Scorpion Exo Giveaway 2013

$1000 Giveaway

  Giveaway Ended. 
1st Prize Winner - Roy Sheets, OH
2nd Prize Winner - Angelica Jimenez, IL
3rd Prize Winner - Marsha Russ, OH
  When it comes to Scorpion, you can always expect to see innovative graphics and designs. Our collection of Scorpion HelmetsScorpion JacketsScorpion pants, and gloves for men and women is colorful and extensive.

Limit of one entry per individual. Click here for official rules
We would love to hear what you think of Scorpion Gear. Also let us know what you would like us to offer you for next Giveaway. Leave us a comment below.

Customer Reviews

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Happy biker

Comment: I have enjoyed a lot of items from your company.


Victoria texas


Comment: I have always liked the Scorpion Gear. Can't wait for the results. Pick Meeee!

Matt G


Outrageous Gear at Righteous Prices

Comment: I love you guys! Really!!! I do


Paradise Texas


Comment: Your prices are amazing and your quality is even better. My boyfriend has a Scorpion helmet and he loves it and might have convinced me to get on one day. Womens gear for next giveaway! Thanks and pick meeee!

Kathy RIos

Raleigh NC

Scorpion gear

Comment: I've never worn your clothing but it looks pretty unique. it doesn't look like it would make you feel overdressed or be too heavy on youbut it does have its own unique look as opposed to other jackets and gloves....I also love the look of the helmet It looks like a dark night. So I'm going to try a couple of your product out you see how they Wear.


Pittsburgh PA

Can't get enough Scorpion gear

Comment: The 1st helmet I ever owned was a Scorpion 400 exo. The 2nd helmet I ever owned was a Scorpion 400 exo. The 3rd helmet I ever owned was a Scorpion 400 exo. The best helmet I ever owned was a...(do you see where in going with this...???) Ok let's talk jackets...!!!


Philadelphia. Pa


Comment: My husband really enjoys his boots

Laura brown


The helmets are great

Comment: I brought my helmet 12 months ago and it is extremely comfortable and very well made. Prior to this I had a Bell Helmet which w also fabulous. But for value for money I am sold on Scorpion Gear. I will be buying more!!!!!!

Darin McDonald


Love it!

Comment: Your site is the best.. Great prices and quality gear. Thanks Jafrum!

Pete W

Summerville SC

Great Gear!

Comment: Great looking protective gear that isn't always marketed to "girly girls," not that there's anything wrong with that it's just nice to have a wide selection.



Love Scorpion

Comment: I love the helmet I recommend it all the time

Wendy Burkett

Lawrenceburg KY

Scorpion gear

Comment: I have not had the honor of owning any Scorpion Gear as of yet, but I would feel honored to wear it if I were to win some. This line looks totally awesome and well made. I know if I liked this product line I would most surely be back to purchase some!


Newmanstown Pa.

EXO-200 Great Helmet

Comment: The Sorpion EXO-200 has served me well for 3 years and many miles. Like the idea it is both Snell and DOT aproved. Added a Scarla Rider Q2 headset and ready to ride. I have made several purchaces Jafrum and quite happy with the results, highly recomend


Crofton, MD

Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Comment: I have bought several items from your company. A couple things i sent back because of sizing or whatnot. Customer service was outstanding, and quality of product has always been fantastic. I send all my riding buddies and their friends to your site for all their riding needs. Job well done, keep it up guys.

David Matthews

Powder Springs, Georgia

Love the jacket

Comment: Your clothing are the best as well as the prompt shipping I love your site and the customer service is on point thanks for all you guys do to help the customers ...

Malik B.

Los Angeles, Cali

Scorpion gear

Comment: I was recently in an accident with a soccer mom who apparently "didn't see me".. I was wearing full scorpion gear.. Exo 500 oil helmet, scorpion leather jacket and such... The emts got there and couldn't believe I was alive.. But what was really astounded them.. I didn't have a scratch on me. Walked away with bruises



Great Gear & Prices

Comment: I have a nice Scorpion coat & pants for the cold & wet weather when riding my Harley. Very good made and designs. I shop on web site for many things ! GREAT PRICES!

Neva Smith

Longview, Washington

Scorpion Gear

Comment: I love my scorpion helmet they have save my life many times.


Carrollton Texas


Comment: Great helmets


gr mi

New Customer

Comment: Waiting on my order, friends swear by you.


Red Hook NY

New rider

Comment: New rider currently looking to buy some gear. Saw an ad for y'alls company, normally would've skipped it but everything about Jafrum seems great. Always love to support smaller businesses, especially those that are %100 family owned. Lookin' forward to ordering from y'all!


Deep in the heart of Texas!

Satisfied Customer

Comment: I've been a satisfied customer since my first purchase! The only site I purchase from and recommend! You would think I work for Jafrum the way I talk about them to everyone! Oh yea!!!

Tory Thompson


Love em

Comment: Have had 2 scorpion helmets- one was the exo700 and my current is an exo 400. fit is great, fairly quiet and comfortable. Dont know if i'll ever stray away from them because they fit so well!