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Alpinestars Protective Gear

Alpinestars’ High Performance Protective Gear, for motorcycle and other action sports are made to provide the ultimate protection for every rider. Unlike car drivers who are surrounded by a metal cage, bikers must trust their safety to well-made protective gear. That is why so many professional riders choose Alpinestars’ leather suits and protective gear, including MotoGP athlete Ben Spies and World Superbike competitor Jonathan Rea. They know that Alpinestars has been in the business of producing and selling top-quality gear since it was first founded in 1963.

And these professional riders also know that Alpinestars puts a lot of thought into each piece of safety equipment that it sells. For example, the Alpinestars Tech Carbon Bionic Neck Support incorporates important safety features for the competitive rider, including collar bone preservation features. This neck support has been manufactured so that no metal pins or screws sit directly above a rider’s shoulder as these could cause serious injury to the shoulders or collarbone during an accident.

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And when you’re ready to shop for your gear, check out Jafrum’s many informative videos on its YouTube channel, including reviews on various pieces of protective gear. For example, there is a video on the BNS Tech and Pro Neck supports that will show you various features of these pieces of equipment, as well as tips on how to use them.

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