise Mic
  • Call Reject
  • 8 HRS talk time
  • 100 HRS standby
  • Built-In mono speaker
  • 10 meters intercom
  • ICOM/ Phone -MP3 override
  • GPS/ Phone multiparing
  • iPhone Compatible
  • 1 touch
  • Pair 'N Go in secoonds
  • Bluetooth 2.0 EDR
  • Scratch-Resistant shield
  • Removable & washable liner
  • Quick release shield
  • Dual-Port ventilation

Size Chart for the VCAN V136 BLINC Bluetooth Helmet

Size Chart



Hat Size




6 5/8-6 3/4

20 7/8-21 1/4



6 7/8-7

21 5/8-22



7 1/8-7 1/4

22 1/2-22 7/8



7 3/8-7 1/2

23 1/4-23 5/8



7 5/8-7 3/4

24-24 3/8



7 7/8-8

24 3/4-25 1/4

VCAN V136 BLINC Bluetooth Helmet Reviews:

Customer Reviews

Rated 7 out of 10 based on 7 reviews
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Blinc Bluetooth

Comment: This helmet was $99 helmet was when I bought it making it a fantastic deal I would recommend. Is this the best put together helmet on the planet? No, is this the best bang for the buck helmet, id have to say YES. The Bluetooth GPS and Music are hearable up to at least 80+ the phone maybe about 50 but I assume that's because calls are just not as high quality. Anyway it seems to scratch easy and the foam particles on the front inside have started to come off but it doesn't matter im trying to get it all to fall off on purpose actually. I wanted to connect with friends with the intercom and it seems like you had to buy 2 identical helmets at least with Blinc there was a couple different manufacturers you could hook up with. For the price highly recommended.


Lake Balboa, CA

Great helmet for my short commute

Comment: I have a Honda Ruckus that i use to go to work and this helmet is perfect for my 5 1/2 mile surface street commute. I've already taken a couple of calls which sounded fine since I don't travel fast. Playing music sounds even better. I wish it had some bass to it but it's better than nothing. I also bought a smoked shield which helped out a lot on really sunny days. The original clear shield was actually not very clean but I didn't plan on using it anyways. I went by the size chart and bought the large and it fits great. I read from other reviews that it ran small but I think it fits just fine.


Pasadena, CA

Good Helmet

Comment: Did like the ablity to listen to music without installing a radio the phone works best when stopped. Maybe the emf from the motorcycle, its always best to be stopped to make or recieve a call anyway, so that did ot bother me much. Good tight fit felt real secure and comfortable. I would recommend this to anyone seeking music, phone calls when stopped.



Great price, Good helmet, Okay bluetooth

Comment: I purchased two, VCAN V 136 BLINC helmets. I decided to go a size larger than the size chart indicated. One fit fine, the other was too small for my wife. Returned it for a larger size. No hassle. Received refund on the return. Just had to pay shipping.

Then, I noticed that both my helmet and hers had hairline cracks in the face shield. I thought there might be a protective film on them, but it doesn't appear to be the case. Unfortunately, Jafrum does not sell the face shields separately. Therefore, this would mean returning both helmets, paying another $15 each for shipping, plus the hassle of not having the helmets, and no guarantee that a replacement won't have the same problem. I opted to keep the helmets. I don't really notice the cracks too much when I have it on. It's odd and I'm open for suggestions on this.

The Bluetooth is okay when at slow speeds or stopped. The phone connection is fairly clear. The helmet-to-helmet intercom is pretty worthless while you're riding at any significant speed. Too much wind noise and interference prevent the passenger from being able to hear and understand the driver. However, the driver can usually hear the passenger. Tried adjusting the mic location, but was unable to.

Music via Bluetooth was pretty good. The video said it was a mono signal...although it seems stereo to me. Again, it's better at slower speeds.

The helmet over all is solid, has a good fit, and looks good too. Tip: Add some decals, to give it a little flair.

Overall, it is one of the best full face helmets I've owned. Just disappointed with the Bluetooth. But, at this price point, it's pretty good.



Vacan v136 Bluetooth helmet review

Comment: Nice helmet good fit Bluetooth hooked to my cell but would not recognize my gps I returned it because of not connecting to gps jafrum service has always been excellent refund was quick



Better than expected!

Comment: After reading the reviews on several sites, including this one, I wasn't expecting much more than a basic helmet with nominal Bluetooth capacity and poor sound quality. Maybe due to this my expectations were lower than they should have been, but I can't find anything wrong with this helmet that would make me give it any form of a negative review. Is this a top of the line, Snell certified device? No, but then again it cost about a third the price for a helmet in that family, so why would I expect that level of quality? Are the speaker Bose or even Beats quality? No, but then again, look at the price before you set your expectations that high. For what I paid I got a nice DOT certified light weight full face helmet with Bluetooth built in. It sync'd up with my S4 in about 3 seconds and parses all audio feeds, music, GPS, phone, etc, with no problems. I spoke with my wife over the Bluetooth connection to my phone while riding 30 mph and she said it sounded just like the hands-free set-up in my truck. As for the sound quality, yes it is hollow, some what subdue and tinny, but then again I wouldn't what concert quality, high volume sound that could overwhelm the traffic noises around me or act a source of distraction. After all, this is still a device meant for use while riding, do you REALLY need add another potential source danger? The music I listened too on my ride what okay as a source of light entertainment. If I was going to give any negatives, then here are two, one of which applies to nearly every full face helmet I've worn. First, air flow through the helmet if not the greatest. This wouldn't be a problem except I wear glasses and they fog-up really quickly when I stop riding if I don't crack open the visor. When I'm moving I don't experience this problem, it only happens when I sit still. This is a common problem with ever full face helmet I've worn. The other is I must have a wickedly large head because I followed the guide for measuring a proper fit and read often where this line runs large so order one size smaller. I actually ordered the size the chart said would fit me. The first helmet I received wouldn't even slide over the top of my head! I returned that one and order the next size up. It is still quite tight, but I expect it to loosen a bit with wearing. BTW, the folks at Jafrum were great to deal with for the exchange. So that's it. To wrap it up, if you order this model, or one similar from Vcan or any other low price supplier, expect to get a nice, inexpensive, functional helmet with decent features. If you want a top of the line product, then order one but expect to pay for it.

Rick McLaughlin

Moline, IL

Windy, but cheap!

Comment: I bought two of these helmets as they were on sale ! Like, whoa! To be honest,$  for a DOT approved helmet makes up for all of its flaws. HELMET CONSTRUCTION PROS: Solid. I bought a small, and it fits me VERY snug. Messes up my hair, it's so tight. That's how a helmet is supposed to fit. The internal padding is comfortable, and I don't even notice it. I feel like I won't split my face open if I land on it, so long as I'm wearing this helmet. CONS: The windshield doesn't fit flush with the gasket around the face opening, so wind flies in at all angles. I ride in northern California, at all hours of the day, and let me tell you; it sucks. I have had my eyes dryer than beef jerky, watering, red, and a cold headache just because of the cold air being blasted on my face. It's not so bad at speeds below 50mph, but anything above and brrrr! Temperatures here have been in the upper 30's to lower 50's. Another part that REALLY sucks is the weird crap they have coating the internal plastic. I don't know what it is, but it rubs off and flakes everywhere. I didn't realize this until one day, while blasting down the highway at 75 mph, a butt load of it flew up into my already dry and watering eyes. I nearly had to pull over. BLUETOOTH: PROS: Easy to connect. Battery lasts a while. I can hear my music at nearly all speeds. Single button makes it easy to operate. The speakers and microphone work properly, and are discreet inside the helmet. CONS: Phone calls are useless at speeds above 35mph. It's too windy. The microphone crackles when I speak too loud, which is most of the time because, let's face it, motorcycles are loud. Or at least they're meant to be. Music is good, but the speakers are mono, not stereo, so I can't jam my binaural beats. Bummer. The thing only has one button, too, so you can't skip songs or do much of anything but turn on or turn off. I can accept incoming calls, but I can't make outgoing calls. This isn't so bad when I consider that I'm on a motorcycle, and I really shouldn't be on the phone anyway. All in all, you get what you pay for. I'm happy with my helmet, but I'm going to modify it to my liking (throw some extra gaskets on the windshield, maybe try to apply some sort of adhesive to the crap that's flaking off. But for $, I'm not complaining.


San Francisco

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