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Motorcycle Vest Extenders | Leather Vest Extenders

Vest extenders are available from Jafrum in a range of styles and prices. These extenders are perfect if you have a vest that is just a little too snug. From leather extenders to textile extenders, we have what you need to make all of your vests fit properly again. You can buy these great extenders from Jafrum at low, discounted prices.

Do you own a favorite vest that you have loved forever but that you have sadly outgrown? Unfortunately, this happens to the best of us. Over the years, we put on a few pounds that we just can’t lose. But before you donate your beloved vests to charity and go out and buy a bunch of new ones, you should consider purchasing vest extenders. These clever items can give you the few extra inches you need so that you can continue wearing that favorite vest of yours for many more years.

Some people also add these extenders to give an old or plain vest a little extra style. At Jafrum, we carry a large selection of extenders, many with clever emblems, including the Iron Cross, Rebel Flag and skull. We also have an extender that is perfect for Harley Davidson riders as it proudly displays a hog’s head.

These extenders are also an excellent way to get a few more years out of a child’s vest. You really don’t want to have to buy a new vest every year for a growing kid, so these extenders can help you prolong the life of a child’s vest you already own.

Another way vest extenders can be useful? They can help you if you find a vest you like but the sizing is just a little off. For example, perhaps the large is just a tad too tight, but going up to an extra large doesn’t work either because it now looks sloppy and too loose on you.

The best part of vest extenders? You only have to pay a few bucks to save your favorite vests instead of having to spend your hard-earned dollars on new ones.