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Scala Rider Q1 Cardo Team Set.

The Scala Rider Q1 Cardo Team Set gives you all of the great features from the Scala rider Qz Bluetooth headset with a few additional features like a built in FM radio tuner with 6 programmable station presets and the ability to have bike to bike communication. This communication device allows you to make and receive calls, listen to your favorite music streaming from smartphone and also get your turn by turn directions from your Bluetooth enabled GPS system.

Scala Rider Features

  • Rider-to-Passenger intercom in full duplex
  • Rider and passenger can enjoy listening to the same music via A2DP audio sharing
  • Features detachable speakers so users can plug in their own speakers (3.5mm jack)
  • Large, intuitive control buttons
  • Click-to-Link spontaneous intercom with no need for pairing
  • Interchangeable boom and corded microphones included to fit virtually all helmets
  • Unique online platform allows you to customize settings and receive software updates via your computer
  • Hot-Dial number can programmed for use in any country or region
  • Speaker volume adjusts automatically according to speed and ambient noise using AGC technology
  • Make and answer phone and intercom calls without taking your hands off the handlebars
  • Built-in FM radio with RDS, 6 programmable station presets and smart auto scan
  • Spoken status announcements so you always know which device your scala rider is connected to
  • Up to 10 hours of talk time/1 week of standby without recharging from wall outlet or USB connection
  • Waterproof and dustproof

Multiple Connectivity Options :

  • DDual HS profile for connection to 2 Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones simultaneously
  • Non-Bluetooth auto player (via MP3 cord)
  • Bluetooth-enabled GPS unit for in-helmet navigation instructions (GPS must support HS profile)

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Most Helpful Reviews :

Great Intercom System

by - verified purchaser
ok I was not sure this would work with out full or modular helmets. I am wearing a half helmet and my wife wears a 3/4 helmet. Wind noise is not a problem. Surprisingly. Securing the mic to the helmet is a little difficult. The previous version had a boom mic attached to the control module. That would be preferable. Current version has two mic's - one for full or modular helmets and one with a boom mic but it is attached to the control module with a short wire. Calls to Cardo produced two options. They have a small clip that can be used to help secure the mic to the outside of your helmet, or you can buy the old style boom mic for 17.00. Do not buy this device from ANY ONE BUT AN AUTHORIZED DEALER. Jafrum is an authorized dealer. Cardo will not support devices bought else where. Really they check serial numbers and receipts. Cardo support was very responsive, no matter how many times I reached out to them.
Please be aware - this device has a built in radio. You can listen to the radio but you can not talk while the radio is on. You have to push a button to initiate an intercom call, then push another button to go back to the radio. In fact you can not talk while any device is working. It allows only one fiction at a time. I was able to get my phone to link with my GPS and then my GPS connected to my headset. However whenever the GPS talks it shuts the intercom off until it is finished. Average about 10 seconds after the last word from the GPS. I can tell the GPS system to not communicate via the Bluetooth helmet connection, but then it is difficult to hear. It's directions. The phone works well through the Cardo system. Very clear and no echo for the people on the other end. The system has voice activated controls but I chose not to use them. It also has Auto gain for increased noise when travelling at higher speed. The radio can be preprogrammed or allow it to search for stations.
Overall I am happy with the device. I no longer have to scream to be heard. We leave the intercom channel open all the time - we talk a lot to each other.
Disappointments -
I would like to be able to have the radio on in the background while we talk.
There are a total of four buttons on the control module. It takes a combination of pushes or clicks to change options or features. It has taken about three rides to get familiar with what to do to do different things. I still carry the quick setup guide with me in case I forget. This was not how I would have done it but it can be learned.
Hope this helps you

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