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Cortech GX-Sport Waterproof Pants


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MSR Pak Pants


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Nelson Rigg AS-250 Aston Rain Pant


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Frogg Toggs Men's Horny Toadz Pants


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There are few things more uncomfortable than trying to walk around or having to ride in wet jeans or pants. And once your pants get wet, it can take a very long time for them to dry. Unfortunately, there are times when you’ll be out on your motorcycle when you just can’t avoid riding through a storm.

It’s for those times that we carry a large selection of rain pants. Our collection of rain pants include overpants and rain bibs. We also carry high visibility pants because we know that drivers may have a hard time seeing you in rainy conditions. In addition, we also offer pants that have been specifically designed to fit our female riders.

At Jafrum, our collection includes pants from some of the most well-known names in the motorsports industry, including Frogg Toggs, Tourmaster, and Vega. These manufacturers understand what motorcycle riders need and so they have included many innovative features on their pants that you can really appreciate. For example, these manufacturers know that your motorcycle seat will probably get slippery if it’s raining, so many of their pants have rear panels to minimize slipping. And quite a few of our pants also have heat-resistant material on the legs to protect you from the hot exhaust system.

Some of our pants have also been designed with hook and loop closures and zippers so that you can pull them on without having to remove your boots. This is a great feature for those times you get caught in a sudden storm and have to get your rain gear on in a big hurry.

We’re certain you’ll be able to find the rain pants you’ve been looking for if you just take a few minutes to check out our large selection. And with our low prices, there is no reason why you can’t have a pair stowed away in one of your saddlebags at all times.



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