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AFX FX-140 Modular Helmet.

Lightweight, affordable, and functional the AFX FX 140 is a worthy competitor in the entry level modular helmet market. For you Hi Viz riders, the Hi-Viz paint on these helmets is BRIGHT. This helmet has leading technology including a quick release retention system and six points of ventilation. The helmet comes with a DOT and an ECE safety certification on an advanced composite poly-aloly shell making this a light weight modular helmet weighing in at 3.6 lbs. The inner sun visor lever is conveniently located on the left side of the helmet. All mechanisms are glove friendly, smooth and functional. The AFX FX 140 is an excellent choice for riders looking for a modular helmet with some of the bells and whistles without all of the cost.

Item Code:AFXFX140Solid

Brand: AFX Helmets

Model: FX-140

Color: Black, Flat Black, Fuchsia, Grey, Hi-Visibility Yellow, Pearl White, Safety Orange, Silver, or Wine Red

Certification: This helmet model meets or exceeds both ECE 22.05 and DOT FMVSS-218 motorcycle helmet safety standards.

Shell: Aerodynamic shell design constructed using an advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy

Weight: A large-size FX-140 weighs 1.65 kg or 3.60 lbs.


  • Flip down inner smoke shield
  • An aerodynamic shell design constructed using an advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy
  • A helmet liner and cheek pads made with a hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial nylon, all of which are removable and washable
  • Provides ample ear cavity space for speakers
  • A flush-fit, face shield that is optically correct, compoundcurved, scratch-resistant and protects against UV-rays
  • There are optional tinted shields available for this model
  • 6 points of ventilation with chin, side, rear & forehead vents
  • Retention system is quick release with sewn on ECE logo
  • A clear coat finish to protect paint & graphics
  • Comes with a cloth carrying bag
  • Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Size Chart


1. MEASURE YOUR HEAD. Determine the circumference of the widest part of your head by using a flexible tape measure. Generally, the widest part of a person's head is the area 2.5 cm (1") above the eyes and ears. However, we suggest measuring at a few points both above and below that line to determine the greatest measurement before referring to our size tables. We also suggest testing the fit of a helmet one size smaller and one size larger then what the chart recommends. No helmet can provide protection if it's too uncomfortable to wear. If you would like further detailed instructions on how to determine your correct size please look at our AFX Helmet Fitting Guide.

Size Chart

SizeCMHat SizeInches
X-Small54-55cm6 3/4-6 7/821 1/4"-21 5/8"
Small56-57cm7-7 1/822"-22 7/16"
Medium58-59cm7 1/4-7 3/822 13/16"-23 1/4"
Large60-61cm7 1/2-7 5/823 5/8"-24"
X-Large62-63cm7 3/4-7 7/824 3/8"-24 13/46"
2X-Large64-65cm8-8 1/825 3/16"-25 5/8"
3X-Large66-67cm8 1/4-8 3/826"-26 3/8"
4X-Large68-69cm8 1/2-8 5/826 3/4"-27 1/8"

Most Helpful Reviews :

AFX Modular 140 Helmet

by - verified purchaser
My wife loves it I liked the fit and finish of hers I'm going to order myself one this week.

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AFX FX-140 Modular Helmet Review

by - verified purchaser
They arrived in a few days and are just fine. Remember these are very inexpensive helmets for all the features. Just a word of caution, I needed to install J&M headsets in these and THERE IS NOT ENOUGH ROOM between the inside of the helmet and my ears for the speakers, so I had to highly modify (Dremmel Tool) the inside liner to make a recessed round hole for those speakers in both sides of both helmets. Other brands have enough space and need not be cut on so just know this if you are going to want speakers. I also had to drill holes for the mic mount instead of clamping them as on previous helmets. Otherwise happy. BUT the folks at Jafrum were wonderful and will buy from them again.

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Excellent Helmet. Supremely happy!

by - verified purchaser
I was initially drawn to this helmet by the price. Took a chance and ordered for both my wife and me. Supremely happy! Size chart was right on. As others have mentioned, this helmet is light on the head. This is very important to me because of a medical condition I have in my neck. I've already been on several long rides and have experienced much less neck discomfort than I had previously with my Nolan 3/4 helmet (that weighs more than this AFX). Construction quality is great. Easily mounted my Harley headsets.

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Nice for the price

by - verified purchaser
Lighter than my old Nolan, XL fits my head well but the cheek pads a too tight. Think going to 2XL would make fit too loose. May look into getting the 2XL replacement cheek pads. Disappointed to see it is made in China. Prefer made in America products.

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AFX FX140 Solid Orange Helmet review

by - verified purchaser
I have received many compliments on my new helmet. Other bikers have told me they have never seen a "pure orange" helmet before, and are asking where I got it. I chose the color for safety/visibility. It fits well, has three open/close air vents, and cuts engine noise significantly when face shield is down. The sun shade flips up and down with one hand using a slide button on the outside of the helmet. This is a real plus; I can put it down or back up without pulling over, which is very nice when the sun comes and goes with varying cloud movements. I have to take my glasses off before putting the helmet on and before taking it off. But, I guess that is normal for any full face helmet.

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AFX FX140 Solid Helmet Review

by - verified purchaser
This is a fantastic helmet....Love it. It fits well, the quick relese strap is fantastic....a little long but easily trimmed. You will not be made purchasing this helmet!

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Great fit!

by - verified purchaser
I love this helmet. This is the first helmet of three I've tried that does not feel like the wind is trying to suck it off my head! It fits great, it feels great, LOVE the padded chin strap and the quick release buckle. The strap was a lot too long so I adjusted it and cut off about 4 inches then took a lighter to the ends, looks factory now. I love the venting and the sunshield. All in all, just another great purchase from Jafrum.

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very good QUIET helmet

by - verified purchaser
Just picked this one up to replace my GMax54 (which I melted..don't ask! lol) there are some pros and cons to the helmet. Pros: great value, quietest in its class!, nice air flow, snug fit, but feels secure. Con's: make sure you buy another inner sheild, the one that comes with the helmet is not optically correct and using both shield will make your eyes go gaga! Now the replacement inner shield is better optic's then what comes with the helmet. It's a really snug fit. All in all for the amount I paid, I got a good deal and this is a great 2nd helmet to have... the folding part of the modular part is great (no more scrapping it against the pipes by the ceiling in my garage. This helmet is surprisingly lightweight an as I mentioned before it's the quietest one I own ( I have a G-Max 54 modular & 68 full face as well as an HJC CL15) The color I ordered is the neon green to go with my hi-vis jackets but the actual color is a brite yellow. For the cost this is a good helmet!

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AFX FX140 modular helmet

by - verified purchaser
I like the helmet and especially the inside sun shield. It's nice the clear shield goes up and all the way back so no need to take it off if you don't use it, so does the chin bar. Great pherpheral view. Great bang for the buck.

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A great value with some flaws

by - verified purchaser
I purchased this helmet on sale at the end of last winter with the intent on using it in December to escort Santa to Brooke Army Medical Center as I have for the last 7 years. It sat in my garage in the box for over 9 months as I normally wear ½ or ¾ helmets. When I removed it from the box the glue on the inside padding had separated from the helmet. Guess the Texas heat got to it but that was easily repaired. All the bells and whistles work great. The modular design, especially being able to move it all the way back, is outstanding. But there are some annoyances. When the shield is up or even cracked more than and a inch there is turbulence that causes somewhat blurred vision. I had to check this multiple times to verify I wasn’t going crazy and the helmet does fit me very snug. Also when completely closed up I find it nosier than I would like. Other than these minus this helmet is a great value. I have use it this winter much more than I expect and left my ¾ helmet on the shelve on colder days. For the price it has exceeded expectations.

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Not as expected

by - verified purchaser
I bought this helmet several months back from Jafrum. I like the service of the guys in Jafrum however I wont say the same for the helmet. Firstly, after opening the box I notice the chin curtain was not fitted correctly but I ignored it. The 1st time I used it the chin curtain sort of cut my face, the used a pvc material that is somewhat those used to attach liners to shell of helmets.It was bent and snaps to chin bar, I notice the curtain could have been wrong size for the helmet as it was long then then it should hence it was bent when snapped in. I was deeply disappointed with the clear shield as well, no matter how I clean it, it doesn't seem to get cleaned properly. The dark internal also got it's problem. Once both shields are down it sort of distort the view

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AFX Modular Helmet

by - verified purchaser
This is a very comfortable helmet. The flip up chin bar allows me to keep my glasses on when putting on or taking off the helmet. I really like the built in flip down sun shield.

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AFX FX140 Best Helmet Ever!

by - verified purchaser
I own 10 helmets including Nolan, Bell Star, VOX &nd several other brands. Been riding since the 60s. Tried many brands of helms over the years. This is the BEST! quietest ( except for a half hem ) on the market & it has the same type of quick connect/relaese as the $400 Norlan and ski boots. And, an added safety feature which allows face to fip to the back of hem so you don't break your neck if you ride under a tree with face open. However, sizes run on the small side, I had to exchange 1st one as it was way too tight. I recommend getting one size bigger than factory chart for a comfy fit which is not too tight to cause a head ache. If you plan to wear a Dew Rag measure your head with it on as Dew Rags significantly increase the circumfrence of your head.

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AFX modular helmet FX 140

by - verified purchaser
The helmet looks great, I ordered by going with with size chart, but had to 're-order a larger size. The first order arrived fast, the second one took longer (I don't know why). But other than the delivery delay, I am pleased with this purchase. I bought the Hi Viz Orange, looks good and I hope it helps with keeping me safer on the road.

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The FX 140 modular helmet from AFX is an excellent choice for the rider that is looking for the convenience and versatility of a flip front helmet in a value priced package. This helmet retails for a mere 129, and is listed for considerably less on our website. The helmet is DOT and ECE approved, and the shell is constructed of a lightweight composite poly-alloy. It’s available in seven solid colors including flat and metallic colors and in sizes extra small to 2XL. The fit is intermediate oval to round, and the fit for these head shapes is true to the size chart. I have a long oval head shape, and can wear this helmet, but I have to go up one size from what the chart recommends, and I don’t have completely even contact of the EPS against the sides of the crown of my head. The most notable feature of any modular helmet is the ability to raise the chinbar and faceshield up and off of the face. This feature is great for getting an extra gulp of fresh air on hot days and makes it easier to communicate with fellow riders if Bluetooth communication systems are not being used. To raise the chinbar on the 140, you press this red actuator button and slide the chinbar upward. One of the negatives of many of the modular helmets on the market is that the chinbar makes the helmet feel unbalanced when it’s in the raised position, and creates a ton of drag if you try to ride with it raised. This chin bar actually rotates all the way to the rear of the helmet. It still creates a bit of drag in this rearward position, and you may still experience oscillation when riding at highway speeds, but it does a great job of balancing the helmet on your head, reducing fatigue. The next feature I would like to take a closer look at is the faceshield. The shield on this helmet has a lot to do with the unique shape of the 140. The shield curves on a vertical axis like all shields do, but it also curves on a horizontal axis, which really adds to the aerodynamic profile. This shield is also UV treated and scratch resistant. If clear just doesn’t offer enough style for you, there are multiple colors of replacement shields available. Removing the shield is really easy, but isn’t quick release. You will need a flat blade screw driver to get the shield off. The first step is to remove these painted side covers. I have the most success pulling from the top rear of the cover using medium force. It’s pretty much a no brainer from here. Just remove this screw and your home free. To reinstall the side plate, insert the bottom tabs first, followed by the rear tab, then the front. A feature rapidly becoming a staple among modular helmets is the interior sun shade. This AFX 140 uses a very similar design to the one found on the ultra-premium Shoei Neotec. Being compared to a Neotec is never a bad thing. These cable operated systems are simple in design, and are very durable with regular use and abuse. The shade itself is optically correct and very easy to remove. Lower the shade to the down position and simply pull out on the shade. Reverse the process to reinstall the shade. There is no shortage of ventilation on this FX 140. The chinbar has a two position vent that is flanked on each side by these always open ports on each side. The vents on top of the head have been positioned at the perimeter of the helmet, and are operated with these switches. The large vent on the rear of the helmet is always in the open position, it can’t be closed. This may let some water in during steady rain, but you’re a rider, you won’t melt. Next, let’s take a look at the liner system. The cheek pads and head liner are removable and washable, and made of a moisture wicking, antibacterial and anti-microbial nylon. If you remove the cheek pad, you can see the large area the cheek pads leave for the installation of speakers. The padding under the cheek pad is EPS at the top, transitioning to a softer padding near the bottom to make the helmet easy to get on and off. The headliner is one of the easiest there is to remove. The rear of the liner snaps in, and the front is held in with hook and loop. With the liner removed, you can see the protective EPS liner and the vent ports. The last feature to note on this AFX FX 140 is the retention system. This quick release buckle setup makes getting the helmet on and off really simple. Once you get the strap adjusted, you will use just this lever to operate the buckle.
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Why did you choose this?
Jafrum Store
Fit all my requirements for a helmet
Igor Z onMay 6, 2015
liked the idea of complete flip back shield, got it, love fit easy pop-up and easy undo strap it feel lighter than my other helmets love built in sunglasses
Carrol R onMar 14, 2015
Wanted to find a helmet with the blutooth already installed.
Stephen C onApr 7, 2015
Will the J&M Elite Series headset fit on this helmet?
Bill C on Apr 19, 2015
Best Answer:Yes but quite a bit of material has to be removed for both speakers in the sides of the helmets a fairly time consuming job but once done works fine. I did two one for me and one for wife. I like the helmets for the features and the price so cannot complain.
Reply (1) · Report · Mike W on Apr 19, 2015