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Motion Pro LiteLoc Rim Locks.

Motion Pro LiteLoc Rim Locks Features

  • One piece molded design made from special high-strength nylon composite material
  • Super light and impact resistant
  • Includes the new Motion Pro aluminum LiteLoc rim lock nut and beveled washer
  • Small Weighs only 44 grams (1.55 oz), Medium weighs only 56 grams (1.98 oz), and Large Weighs only 72 grams (2.54 oz) with aluminum nut and beveled washer
  • Unique contoured shape protects inner tube from abrasion and reduces heat
  • Unique angled and tapered ribs locks tire securely to rim
  • Our testing shows these rim locks are 10 to 20 percent stronger than cast aluminum rim locks and only half the weight
  • Recommended tightening torque on nut is 10 ft-lbs
  • Includes 11-0076 Rim Lock pad to prevent rim lock from shifting under heavy torque loads
  • Patented design

Motion Pro LiteLoc Rim Locks Size Chart

  • S - 1.60
  • M - 1.85
  • L - 2.15

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