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We know that rain can be a good thing. It nourishes plants and washes our dirty vehicles. But it’s not fun to ride motorcycles in wet conditions. In fact, one of the most dangerous times to ride is in the rain when it’s very difficult for other drivers to see you on the roadway. That is why you need to own rain gear with high visibility features, such as neon colors and reflective striping.

At Jafrum, you can find all of your high visibility weatherproof gear from all of the top brands, including Alpinestars, Tourmaster and Icon. And this gear is not just designed to keep you visible, it is also designed to keep you dry with features, such as taped seams. Our hi-viz motorcycle rain gear is also designed to make the hours that you spend on your bike more comfortable. You’ll find a lot of great details on our apparel such as jackets and pants that have been articulated so that you can feel comfortable while in a riding position.

And we’re sure that you will find ordering from Jafrum easy and convenient. Our items come with detailed descriptions so that you can compare our different rain gear. We also offer you sizing charts as well as information on how to measure yourself in order to get the best fit.

We also provide many product reviews as well as informational videos on our YouTube channel, including one entitled, “How to Buy the Best Motorcycle Rain Gear for You.” So when you’re ready to purchase your next hi-viz motorcycle gear to wear out in the rain, make sure to check out Jafrum first. We have everything you need to stay dry, safe, and visible, whether you are riding at night or in a storm during the day.



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