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Battery Tender QDC Plug Usb Charger 2.1AMP.

To charge iPhone, iPad, iPod, GPS, Camera or any Smartphone or device that be charged via USB Designed for use on any 12v battery Input: 12v Output: 2.1A Maximum

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Battery Tender QDC Plug Usb Review

by - verified purchaser
Nice unit works well, connects and disconnects easily. We bought one for each bike.

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Great Charger

by - verified purchaser
Excellent product, no need to hard wire anything. Great option for charging phone, speakers on the go. Easy to connect to SAE battery tender port. I will be adding velcro to keep away from pipes.

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Great Charging option

by - verified purchaser
I got this to easily attach it to the SAE cable from my battery tender to charge my phone on the road. Seems pretty decent, I have not used it for long, so can't speak to the longevity, but for the price it's a great way to keep your electronics charged while on the road.

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Let's face it; we live in the age of technology. If you don't currently have a smart phone, tablet, or other portable high tech devise, you're probably three years old. So get off the computer and go chew a book like a normal kid.

For everyone else, powering your electronic devises while on your bike has always been a pain. To use the DC power from your motorcycle battery, you had to add a DC socket to your battery and then plug a car charger into the DC socket. Not only is this hard to make look good, you had to add more battery connections to your already crowded battery terminals. Overloading your battery terminals can cause the hardware to loosen, which will promote carbon build up resulting in a poor connection.

Also, in many cases, there isn't enough room for more than one set of accessory leads on your battery. So, you would have to choose between your heated gear, a trickle charger lead, or a phone or GPS system.

Now that most electronic devices come with chargers with interchangeable USB interfaces, there are solutions to your power supply woes. The Battery Tender USB Charger is one of my favorites. Now, to get power to your electronics, all you have to do is plug this adapter into your Battery Tender Lead. Now you can plug any USB device into your battery without the bulkiness of an accessory socket and car charger setup. This charger is for use on 12V systems only and has a max output of 5V @ 2.1A.

A couple of things to consider... It's important to read your electronic devise's owner's manual, especially when using a cell phone as a GPS unit. Many smart phones with large displays should not be used for streaming video or following GPS directions while charging, because too much heat is created inside of the slim case of a modern phone when the screen and the charging circuit are used at the same time.

In this situation, having a convenient method of charging is only that much more valuable. Once you find yourself on a roadway that you're going to be riding on for a while, you can connect to the power supply and give your screen a rest.

Another thing to keep in mind is water. This USB charger does have a water proof cover, but it doesn't help when you have something plugged into the charger. So, make sure your charger is protected from the elements when in use.