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Heated Motorcycle Vest

Venture Heat Grand Touring Motorcycle Vest


You save: $50 (23%)

Mobile Warming Women's Jackii Heated Vest


You save: $30 (19%)

Mobile Warming Women's Classic Heated Vest


You save: $40 (24%)

Mobile Warming Classic Heated Vest


You save: $40 (24%)

Venture Heat City Collection Battery Heated Vest


You save: $40 (25%)

Venture Heat Women's Puffer Vest


You save: $27 (15%)

Venture Heat Women's Heated Soft Shell Vest


You save: $24 (15%)

Venture Heat Elite Motorcycle Heated Vest


You save: $29 (21%)
Once the weather turns cold, a heated vest is crucial to keeping you warm and safe. At Jafrum, you will find a large selection of heated motorcycle vest in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. These warm vests will keep your mind on the road and not on the cold air. We also carry heated liners that are designed to be worn under your vest or jacket.

Some of our specialty vests are battery powered. These vests offer you primo heat, in some cases up to ten hours or more. And because these vests are battery-powered, you can use them off of your motorcycle. For example, these vests are perfect for taking your dog for a walk or to go hiking through the woods on a cold winter day.

We also carry heated motorcycle vests that are designed to work off of your bike’s battery. These vests can also be used while riding an ATV, a scooter or a snowmobile. You will never have to worry about your battery getting low and losing heat if you wear one of these vests.

Our specialty warming vests are available in a variety of options and fabrics, including in fleece and puffer styles. And we also carry vests that have been specifically designed for women. That is important because when it’s cold out, you want to have apparel that will stay close to your body so that the warmth can be trapped and not escape.

And because these specialty vests come from some of the best names in the motorsports industry, including Tour Master and Venture, you know that the quality is there. But high quality doesn’t mean you have to pay high prices. At Jafrum, we pride ourselves on always offering great budget friendly prices to our customers on all of our apparel, including these amazing heated biker vests.




Mobile Warming Motorcycle Heated Vest

Tour Master Motorcycle Heated Vest

Venture Heat Motorcycle Heated Vest