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Vega Motorcycle Safety Vest MV91120


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Vega Yellow Mesh Motorcycle Safety Vest MV91120


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Firstgear Military Spec Vest


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Joe Rocket Military Spec Vest


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Distracted drivers – you see them everywhere. Some are fiddling with their radios, while others are actually texting. Occasionally, these distracted drivers drift into a lane or rear end another vehicle, causing material damage. But what would happen if they were to hit you on your bike? You, unfortunately, won’t have the protection of a vehicle around you to absorb most of the blow, so that is why it is so important to wear safety vests.

These vests use bright colors and/or reflective tape to announce your presence to drivers, who might not notice you if you were, say, wearing a plain black leather jacket. Vests designed for safety will also help drivers see you when the weather is bad or in low-light conditions. Most of these vests come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes, so we’re sure you can find one that you will like. We also have vests designed specifically for women riders.

If you need a safety motorcycle vest for any reason, we have you covered. Whether you need one for military reasons or you are just looking for a motorcycle vest to stay visible, Jafrum has them at budget friendly prices. These vests can also be worn if you will be hunting or traveling off-road on a dirt bike or on an ATV in an area where you might encounter hunters.

At Jafrum, we work hard to make your online ordering experience an easy and enjoyable one. So that is why you will find excellent descriptions of all of our safety motorcycle vests as well as information on how to properly measure yourself so that you can order the right size.

You can also find many helpful videos on Jafrum’s YouTube Channel that describe many of our products and also offer important information on many of the items that we carry.