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Mens Motorcycle Rain Gear

Frogg Toggs Hogg Togg Rainsuit

You save: $ 12 (13 %)

Tour Master Defender Two-Piece Rainsuit

You save: $ 75 (75 %)

Joe Rocket RS-2 Rain Suit

You save: $ 7 (10 %)

Frogg Toggs Kikker II Jacket

You save: $ 15 (18 %)

Frogg Toggs Pilot Frogg Cruiser Jacket

You save: $ 16 (10 %)

Frogg Toggs Pilot Frogg Illuminator Jacket

You save: $ 22 (13 %)

Icon Citadel Waterproof Gloves

You save: $ 48 (51 %)

Nelson Rigg WP-8000 Weather Pro Rainwear

You save: $ 4 (10 %)

Mens Frogg Toggs Pro Action Jacket

You save: $ 12 (40 %)

Mens Frogg Toggs Tekk Toad Pants

You save: $ 5 (10 %)

Mens Frogg Toggs Tekk Toad Jacket

You save: $ 9 (18 %)

Mens Frogg Toggs Road Toad Jacket

You save: $ 20 (40 %)

Mens Frogg Toggs Toad Rage Pants

You save: $ 15 (25 %)

Mens Frogg Toggs Toad Rage Jacket

You save: $ 7 (10 %)

Rain gear is one of those items that bikers often forget about purchasing when they first buy a motorcycle. Some riders, for example, just never plan on riding in inclement weather. But the truth is that weather happens. No matter how much you plan, unexpected storms can suddenly crop up. And that is why it is important to carry motorcycle gear with you that is specifically designed to keep you dry in wet weather.

At Jafrum, we carry a variety of suits, including ones that are designed to be worn over your regular riding gear. This type of rainwear can be thrown on over your regular riding clothes and can be stowed in your saddlebags for those times when you suddenly find yourself riding into a storm.

It’s important to try and resist the temptation to wear non-motorcycle rain gear while on your bike. It is not designed to withstand the specific needs of a biker like the gear we carry. For example, we have rain pants that boast heat-resistant material on the inner calf to protect your suit from the heat of the engine and exhaust system.

Other features that you’ll find on biker rain gear that you probably won’t find on traditional rain gear include articulated knees so that you’ll feel comfortable while astride your iron horse.

At Jafrum, we want you to feel comfortable purchasing your rain gear online, so we’ve done everything we can to make the experience easy and pleasant. For example, we have a YouTube Channel, where you can find product reviews and instructional videos, including one on “How to Buy the Best Motorcycle Rain Gear for You.” We also try our best to let you know when a product runs a little big or is true to size. At Jafrum, you’ll find everything you will need to deal with rainy weather.