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A High Visibility Vest could potentially save your life one day. With all of the risks associated with riding a motorcycle, it only makes sense to wear a high visibility vest to ensure that you will be seen by drivers, especially if you are out riding at night or on a gloomy or stormy day.

It’s important to be seen and to stay safe – and that is exactly what high-viz vests are designed to do! At Jafrum, you can find these brilliant motorcycle vests in a wide range of styles and neon colors, including bright oranges, yellows, greens and red. These flashy neon colors are designed to catch the eye of even the most distracted drivers and to ensure that they see you.

In addition to helping you stay visible, these vests also boast a ton of useful features. Some of our vests, for example, are made from breathable materials and have mesh panels that will help keep you cool even in hot weather.

We also offer a nice selection of vests that have been designed specifically to meet military base requirements, such as high visibility and a clear pocket on the front of the vest so that your identification can be easily seen. In addition, our vests come in a wide range of sizes.

Off-road rider should also own high visibility vests, especially if they plan on riding during hunting season. While it is unlikely that a hunter would mistake you for a deer while you’re actually riding your bike, there is always a chance one might accidentally shoot you if you were to decide to stop and stretch your legs with a little walk.

So when you’re ready to shop for a high visibility vest, make sure to check out Jafrum. We offer an excellent selection of high-viz vests at very budget friendly prices.




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