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Battery Tender

Battery Tender Junior 12V Battery Charger


You save: $10 (25%)

Battery Tender Female Power Port


You save: $2 (17%)

Battery Tender 2-Bank Charging Station


You save: $10 (8%)

Battery Tender 1.25 Amp Plus


You save: $10 (14%)

Battery Tender 4 Amp Power Tender Selectable


You save: $15 (19%)

Battery Tender 10 Outlet Bank Charger 12V


You save: $123 (16%)

Battery Tender 5A Power Tender Series High Efficiency


You save: $15 (15%)

Battery Tender Alligator Clips


You save: $1 (10%)

Battery Tender Carrying Pouch


You save: $2 (29%)

Battery Tender Cable Connector 25 Ft


You save: $2 (12%)

Battery Tender 12.5 Adapter Cable


You save: $1 (10%)

Battery Tender Lithium Battery 360 CCA


You save: $23 (10%)

Battery Tender Lithium Battery 480 CCA


You save: $30 (10%)

Battery Tender Lithium Battery 240 CCA


You save: $15 (10%)

Battery Tender Lithium Battery 120 CCA


You save: $10 (10%)

Battery Tender Ring Terminal Master Pack


You save: $25 (10%)

Battery Tender Digital Voltage Meter


You save: $3 (16%)

Battery Tender QDC Plug Usb Charger 2.1AMP


You save: $2 (17%)

Deltran Battery Tender Dual Port USB Charger


You save: $3 (20%)

Battery Tender Solar Chargers


You save: $8 (10%)

Battery Tender Solar Controller


You save: $3 (10%)

Battery Tender Plus 6 Volt Battery Charger


You save: $6 (15%)

Deltran Pink Battery Tender


You save: $28 (40%)

DelTran 12 Volt Battery Tender Plus 1.25 Amp


You save: $21 (30%)

Battery Tender Fused Ring Connector


You save: $1 (7%)

Battery Tender Waterproof 800 Deltran


You save: $11 (20%)

Deltran Battery Tender is a family owned company that provides you with the highest quality of battery chargers. Since Deltran Battery Tender started, this company has maintained the level of excellence you have come to expect. Constantly improving their processes and using new technologies in all aspects of battery chargers, Deltran Battery Tender produces cost effective products that will give you plenty of bang for your buck. There are plenty of Battery Tenders to choose from that will fit any need. Battery Tender Plus is perfect for automobiles, motorcycle, RTV’s, ATV’s and Trackers. The Waterproof 800 is used for boats, watercrafts and outdoors and the Battery Tender Jr. fits perfectly in hard to fit places.

A battery tender is a smart charger that will help keep your bike, scooter or ATV in good running condition even during the long winter months when they typically remain idle. These devices, which you can plug into a regular AC outlet, are especially important nowadays since most motor vehicles boast advanced features, such as security systems, that can quickly drain down a battery. With a battery tender, your bike will be charged and ready to ride the minute you decide to hit the road. No more trying to start your bike, only to discover that you need to head to the parts store for a new battery.

In addition, a battery tender won’t overcharge your bike because they are designed with electronic controls that will automatically switch it to a safe or storage level mode.

The Difference Between a Trickle Charger and a Battery Tender

Although trickle chargers perform a similar job and are often cheaper, they do not have the same electronic controls as a battery tender. So a trickle charger could potentially cause severe damage to your motorcycle’s battery. The end result? You could end up spending more money fixing your bike than you would have saved by purchasing a trickle charger instead of a battery tender.

Battery tenders also have many user-friendly features, including easy-to-understand indicator lights that will let you know at a glance whether your battery is fully charged. In addition, most have also been designed to be lightweight but sturdy in construction.

So if you have a motorcycle or other motor vehicle that you don’t use on a regular basis and want to prolong its battery life, you should definitely consider purchasing a battery tender. It is an investment well worth the dollars you have to spend on it.