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Motorcycle Buying Guides: How to Buy the Best Motorcycle Gear

Jafrum online wants to make it as easy as possible for new riders to find the best motocycle gear that will allow for safe and enjoyable motorcycle riding. Jafrum’s buying guide is here to help you when shopping for your first motorcycle helmet, gear, boots, pants, chaps, gloves and motorcycle luggage. We guide you in how to measure your head for the perfect fitting helmet, or measuring your bike so your saddle bags won’t sag! Jafrum on lines buying guides are here to assist you in all of your buying needs from sizing to understanding the difference in certain helmets. So if you’re a new rider or a first time buyer this is just the spot for you look first.

Scorpion Exo Motorcycle Helmets Guide -This Guide will demistify all the EXOs out there.

Arai Vs Shoei - Can't decide which one to buy?

Motorcycle-Leather-Products-Glossary - What the heck is a Ballistic Weave or a Cuff Vent System? Check out our Glossary Section

How to Measure Your Shoe Size - A question that tends to come through on our phone line to our Gear Experts is, “How do I know what shoe size I am?” and “How do you go about finding that out?” Well we here at Jafrum decided to add this guide to simplify the ordering process of motorcycle boots and put your mind at ease.