Missouri - Motorcycle Roads and Riders

Missouri - Motorcycle Roads and Riders

Missouri is blessed with lots of rolling hills and beautiful open country. The many asphalt stretches that cut through and over this beautiful terrain provide lots of fun and scenic rides for motorcyclists.

Motorcyclists interested in a beautiful ride on tree-lined rural roads should head out to the Sunklands Conservation Area in the Ozarks. This diverse area, which features forests and savannas, is a showcase of the wildlife and plant life that exist in the Ozark Mountains. To explore this 73-mile route, where trees often form a leafy canopy over the road, riders can pick up Highway K north from Route 17, which is near the city of Summersville. Motorcyclists will then follow Route 17 through the Sunklands Conservation area. When riders reach Route 19, they can then take that back south through the conservation area to the city of Eminence.

Motorcyclists looking for nice sweeping curves over some gently rolling hills will enjoy a 61-mile ride on Missouri Highway 72 from Jackson to Fredricktown. This is a nice scenic ride on a rural road. Some riders may want to continue on Highway 72 past Fredericktown until they reach Route 21, which they can then take north to Elephant Rocks State Park. This park is filled with unusual gigantic, gray rounded boulders that bear a passing resemblance to elephants. Some visitors like to climb on the boulders, while others prefer to walk around and read the names of miners who carved them into these rocks back in the 19th century. These gray boulders are said to be 1.5 billion years old and some have been affectionately named, including the 27-foot-tall Dumbo elephant rock.

Riders who enjoy twisty roads may want to continue north on Route 21 after exploring Elephant Rocks State Park to State Highway C, which they will then take west to State Highway P. Riders will then go north on State Highway P, which is full of hard curves, steep elevation changes, straights, and lots of fun twisties. State Highway P ends at Route 8, which riders can then take east to return to Route 21. Riders should be advised that State Highway P does not have shoulders and there are no services on this road.

Other riders may want to turn south off of State Highway C onto State Highway DD instead of going north on State Highway P. State Highway DD is also an excellent motorcycle road, with less elevation changes, but plenty of tight, hard curves. Of course, there will also be some riders who may just decide to do both fun roads just for the heck of it. Why not, right? The total mileage for State Highway DD and State Highway P combined is only about 25 miles.

Highway 90 in southwest Missouri is a scenic, curvy ride that takes motorcyclists over some nice hilly terrain. This road begins as Highway 43 in Southwest City, which is located very close to the borders of Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Highway 43 eventually becomes Highway 90 and continues on for about 50 miles to its end in Washburn.

Motorcyclists will find plenty of rallies, shows, rides and other events in Missouri, including the Branson Motorcycle Rally. This large three-day event is held at the end of May in Branson and features contests, vendor booths, rides and live musical acts.



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