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Detour 8003 Leather Motorcycle Jacket.

The Detour 8003 Leather Motorcycle Jacket is is made of fine quality leather and the rider can feel safe and secure with the CE Certified removable armor adding more protection. Even though this is a great cold-weather jacket, you can still be comfortable with this jacket's adequate venting along the chest and shoulders. Go ahead and ride.

Detour 8003 Jacket Features

  • 100% Premium Genuine Leather
  • CE Certified removable armor in the shoulders and elbows
  • Antique brass hardware in buttons and YKK Zippers with leather pull tabs for ease of use with riding gloves
  • Black reflective piping to increase visibility
  • 2 external vertical zippered pockets, one on each side at waist in front
  • 2 horizontal zippered vents, one on each side of chest
  • 2 zippered vents from underarm to elbow, one on each sleeve
  • Breathable hole detailing in each underarm area
  • 2 vertical zippered vents on back, one on each shoulder blade
  • Vertical zippered waist adjustments on both sides expose leather under-panels for size waist adjustments
  • Wrist adjustments by button snap and additional zipper with leather under-panel on each wrist cuff
  • Removable, full-sleeved thermal liner by zipper and snap combination
  • 2 internal button-snap vertical pockets, one on each side
  • Stretch panel with universal zipper to connect to most riding pants

Detour 8003 Jacket Sizing

Please measure the circumference of your chest using a cloth tape measure and add 1 if the measurement is an odd number to get to the next even number and choose your size from the chart below. Please note all measurements are in inches.

L44" 27.5" 26.5"
2XL48" 28.5"28"
3XL50"29" 28.5"

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The Detour 8003 is a premium buffalo leather armored jacket with a lot of features for a little over $100.

The 8003 has brass hardware and the zippers have leather pull tabs that make them easier to operate while wearing gloves. This jacket has black reflective piping that is nearly hidden during the day but emits a nearly two inch wide halo when light hits it. This increases your visibility when riding at night. The front has two zippered vents on either side of the chest to allow air to flow into the jacket and keep you cool. There are also two zippered hand warmer pockets. On the sides, at the waist, there are these zippered expanders. These expanders offer extra room for bellies and backsides and the extra room helps keep the jacket from pushing up into the chin of riders on bikes with more compact riding positions. While we are on the side, notice the sleeve has a zippered vent from underarm to elbow and breathable holes in the underarm area. These vents and holes are on both sides and give you extra ventilation. The sleeves also have an expandable zippered cuff with a snap that make your jacket and gloves easy to get on and off.

Moving onto the back, there are two zippered vents, one on each shoulder blade. Other than these vents, the back is very minimalistic. This offers the wearer a great opportunity to customise their jacket with embroidery or patchwork.

The interior has a full-sleeve thermal liner that can be easily removed. This liner seals in your body heat and will keep you warm during the colder months.

When it gets warmer outside, you can take the quilted lining out, exposing a mesh lining that promotes airflow. The shoulders and elbows of the 8003 have CE approved armor that works well with the lines of the jacket and can稚 be easily seen from the outside. To remove the armor you unfasten the desired armor pocket and pull out the pad. Do this carefully to make sure you dont rip the lightweight armor pocket.

Once again, this has been the Detour 8003 Leather Motorcycle Jacket for Men. This is a high quality, top grain leather, all season motorcycle riding jacket that is packed with features for just a little over $100.