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Bell Revolver Evo Modular Helmet.

Bell has given us an excellent modular helmet packed with features, and all for under $200 dollars. The new Bell Revolver Evo Modular helmet has an updated chin curtain and an updated eyeport seal for an even quieter ride. The Revolver Evo has smooth modular mechanism designed for function and performance. The chinbar comes complete with a breath guard and ventilation to help keep that shield crystal clear. Bell has given us a polycarbonate alloy shell modular helmet weighing in at 1750 grams with an internal sun shield. Bell Evo offers excellent ventilation with an aerodynamic shell designed to keep you cool or warm while reducing lift and buffeting offering a quiet comfortable ride. As always, Bell has a helmet that is hard to compete with. If you have a modular helmet in mind, the Bell Revolver with internal sunshield is definitely an economic option packed full of features and comforts.

Item Code: BellRevolverEvo

Brand: Bell Helmets

Model: Revolver Evo

Color: Black, White, Metallic Silver, Matte Black,

Shell: Lightweight composite polycarbonate alloy shell

Certifications: DOT

Warranty: 5 years


  • Industries first Modular designed for function and performance all in one
  • Internal Sun Shade offers "on the fly" protection from the sun without having to stop and change shields
  • Picture displays smoke shield but this helmet comes with clear shield. You can purchase smoke shield separately.
  • Velocity Flow Ventilation system with FlowAdjust for maximum ventilation and temperature control
  • Super stable aerodynamic signature resists buffeting and lift
  • Contour Cut Cheekpads for superior fit and comfort
  • ClickRelease for the fastest, easiest, tool-free shield swaps ever
  • NutraFog II superior anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV protected shield
  • Removable and washable, antibacterial/ antimicrobial interior comfort liner
  • Exclusive Magnefusion magnetic strap keeper ( Patent Pending)
  • Padded chin strap with D-ring closure

Size Chart

Helmet Sizing Information. We ask that you use the following information to help choose the proper size helmet. In order for a helmet to protect properly and be the most comfortable, it must be size to your head correctly.

To find the Correct size helmet for a person's head:

  1. Measure the head circumference one-inch above the eyebrows and ears
  2. Using the circumference measured, use the size chart below to find the approximate size
  3. Once you have tried on the helmet it should fell snug equally around the head. The helmet should not feel too tight or too loose at any point around head.
SizeCMINHat Size
XS53-54 cm20 7/7 - 21 1/46 5/8 - 6 3/4
S55-56 cm21 5/8 - 226 7/8 - 7
M57-58 cm22 3/8 - 22 3/47 1/8 - 7 1/4
L59-60 cm23 1/4 - 23 5/87 3/8 - 7 1/2
XL61-62 cm24 - 24 3/87 5/8 - 7 3/4
2XL63-64 cm24 3/4 - 24 1/47 7/8 -8

**We see some customers 2 out of 10 (not all) complain that size runs small. So we suggest if you are unsure and if you fall between two sizes, go up one size.

Bell Helmet Bluetooth Compatibility Chart

Most Helpful Reviews :

Outstanding Helmet!

This is an outstanding helmet, not only from a safety perspective, but for the exceptional venting provided by Bell engineering. The hot Florida sun this time of year dictates the need for the best airflow while riding. Raising the chin-bar also helps putting on, and taking off the helmet a LOT easier. I LOVE that design!

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Great helmet for the price

by - verified purchaser
I purchased this Bell Revolver helmet with the darker smoke shield. The helmet is perfect fit the shield was so easy to change. I would recommend this helmet to anyone looking for a decent priced modular helmet.

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Bell Revolver Evo Helmet - great helmet great price

by - verified purchaser
wow great helmet - great price ! I love it , life is short so order this great helmet today and enjoy your new helmet for the summer of 2012 Jafrum is the best helmet at the best price

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Best Bell Helmet

by - verified purchaser
Great helmet. Better than the previous version. Must buy if you need a simiilar helmet soon

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Bell Revolver Evo Helmet

by - verified purchaser
I really love this helmet and it really stands out and at a great price.

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Bell Revolver Evo Solids

by - verified purchaser
I just came back on the website to look at another one of these helmets for my wife. I bought one this winter in anticapation of the cold spring riding season here and have been extremely happy with it. I was surprised this helmet was $199 I got mine for around half at Christmas, hope Jafrum has another sale on them soon!

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Bell Revolver EVO

by - verified purchaser
I'm very happy with my purchase. Very little wind noise and fits well. For cooler weather this eliminates all cold airfrom the neck up. Internal sun shade is not as dark as I'd like and it's almost impossible to wear glasses with this helmet. Still well worth the price.

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Great Buy on Bell Modular Helmet

by - verified purchaser
I'm very pleased with the purchase of this helmet. Good fit and quiet. I like the sun visor, too.

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Bell Revolver Evo Modular Helmet

by - verified purchaser
I had a HJC $200 helmet for a few years and just bought this Bell helmet and hell yes! I am glad about it. Very pleased with it and Jafrum's awesome service. I got in the mail within 2 days.

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Love this Helmet

by - verified purchaser
Though I do not have anything else to compare it to as this is my first helmet, I have found this helmet to be comfortable. I love the modular feature.

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Too small

by - verified purchaser
When I ordered this helmet, I ordered a large. It was too small, so I had to return it for an extra large. The service from Jafrum was efficient and friendly, and the extra large helmet has arrived. I really like this helmet. It is easy to put on and use. Just buy one size larger.

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Bell Revolver Evo Helmet Review

by - verified purchaser
This is by far the greatest helmet I have ever purchased. Pure pleasure comes from this helmet. The sleek designs of the helmet out me in awe, and everyone who sees it. Also it is a very comfortable piece of equipment. I personally purchased the Matte black version and I love it. It really makes the helmet look spectacular. It matches my bike as well ;)

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Noisy, Hot, and Heavy

by - verified purchaser
While this helmet is better than the old Revolver, it's still got a ways to go. No room for glasses. It's noisy, doesn't have enough vents, has inadequate ventilation, and no lower chin cover. The Bell has better manufacturer finishing than competitors. That's why it's more expensive, with fewer options. Consider the HJC 89 or the GMAX gm54s, they're both much less expensive.

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by - verified purchaser
This is a great helmet with the built in sun visor that operates very easily. The High Viz yellow color is a real visibility increaser. Jafrum was great abvout a returne for the larger size but frustrating that this helmet is clearly "under-sized". You need to order the next larger size that you would normally order. My normal "large" size would not even fit over my head,

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Best helmet i've ever own

by - verified purchaser
I'm just not a big fan of wearing a helmet but have had to over the past 45 years in those states that force you to. Since getting this new Bell Revolver Evo Modular Helmet i'll be wearing it from now on due to the fact that it feels like its a natural part of me. Thanks Bell you really came through this time and also a big thank you to for the super fast free delivery.

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Russian roulette. BAM!

by - verified purchaser
bought a Revolver evo Hi-Vis last week. I'm so disappointed in bell. First on my list is how they market the helmet. I'm fairly sure bell supplies there venders with product photos. All the revolver images show the helmet with a dark visor. When I received my helmet the visor was clear. Next is the sun visor. My scale of lite =0 to dark =10. I would say the revolver sun visor is a 1. Way to light, it should be a 5. Yes they make a darker one but how am I to trust the photos? Continuing with the sun visor; The up and down action is jarring and loud. When down the edge of the visor tickles my nose causing it to itch. We all know having an itch in a helmet is not good thing. More on the sun visor; The plastic rattles and bounce and not rigid thus adding more noise to the helmet. Last the plastic is not very good I see wavy line and my view is distorted. Next issue; The new helmet smell is so strong. I don't remember that in any other helmet I've bought. Next issue; There is a large safety label in the top of the helmet covering the vent holes. WTH Next issue; There's a grove between the forehead padding and the cheek padding that traps my glasses so the won't sit on my noise. My glasses just float in front of my eye adding to the bad vision issue. Next issue; The chin strap. It sits so far back that I need to push it up to the tip of my chin to tighten it. Other wise it chokes me. I thought I'd like the magnet instead of the snap at the end of the strap but I find it more of a hassle. With the straps so far back on the helmet it makes it harder to strap the helmet to my bike. Next issue; The main visor open lip is off to one side and to small to feel with gloves on. I wish it was in the middle right under your nose. Next issue; WOW is this a loud helmet. The wind noise is really bad. WHY CAN'T THEY MAKE A QUIET HELMET? Last issue; The revolver is a modular helmet. The retractable chin bar doesn't have a real positive feel to it when it closes. I know it locks but it just doesn't have a good feel. I would have returned this helmet but between the restocking charge and the shipping I will have to eat this one. My last helmet was $100 and was so better designed and made. I guess I'll have to buy one to replace this bell revolver. thanks for letting me vent. Now I know why the called it the revolver. It's like playing Russian roulette. BAM!

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Can we put an electric shield on this helmet ?
Marco B on Dec 2, 2014
Best Answer:Yes, there is an electric shield for this Bell. I do believe it is on back order at hits time.
Reply · Report · Justin PStaff on Dec 3, 2014
Does the helmet lock in the open position as lift up ?
Aluminum Man on Feb 9, 2015
Best Answer:Yes it does stay up...though it does not "lock"...and at low speeds you can ride with it up, but at higher speeds (20+mph) the wind is going to catch it and throw your head around. So while you can push it up to sneeze or to get some wind on your face at low speeds, it would not work to have it up while going fast. Also, be aware that there is a pad in the back at the base of the skull that creates a hot spot if the helmet is too small and it will result in a headache after about 30 minutes of riding that is most unpleasant....I ordered an XL to fix the problem.
Reply · Report · Chris C on Feb 10, 2015
I see in the reviews; a couple of comments about this helmet not working well if you wear glasses. That is a concern since I do wear glasses. Should I get a different helmet?
Bill C on Nov 9, 2014
Best Answer:So long as your get the right fit. IMO they run a little small. Not a problem if you wear your glasses up on the bridge of your nose (like most people wear their glasses). I do not need to take my glasses off when putting on or taking off the Evo. Be sure to retract the visor before you put on and remove your helmet. Glasses will get bumped by the visor if down when putting the helmet on or off. It is a good helmet. Comfortable and has very effective air vents.
Reply · Report · raymond L on Nov 9, 2014
How perfect is the sizing of this helmet? I would like to know.
JafrumStaff on Aug 14, 2015
Best Answer:fit me very well out of the box - I wear a 7 3/8 hat - helmet is snug, not uncomfortable
Reply · Report · Jonathan S on Aug 14, 2015
The internal visor's mechanism appears to be in the location where a Bluetooth communication should mount, does this mechanism interfere with mounting Bluetooth communication systems like the Sena 20s?
A shopper on May 27, 2015
Best Answer:The button is on the bottom. Sticky Mounts should work fine, and I would think the screw mount should in between the lever and the shell.
Reply · Report · Justin PStaff on May 28, 2015
Does the inner shield mechanism interfere with the mounting of Bluetooth communication systems like the Sena 20s?
A shopper on May 27, 2015
Best Answer:The button is on the bottom. Sticky Mounts should work fine, and I would think the screw mount should in between the lever and the shell.
Reply · Report · Justin PStaff on May 28, 2015