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TBags FLH Windshield Multipocket Bag.

TBags FLH Windshield Multipocket Bag Features

  • Fits Harley-Davidson
  • 3 streamline pockets for iPods and other small items
  • Made of tough embossed PVC with UV inhibitors for sun protection
  • Easy to install and custom cut to fit all 4" and taller FLHT windshields
  • Middle pocket: Dimensions: 7.5W x 4"W x 2.25D. Capacity: 63 cubic inches
  • All 3 pockets are intended to carry small items only. Please be prudent and reasonable in packing your T-Bag; small pocket are designed to hold small items that conform in size and shape to the pockets.

TBags FLH Windshield Multipocket Bag Mounting Instructions

Loosen bolts on existing windshield. Align metal tabs around the center bolt of your motorcycle and push the metal tabs down. The bag should rest between the windshield bracket and windshield. Retighten the windshield bolts and your windshield bag is installed.

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