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Brown Bullet Proof Style Leather Motorcycle Vest.

Great look for the rider who loves the hardcore look. This bullet-proof STYLE vest is fully adjustable to accommodate almost any size and shape due to the straps on shoulders and sides. Also a great vest for patchwork due to the single panel back.

Bullet Proof Style Leather Motorcycle Vest Features

  • 100% Premium Genuine Leather
  • 4 Velcro Strap: 2 on stomach area and 2 on shoulders
  • 1 Panel back so you can add patches
  • 2 inside zippered pockets one on each side; one front right pocket
  • This vest is highly adjustable due to the straps
  • Has a zipper front for easy on/off.
  • Very versatile fit by stretch hook and loop side belts
  • Antique Brass YKK front zipper with pull tab for ease of use when wearing gloves
  • Front panel connection to back panel by hook and loop at each shoulder as well as 2 stretch bands on each waist
  • 2 Internal vertical zippered pockets, one on each side
  • 100% Polyester brown fixed liner

**** Please note: This is a replica vest in the shape and style of a bullet proof vest.****

Bullet Proof Style Leather Motorcycle Vest Sizing

Please use a cloth tape measure to measure the circumference of your chest in inches. You can go up a size depending on how you wear the vest. Otherwise go with the chest measurement.

Size Chart

Size Chest

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Vests are worn for lots of different reasons. Some folks use them for their pins and patchwork and wear them over their protective gear. Others wear them instead of protective gear just to keep their t-shirt from lifting up their back or getting all stretched out on the highway. Whatever the reason, vests have always been popular among cruiser and sportbike riders alike. The bullet proof vest is a newer look on the block and its style and versatility are taking over the streets.Choosing a bullet proof vest size is very easy because of the nearly infinite adjustability in the belly area. Detour vests are sized to be worn over armored jackets. So, if you are planning on wearing protective gear under your vest, just order the same size vest as you would a t-shirt. If you're planning on wearing your vest over just a t-shirt or a hoody, be sure to order a size smaller.

This 8201 vest we have here is genuine brown buffalo leather with antiqued brass hardware. The zipper is all metal and has a leather pull tab for easy operation when wearing gloves.

This vest has no less than ten points of adjustment. The shoulders have nearly four inches of hook and loop adjustability. Each strap across the belly has nearly ten inches of usable hook and loop surface for attachment. The rearward end of the strap is also attached using a hook and loop system for fine adjustment and removability. The strap itself is even made of a stretchy material for added versatility. If you can't make this thing fit, I don't know what to tell ya. If you take a look at the back of the 8201 you can see that they kept the surface completely seamless. This is a super clean surface for riding club rockers and other patchwork. Many vests in this pricepoint will have raw leather on the interior. The interior of the 8201 has a polyester liner. Liners are important on leather vests. If you use a vest for your club colors, you will obviously be wearing it regardless of the climate. It doesn't matter if it's hot, cold, rainy, snowy, volcanoee, or alien invasionee,'re wearing it. A liner will make sure the vest doesn't stick to you and restrict your mobility or make you uncomfortable. incorporated into the liner are two zippered, oversized pockets; one on each side. These are large enough for a wallet, cell phone, and keys on one side, and a sub compact pistol on the other. With the vest zipped up, you can barely tell that there are any items in these pockets.