Kansas - Motorcycle Roads and Riders

Kansas - Motorcycle Roads and Riders

Kansas has the reputation for possibly being the flattest state in the nation. Over 60 percent of this state is flat, and its average elevation is about 2,000 feet. That being said, there are some hills in eastern Kansas and the Great Plains boasts the state’s highest point, Mount Sunflower, at 4,000 feet. Even without any tall mountains or a plethora of hills, Kansas still has much to offer motorcyclists. This state has eight scenic byways, two of which are designated as National Scenic Byways.

The best known twisty road in Kansas is fittingly located across from Lakeside Speedway. State Route 5 is a nine-mile road that boasts lots of twisties flowing over gently rolling hills. Riders need to keep an eye out for slower moving rural traffic and gravel or dirt on the roadways. To enjoy this entertaining route, motorcyclists can take State Route 5, which is also known as K-5, north out of Wolcott. The road ends when it reaches US-73.

The Flint Hills National Scenic Byway is a popular road with local motorcyclists, especially on the first Sunday of each month when hoards of bikers gather in Cassoday to ride this route and to just enjoy hanging out. This 47-mile route, which is also known as Kansas-177, takes riders on a scenic, gently rolling, curving ride through the tall grass prairies of the Flint Hills. Riders can begin the Flint Hills National Scenic Byway by taking Kansas-177 north from Cassoday to its end in Council Grove. The Flint Hills Scenic Byway is also designated as an America’s Byway.

This state’s other America’s Byway is known as the Wetlands and Wildlife Scenic Byway. This is an approximately 77-mile ride through wetlands, including the Cheyenne Bottoms State Wildlife Area and the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge. Cheyenne Bottoms is said to be the largest marsh located in the interior of the United States, and it is an important stop for migratory birds. Riders may be able to see sand hill and whooping cranes, as well as bald and golden eagles along this byway.

This route begins at the junction of US-281 and Highway K-4 in Barton County. From here, riders will take Highway K-4 east until they reach NE 100 Avenue, which they will take south. When riders reach Highway K-156, they will take this road southwest to NE30 Road, where they will turn east, followed by an immediate turn south onto NE 60 Avenue/RS-980. Motorcyclists will stay on this route, which will eventually change names to NE 40th Avenue/RS-0980. When riders reach NE 140th Street/RS-1484, they will take this road east (the road changes name to 95th Avenue/RS-554) to Raymond Road/RS-506, which they then follow south to 4th Avenue/ NE 70th Street/RS-636. Motorcyclists will take this road west to the byway’s end at the US-281 junction.

Motorcyclists who enjoy sweepers with their scenery will find much to like about the Gypsum Hills Scenic Byway, which is also known as US-160. The Gypsum Hills are located in the Great Plains, which are usually miles of flat grasslands, but here the land turns rogue and opens up into buttes, canyons and weathered hills. This 42-mile road, which stretches from Coldwater to Medicine Lodge, boasts some elevation changes and sweepers as it flows over this region’s hills and down its canyons. Riders can pick US-160 from either Coldwater or Medicine Lodge.

Kansas motorcyclists also have a number of rallies, shows and rides to look forward to each year, including the Big Bend Bike Rally, which will be held in September in Great Bend. Of course, there is also the monthly event in Cassoday, which always draws thousands of riders.



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