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Two Piece Motorcycle Rain Suits

Frogg Toggs Hogg Togg Rainsuit

You save: $ 12 (13 %)

Joe Rocket RS-2 Rain Suit for Women

You save: $ 7 (10 %)

Tour Master Defender Two-Piece Rainsuit

You save: $ 75 (75 %)

Joe Rocket RS-2 Rain Suit

You save: $ 7 (10 %)

Our two piece rain suits come in several styles, colors, and brands. And we also have two-piece weatherproof motorcycle gear that is specifically designed for women because we know that to fit right, clothing needs to be tailored to the female form.

If you ride frequently or for long distances, you should stow two-piece weather gear in your saddlebags. That way, you’ll always have it on hand in the event that you should get caught in a sudden cloudburst. Unfortunately, weather can be so unpredictable that even the most careful riders can find themselves in the middle of a storm they weren’t expecting to ride into. So it’s better to be safe than sorry and carry rain gear that you can quickly pull on to keep you dry.

Some of these weatherproof pieces have been designed to be worn over the motorcycle apparel you already have on. We even have a clear waterproof suit that you can wear over your racing leathers so that you can stay dry while having all of your sponsor patches and graphics still be visible.

You’ll find many excellent features on our weatherproof gear that are designed to keep you safe, including heat shields on your legs to prevent burns from the exhaust system and engine as well as slip-resistant panels on your rear to prevent sliding. Some of our rain suits also have features that will make you more visible in gloomy or rainy conditions, such as reflective striping or bright neon colors.

Whether you’re looking for a high end rain suit with all the bells and whistles or you just need rain gear to throw on and keep you dry in emergency situations, we have a suit just for you at excellent discount prices that won’t put a dent in your budget.