Motorcycle Rallies

Motorcyclists are a breed apart. It is often hard for them to explain to non-bikers why they love blasting down an open highway on two wheels rather than in a cage. Only other bikers can understand this infatuation with the iron horse. This is why rallies and rides serve such an important role in the world of bikers. At these gatherings, no one has to explain what it feels like to rumble down the highway on a Hog or carve through switchbacks on a sports bike.

Of course, there are your everyday local rides and rallies, and then there are the ultimate events that everyone has heard of and has scrawled down somewhere on their bucket list of things to do. Most people agree that the top four rallies are Sturgis, Laconia, Daytona's Bike Week, and Myrtle Beach. As for rides, the most well-known has to be the Rolling Thunder tribute to veterans. Here -- in no particular order -- are some of this nation's top rides and rallies.