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Firstgear Women's Rider Heated Gloves.

The Firstgear Heated Rider Gloves for Women are a perfect reason to go riding in the cold. As we all know, the first part of the body to get cold on most motorcycle riders is their hands. With the FIRSTGEAR Heated rider gloves you can go out and have fun even on those cooler days and keep warm and comfy while riding. These motorcycle gloves can be worn individually, which requires Heat-Troller (sold separately), or paired with your FIRSTGEAR Motorcycle Jacket Liner for the ultimate comfort on cold days.

A classic riding glove redefined—superb fit and function with active heating elements to ride the coldest days in comfort. Top-grain, drum-dyed leather with Thinsulate™ insulation. Also sports pre-curved fingers and a Porelle® waterproof-breathable membrane.

Firstgear Glove Features

  • DC heated, produces 15 watts of heat at 12.8 Volts (each glove) and should be used with a Firstgear Heat-Troller™ for optimum safety
  • Grade-A, top-grain, drum-dyed cowhide construction
  • Porelle® breathable, waterproof membrane
  • Thinsulate™ layer
  • Pre-curved fingers and finger-mounted, rubber, faceshield wiper
  • Elastic wrist and adjustable hook-and-loop gauntlet closure
  • Five-year warranty

This FirstGear Heated Glove requires a heat troller (sold separately) to use this item without the jacket liner. Gloves will attach to the jacket liner with no additional troller required as long as you do not wish to set the jacket liner and gloves at different temperatures. FirstGear DC Coax Plug Y-Harness is required for connecting heated gloves to a Heat-Troller™ without a heated jacket liner. Trollers can be mounted or not to the bike depending on troller purchased. A remote for heat control is also available in heat troller packs. BMW riders will most likely have to purchase a converter for power. The power for these items comes directly from the bike which you must install. If preferred, you can purchase a portable battery pack with optional a/c adapter (case optional as well). Splitters may be purchased to connect an additional rider to the power source from the bike.

Firstgear Glove Sizing

Please measure the circumference of your hand starting at the top side of the base of your thumb (see image chart) using a cloth tape measure and choose your size from the chart below.Please note all measurements are in inches.

Glove Measurement



Is there a way to use the heated gloves and heated glove liner without a jacket liner?

Yes, a DC Coax Plug Y-Harness can be used to connect directly from the Heat-Troller to a pair of gloves or socks.

THE BASICS: Apparel Connections

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Firstgear offers four different styles of heated gloves; the Heated Carbon Glove, the Heated Rider Glove, the Women's Passenger Glove, and the Heated Glove Liner. In this video we are taking a look at the Heated Rider Glove. The heated rider glove is available in Men's and ladies sizes. The men's version is available in sizes sm -2xl and the ladies version is available in sizes sm-lg. They are constructed from top grain cowhide leather and feature an Aqrotex breathable, waterproof membrane. The liner is made of Thinsulate and the fingers are precurved making these true motorcycling gloves. There is a large flex panel in the carpal area and adjustable Velcro straps on the wrist and underside of the gauntlet. The left thumb features a strip of rubber that is used to clear your helmet faceshield.

Connecting your First Gear Heated items is easy, but there are numerous different types of controller options available. To see all of the different Heat-Troller options, check out our video showing many of the ways to set up and control your new Firstgear heated gear.

Now that you have selected the type of Heat-Troller that best suits your needs, you can go ahead and connect your gloves. If you are using a pair of gloves or glove liners in conjunction with the heated jacket, simply plug the female glove lead into the male lead coming out of the sleeve of the jacket. If you are using a pair of gloves by themselves, you will need to purchase a DC Coax Plug Y-Harness, and the Heat-Troller of your choice, which will come with the DC Coax Battery Harness. Hold the split ends of the y-harness in your hands when you put your jacket on and you'll be wired up. Plug the gloves into the y-harness and then the y-harness into the Firstgear Heat-Troller. Once you have started your motorcycle, you can turn on the Heat-Troller and adjust the setting to your liking.