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Arai Pro Shade System.

The Arai Pro Shade Shield System fits any Arai helmet with the SAI shield, including Defiant and Vector-2. The Pro Shade Shield System includes the flip-up/flip-down visor installed on a new clear SAI shield.

Introducing the Arai Pro Shade System accessory. Replacing the stock shield on any Arai helmet that uses the SAI-type shield, the Pro Shade System reduces excess ambient light in both the down and up positions. And in the up position, it can reduce sudden glare with just a subtle dip of your head-so you don't have to take your hands off the bars.

Arai Pro Shade System Features

  • Peak reduces sun glare
  • Intelligent lock system prevents the shade from dropping unexpectedly from wind pressure
  • Functions as a peak and a smoke shade
  • The Pro Shade System reduces the amount of light that comes into the eye port, but is designed to raise quickly should light conditions darken unexpectedly
  • The movable portion of the shield is designed to break away easily in the even of an impact, and does not compromise the energy management capability engineered into the helmet shell.

  • Note:The Pro Shade System comes installed on a Max-V Brow Vented shield, providing an excellent field of view and maintaining the benefits of Arai's Brow Vent intake ducts. The optional Clear Max-V BV Pin lock anti-fog insert reduces fogging without reducing your field of view

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