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Rain bibs are designed to keep you warm and dry even when it’s pouring cats and dogs out. Have you been searching for a bib to complete your motorcycle apparel wardrobe? Then look no further. At Jafrum, you will find an excellent selection of high-quality bibs that won’t drain your wallet. Do you ride your motorcycle a lot? Or are you planning on going on a long road trip? Then you are going to need some great rain gear to keep you dry. Storms can pop up unexpectedly. So there is no guarantee you won’t hit one even if you’ve checked the weather sites religiously. Plus, weathermen are notorious for making mistakes. So your best bet? To have a great waterproof bib stowed in your saddlebags or to wear one if you suspect that you will be riding through a storm.

Jafrum has a variety of styles and brands of rain bibs including youth, women’s and men’s sizes to choose from. Each is constructed with Nylon and are 100% waterproof to keep you dry in the rain and some also feature Thermolite padded insulation. Other features that you can find on our rain bibs include hand-warmer pockets and waist-high, two-way leg zippers so that you can pull them on over your boots and the apparel you are already wearing. Our bib selection also includes ones that are designed with reflective striping and neon colors so that drivers can see you even when visibility is poor.

The straps on these motorcycle bibs, which are adjustable, will keep you pants in place. And some of our pants have been designed to compensate for the bent-over position of sport bike riders.

At Jafrum, you can find a great selection of rain bibs at prices you can afford. Our selection includes bibs from some of the best motorsports manufacturers out there, including Icon and Vega. And if you will be riding in the rain a lot, make sure to check out our full selection of motorcycle rain gear including rain pants, rain jackets, and rain suits. We have everything you will need to stay dry and warm on all of your rides.



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