Motorcycle Rain Gear

Motorcycle Rain Gear for Men and Women are available at Jafrum from all the top brands like Thunder Under, Frogg Toggs, Tourmaster, Icon, Alpinestars and more. Whether you ride Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, BMW or any other motorcycle we have the right rain gear for you. We sell all kinds of rain gear at very low prices with no hassle returns. Whether you are looking for one piece rain suits, two piece rain suits, rain boot covers or other motorcycle rain gear accessories we have covered for you. Get these and protect yourself from Mother Nature. Read motorcycle rain gear reviews to decide on the right one or just give us a call at 1-877-GO-HELMET if you have any questions. Don't let the rain stop you from riding!

Weathermen are, sadly, often wrong. So even with the best planning, there is always a chance that you could get caught out in the rain. And if you’re traveling across country, you can never be sure what type of weather you might encounter. Storms can crop up suddenly, especially during the summer months. And there really is nothing worse than riding in the rain with no protection! We bet you’ve seen riders that weren’t prepared for rainy weather huddled on their bikes under an underpass while waiting for the rain to stop. Unfortunately, this can be very dangerous, and you could be in for a long wait, depending on the size of the storm. 

Well, at Jafrum, we have all of the rain gear you’ll need. So the next time the rain starts, you can just stop and put on a rain suit over your motorcycle riding apparel. In addition to rain suits, jackets, rain pants, we carry other waterproof accessories, including rain gloves. We also carry gear specifically designed to fit a woman’s figure. 

Our rain gear has been created specifically for motorcyclists. Regular rain wear is not going to offer you the protection and comfort that motorcycle rain wear can offer. For example, biker rain-proof gear typically boasts heat protection on the legs and will have articulated knees. In addition, many of our suits and jackets have been made to fit over your regular motorcycle gear so that you can slip them on when necessary. And some of our rainwear is also designed with reflective striping and neon colors to make you more visible to drivers in bad weather conditions. 

We recommend that all motorcycle riders should carry some form of weatherproof gear with them when they ride. And, fortunately, Jafrum carries all of the weather-proof gear for motorcycles that you’ll need at low discount prices.