Zip-Off Motorcycle Saddlebags with Quick Release SD4005

Zip-Off Motorcycle Saddlebags with Quick Release SD4005

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Zip-Off Motorcycle Saddlebags with Quick Release SD4005

Item Code: SD4005

Brand: Detour

Color: Black

Material: Leather-Like PVC

Material: Cowhide Leather

Width: 14 inches

Height: 11 inches

Depth: 6 inches

Quick Release Buckles under straps


These leather saddlebags are made from split leather which is the thick under part of the top grain leather. Great for couple of years of use. Not Water Proof but Water Resistant. We recommend you using some waterproofing leather cream.

No need for any mounting hardware or support brackets. Just put under passenger seat over the rear fender and tie-down to the motorcycle frame using the attached leather tie-downs on each bag. You can easily choose how high or low you want to hang the bags by adjusting the center strap.
These are designed not to flop around in the wind or get into the rear wheel and also to give adequate leg space for the passenger. Each bag is treated for water resistant (not water proof).

This will look good and will fit most of the Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW motorcycles.

Customer Reviews

Rated 9 out of 10 based on 46 reviews
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Saddlebags for 2005 Sportster

Comment: Unbelievable! Ya know, Ive seen firsthand what kind of junk you get for the prices that Jafrum offers, so even after reading nothing but good reviews, I was still extremely skeptical about what I would recieve in the mail. Well 3 days after I placed the order, they showed up on my doorstep (wow) and I opened the box and was floored! They are absolutely NOT the JUNK I was expecting, but in fact are a very high quality bag made of good quality leather. Ive seen bags of a lot lesser quality in discount stores for more than twice the price! I will have to do some slight modifications on them in order for them to fit correctly on my 05 Sportster, but that is to be expected of ANY universal fit type product. I am definitely bookmarking Jafrum website for all my future leather needs!


St Louis, MO


Saddlebags for 1976 BMW R75/6

Comment: I ordered these for my 1976 BMW R75/6. I just wanted something to put a change of clothes and laptop in for work. They provide lots of space and seem to be really made well. They look great on the bike.


Pillar Point, NY


Saddlebags for Sporty

Comment: Ordered these bags thinking they were too good to be true. They came fast. They fit with minor adjustments. They are big enough for my Sporty. Decent leather. Great price. I would buy them again.




Durable bags...

Comment: I will say this...these are some durable bags, i got these for my wifes bike and they fit great...I will also state that these bags saved my wife some serious money when she wrecked, reason i state this is that the bags are so well built that the whole back side of the bike was not damaged," except for the turn signals" due to the strength and tuffness of these bags...i would and will defenently buy another set of these again....




Saddlebags for Sportster

Comment: Thick quality leather well constructed, fits my Sportster with no need for additional mounting brackets and doesn't flop around at highway speed


Summerville SC


Saddlebags for 650 V-Star

Comment: Well constructed, fits my 650 V-Star. looks great. shipping was fast. one bad thing is there should be 2 tie downs not just one. leather is heavy duty. worth the money, great buy.


Great Falls, MT


Leather Saddlebags

Comment: Recently bought saddlebags and it's great.

Gregg Martin

Evans, GA


very nice!!

Comment: I just got my saddlebags and I love them! Great bags at such a low price. Will not hesitate to pass the word on to all my friends... Thank you Jafrum!!!


Castile, NY

Saddlebags for 2010 Iron 883

Comment: Fit great on my 2010 Iron 883. Not too big, not too small. They seem a good value and the leather is thick and REALLY stiff. Almost like a rigid bag! Not supple or soft, but like leather boxes! The ad states this and this was ok with me. They are easy to pack and unpack, except the small inner left and right flaps on each bag remain "closed" due to stiffness.


Louisville, KY

Saddlebags for 2009 Yamaha V-Star 1300

Comment: Ordered bags Friday delivered Tuesday! Fantastic quality, all leather bags, at a super price. They fit my 2009 Yamaha Star V-1300 perfectly. They are worth 3 times the price. Today most bags are synthetic leather. I am a repeat customer. Keep up the good work Jafrum.



Saddlebag review

Comment: We were more than happy with these!

Bonita Barbee

140 Sinclair St. New Carlisle, OH

Saddlebags for Kawasaki 900

Comment: Nice bags for the price. Fit my kawasaki 900 quite well.


Minot, ND

Saddlebags for 2009 Yamaha V-Star 1300

Comment: Good quality genuine leather saddle bags at a truly fantastic price. You cannot buy "pleather" vinyl bags for this price! They fit my 2009 Yamaha V-Star 1300 perfectly. I received them in a quick three (3) day delivery.Jafrum always sells quality and ships fast. I love you guys!


Doylestown, Pa

Cowboy worthy

Comment: Needed a set of inexpensive bags to contain the occassional parts, helmet or groceries. Figured these were a risk because the price was pretty low for something I was going to strap onto a restored '54 BMW. But previous success with Jafrum assuaged my fears if a return was needed. No worries! Got my usual sterling delivery service and VERY surprised at the quality of these bags. Yep, you could pay a grand or two for "rich Corinthian leather" but you can't beat Jafrum's for the price. Out-#&%**@$-standing value!



Saddlebags for 07 Sportster

Comment: i pordered mine late Monday night and got them Wednesday morning. It took me about 10 minutes to put them on my 07 Sportster. Well worth what you will pay for them. Don't look any further. You will not find a better deal folks. They fit like they were made for the Sportster.

Boris bush


Saddlebags fit my Honda Magna

Comment: Very pleased with the quality for the price. Needed to rub in some oil to soften and protect the leather. Easily adjusted to fit our Honda Magna. Bookmarked this site for future purchases.


Livonia, NY

Saddlebags for Harley

Comment: No one at work can believe I only paid $50 for these bags. They look great on my Harley. I was never a saddle bag guy, but needed to carry some things to work. They are great, good looking, durable and so stiff I didnt even need Brackets. A great product that wont break the bank.


Ft. Bliss, Texas

Great bags

Comment: Quick shipping, great price, look cool, & snap buckles are awesome.


Cicero, In

good deal

Comment: This is a prefect fit. Nice quick release buckles.



great bargain

Comment: Saddles look great on my 1985 shadow 1100! (Saddlebags). Good fit and heavy duty. Tks, jafrum.

Terry Martin

Central Georgia

Saddlebags for 2007 Honda Shadow Spirit

Comment: For the price of these bags they are great, the unfortunate thing is that they will probably only last 2 or 3 years, but they are priced well so I would get another pair then.


Erie PA


Comment: Saddle bags Look cheap so if your expecting a flashy product, this is not it. But I just wanted some cheap leather bags to throw on when I needed to hold a few things. For this purpose and for $50 its about right. Buckles and straps are junk, leather looks thick and stiff so should work for me.



Saddlebags for Sportster xl 883 custom

Comment: Good thick leather, fits between tail lights and seat, location of ties useless. I installed some quarter inch grommets on the bottom of the bags below the stitching. They are very secure now. Thanks.

Terrance Betts

Franklinton, LA

Saddlebags fit my Royal Enfield

Comment: Incredible value! I am truly happy to find these leather saddlebags at this price. They look so right on on my Royal Enfield. Totally satisfied.

S Jarvis

Las Cruces NM

Saddlebags fit my 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan classic

Comment: Great price! Geat quality! Just bought a different set as a gift. Definitely will be a return customer!2006 Kawasaki Vulcan classic

Richard S.

Erie h

Good for the Price

Comment: These are plain jane thin leather bags. Bought them to last the rest of the season. The rain goes right through them. But they are holding up better than I anticipated.

Boyd Nelson


Saddlebags for 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic

Comment: I bought these for my 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 classic and they were so much more than I expected for my money! Only bad thing I can say about them is they are kind of rough.... I used some leather conditioner in them and they are great now.


Erie pa

Saddlebags fit Honda VT700

Comment: Size fits bike well. Stiff leather, no need for support.


Hammond, LA

Saddlebags for a 2006 Sporster

Comment: These bags fit great they give my bike a whole new look. The quick snaps below the buckle are a nice touch when wanting to get in and out of the bags. The transaction was great will do buisness again.



Saddlebags for 1996 Vulcan 750

Comment: I just put these on my '96 Vulcan 750 and they look great. I have gotten a ton of compliments and my co-workers think they look great. I added a latch hasp so I could lock them up. Piece of cake and they still look awesome. Great deal for the price.


Fort Hood, Texas

07 V-Star 1300

Comment: Great Bag!! Held up well in a bad rain storm..I had to us brackets to support these bags for my style bike..



Saddlebags for a '95 Vulcan

Comment: I'm very happy with these. Great deal and they look awesome too. Guys at work can't believe how little I paid for them. I added locking clasps to them because where I work every vehicle has to be secure. Easy to do and good to go.


Fort Hood, Texas

Saddlebags for 2012 Iron 883

Comment: I was skeptical about buying anything this inexpensive for Shelia (the HD Iron 883) but the other reviews were pretty convincing. These are good bags for the price. Shoot, they are good bags for three times the price! Using them in the real world is easy. I can put two gallons of milk on one side and 6 frozen pizzas on the other side. They don't flap around.



Leather Saddlebags

Comment: Heavy duty and look like a good value for the money.

Larry B.

Silver City, NM

Saddlebags for Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 900

Comment: Got as a gift for my Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 900. They look great, are durable, and fit nicely. Excellent value for a great price.


Tampa, FL

Not bad for the price

Comment: Not a bad set of medicine bags here. I've had them about a month now and they have been left to the weather uncovered. The dye came out easily without making to much of a mess or staining the pipes. The dye stayed in the leather and they are still deep black. The buckles are just for looks and it uses plastic buckles underneath. I left them to the weather to break them in, relitivel stiff hard leather and they just dried back all warped and even more unforgiving, not a horrible issue. Since they were on sale I'm not dissapointed with the $140 saddle bags, othrwise I would be. Wait for them to go on sale or look for a better quality product.



Saddlebags fit my Honda VTX1800

Comment: I bought these for my Honda VTX1800 These bags are pretty basic bags, that do what they're supposed to do. I like the cut release clamps so no fooling with buckles. They are hard and tough, so if you're looking for frills and soft sided bags, these are not for you. But if you're looking for basic utility bags that will hold your "stuff" these do the job for a really fair price. I'd buy them again if I needed another set.


Colquitt, Georgia





Leather Saddlebags

Comment: Outstanding product for the price. Very easy to install, lots of room and look of class! Great company to deal with also

Big D

Harfotd, CT

Saddlebags for my Harley

Comment: These are some great saddlebags. I put them on my 2006 Dyna Super Glide and they look great. They're very sturdy and was shipped and received by me within a week and in great condition. I would definitely recommend these to all my friends.


Raeford, NC

Saddlebags for 2012 Honda Fury

Comment: Awesome saddlebags!! I have a 2012 Honda Fury and these bags definitely enhance the look of my bike! At first I was skeptical about the price and quality but when I received my bags I was blown away. Oh, also they can super fast!! I will definitely buy more products from this company.

Levelle Harley

Atlanta, GA

2007 Sporty Saddlebags

Comment: Great bags... Did some minor modifications, test drove them today.... Awesome...

Felecia Smith

.Ventura Calif

Love the bags! Saddlebags for 2012 Vulcan 900 Classic

Comment: I have placed these on my 2012 Vulcan 900 Classic... Got to say, the two tie downs aren't my favorite, but the bags don't flop everywhere at 75mph so I'm good. The bags stay sturdy without a formal frame and carry everything I have needed them too. Also, from what I can tell, they are waterproof - yeah, I don't keep my piece of sunshine in the garage when it's rainy. :)

C Williams


Saddlebags for 2013 Yamaha star 650 custom

Comment: I bought this for my 2013 Yamaha star 650 custom and they work very well.. Easy on and easy off, Great for a road trip or a quick trip to the market.

George Evans

U.C. Tx

Throw over bag for 2010 FXDC




Saddlebags for Harley Street Bob

Comment: These bags went on my Harley Street Bob and fit nicely. I was afraid they might be too small, but they were just the right size. Sturdy semi hard leather material and easy to adjust for fit. I unfortunately had to return the bags because they had some bad mold on some of the panels. The return was mega easy, but Jaffrum was out of stock and could not send me replacement bags. I am waiting though these bags are too nice to pass up for the money!


Inglewood, CA

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price. they work great.
Jeffrey V on Feb 8, 2015
Great looking bags for the price. They work great on my Street Bob, not too big not too small. I would advise getting saddle bag braces / brackets as they will rub on parts of the bike that will wear through the bags over time. But over all really satisfied with these bags!!
Jason M on Dec 2, 2014
Patrick B on Jan 12, 2015
will this fit a 2012 vulcan 900 classic?
j w on Nov 3, 2014
Best Answer: These bags are not bike specific. Our bags are designed to fit most bikes.

Please follow the link below to see if this will fit your required motorcycle.
Reply · Report · Bella HStaff on Nov 21, 2014
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